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Teens React To Viral TikTok Songs | Ashnikko, Sub Urban, Y2K & bbno$ (Best Tik Tok Music 2019)

December 19, 2019

– Dude, this song is so catchy.
– It’s gotta be TikTok. – These transitions are on point.
I’m like a TikTok grader. ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – ♪ Wet! Wet! Wet! ♪
– (chuckles) I love how this starts.
– What the heck is this? (chuckles) – Ohh! This is the stupid boy thing.
– ♪ Oh my god ♪ ♪ Stupid boy… ♪
– (laughs) – Oh my god. This is
a Tik Tok song. (chuckles) – ♪ I go cold like changing seasons ♪
♪ I go red hot… ♪ – I’ve heard this song,
and I’ve danced to this song before, but I have no idea
who this artist is. – I know the song from TikTok.
– It’s like all blood and her clean blue hair. (chuckles)
– This is like one of the people that would walk around
at Horror Nights and just, like, they don’t have to do anything
to scare you. They just walk past you,
and you’re already nervous. – ♪ Stupid boy think I need him ♪
– (sings along) ♪ I know you think about me in the shower ♪
♪ PornHub in your browser ♪ ♪ Fantasize about the [bleep] power ♪
– ♪ Fantasize about the [bleep] power ♪
– Okay. – ♪ …with your hand
down your trousers ♪ – I know this part, yeah.
– ♪ I’m big boss Bowser ♪ – Oh, wow. I didn’t even know
that had a music video. – I was kinda feeling it.
I’m not gonna lie. I was kinda feeling it.
I have not seen this artist or this video before.
– (FBE) So, that was the music video for the song “Stupid” by Ashnikko
featuring Yung Baby Tate, which has recently been blowing up
on a particular social media app. Any idea which one?
– No. No. (chuckles) – Is it TikTok?
– I believe it’s blowing up on TikTok. – It’s gotta be TikTok.
The way she’s singing is a perfect for lip syncing.
– I am not a TikTok stan, but I’m not a TikTok hater
at the same time. I used to love Vine
and the meme culture, and I like Twitter,
but I feel like a grandma when I’m on it.
– (FBE) So, for today’s episode, we are actually gonna be
taking a look at some music artists who have blown up
because of TikTok. – Because of TikTok?!
There’s so many! – (FBE) So first, we’re gonna show you
some of the TikToks that helped popularize the song “Stupid.”
– Okay. I’ve seen a couple of them, and the first one
that I saw was this girl in the bathroom.
And she also gave me a really creepy vibe.
– I feel like I’ve seen this one. This is a pretty big one.
– Jeez! Her eyes are like– she’s staring into my soul.
– Their eyes, the way they stare into the camera is just scary.
– Rawr. (laughs) – I feel like we gotta leave
that type of video with, you know? That’s over there.
TikTok is different. It’s a lot more comedy-based,
and there’s a lot more originality. – ♪ Stupid boy think that I need him ♪
♪ I know you think about me in the shower ♪
– I haven’t seen this one. – See? This is creative.
– (laughs) – I love these ones,
where they cut. – These transitions are on point.
I’m like a TikTok grader. I’m literally giving
everybody a grade. – She’s very out there.
She’s not afraid to be herself. That’s what I feel like
makes this platform very big. It’s ’cause people aren’t afraid
to show who they actually are. – ♪ Wet! Wet! ♪
– No, she didn’t! – (gasps) Miley Cyrus.
– Oh my gosh. Is that Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus?
– ♪ Stupid boy… ♪ – (chuckles) The homie.
– ♪ I go cold like changing seasons ♪ – (chuckles) Ay, she took the part
that is definitely Miley, that laugh right there.
– This is where Hannah Montana has been: TikTok.
It’s taking over everyone. – It just sounds like it has
that (snaps) replay value just in it instantly.
But yeah, it’s catchy. You could dance to it.
It’s super simple, you know? – It’s just so interesting,
because I heard this song through a friend showing it to me,
and I did not even know it was a TikTok trend.
– Now, watch. I’ll start seeing it
just everywhere, ’cause I haven’t seen it yet,
but, of course, now I’m gonna see it everywhere.
– (FBE) So, up next, we have a song called “Cradles”
by the artist Sub Urban, who is a 19-year-old
music artist and producer. – Have not heard of
this person, but let’s see. – ♪ I live inside my own… ♪
– (chuckles) Yeah. I’ve heard this one.
– Bro. (sings along) ♪ Hush ♪
This is the song?! I’ve heard this on the speaker
in my house, and I’ll be like, “Hush” just walking around.
That song goes so hard. – I feel like this is
such an E-boy song. – These give me Billie Eilish vibes.
– ♪ …covered in ink and bleach ♪ – What the hell?
– And he’s only 19? That’s so cool. – Oh, that’s sick.
– Oh, no. He’s depressed. (chuckles) – ♪ (hums along) ♪
– ♪ It’s hard to breathe… ♪ – It’s dark,
but it’s entertaining dark. ♪ (melodic interlude) ♪
Oh, okay. I’ve heard this song. (chuckles) I know this song.
– ♪ Hush ♪ ♪ (melodic interlude) ♪
– Oh. (gasps) Ay, ay. – ♪ (hums along) ♪
(laughs) – Okay, I’ve heard this before.
– It’s so weird. Not hearing the specific
beat drop part, I would never think it would
be that big of a song. – Oh, that was so cool.
– It’s this whole Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez E-girl/E-boy
goth weird wave. – That’s so funny how they
literally blew up from just TikTok. – It’s not even just TikTok,
’cause TikToks are on Instagram and Twitter now.
So, it’s just everywhere I look. You know, I can’t really escape it.
– Since I don’t use TikTok, my friends show me videos on TikTok.
And I’ve heard that part of the song. Not the whole song,
but I’ve heard the instrumental part. – Oh, wow. How did people TikTok this?
– (FBE) So, this song actually started a huge dance trend on TikTok,
so we have some of those to show you now.
– You’re kidding. What about that song
makes you be like, “Ay!” – ♪ It’s hard to breathe,
but that’s all right ♪ – Ay.
– Wow. – That man’s got hops.
– Awww. Wait, that’s actually cute! – That’s the dance?
Damn. What? – I love how every song,
every sound on TikTok just turns into a whole dance.
– When you don’t put the whole song together
and you just hear that part, it’s all smiles, I guess.
(chuckles) – ♪ It’s hard to breathe,
but that’s… ♪ – Oh, that’s smart.
Escalator cam. – Look it! People just
living their best life on TikTok. – So, there’s an actual
dance step to it? So, it looks like the SpongeBob,
but not quite. – I feel like that’s something–
like a hashtag or something, like a hashtag
something-something dance. – I would be so afraid
leaving my phone up there, though, like if that fell
or went into the crack. – ♪ It’s hard to breathe… ♪
– Is this a teacher and his students? (chuckles)
– These kids are active! – Okay. Teacher’s hopping
on the TikTok game, okay. – I love the ones when they get
a whole big group together. – I like that one. That was cute.
I see a lot of people at my school sometimes asking teachers
to do it with them, and I find it so funny.
– Next time my class isn’t doing anything,
I’ll see if we can all do one. – That’s a sick dance, actually.
I’m not gonna lie. It’s sound like a little,
I don’t know, Milly Rock, or some little stuff.
That’s a full out– that’s choreography right there.
– (FBE) So, lastly, we got one more song for you,
which is called “Lalala” by American producer Y2K
and Canadian rapper bbno$. This is the first song that has
charted on the Billboard Hot 100 for both Y2K and bbno$.
And as of filming this episode, their music video has over
130 million views. – Wow. All ’cause of TikTok.
– (man) Did I really just forget that melody?
– Oh, I have heard this song. – Dude, this song is so catchy.
– ♪ When I popped off ♪ Then your girl gave me… ♪
– (laughs and claps) – I have not heard this.
– Okay, this is my favorite out of the last three.
– See, I don’t hear this part. Like, the TikTok stops after that.
– ♪ …my wrist, it go like shashasha, shashasha ♪
– (laughs) – (chuckles) They just learned
not to take themselves too seriously like a lot of the rappers nowadays,
so it’s perfect. – I’m surprised I haven’t
heard this before. – ♪ Lalala ♪
– Damn, bbno$ makes music with Yung Gravy and stuff,
and they have a bunch of catchy songs.
I just don’t know how people do it. – This is so weird. (chuckles)
So many things happening, so many different things.
Like– what?! (chuckles) – I could see how this
could be a TikTok song, you know. If I was them, I would even
think it could be a TikTok song. – I have not heard that song,
but it’s definitely like, ♪ Lalala, lalala ♪
Okay. I feel it. – (FBE) So, “Lalala” has been
all over the app, used in various trends and challenges,
so we have a few different TikToks to show you
of the different ways people have been using
this song in the app. – I’m excited to see.
– (man) Did I really just forget that melody?
– Ooh, PopSocket? – Okay. Wait, what?
– What the? – How’d he do that?
– ♪ When I popped off ♪ – (chuckles) Huh?!
Is that the trend? – What?! I wasn’t even
listening to the song. I was just like,
how the [bleep] did he do that?! – I can’t even imagine
how he was able to do that unless someone was lifting him,
but I don’t even know. That’s cool. – (man) Did I really just…
– I’ve seen this kid. Nasty transitions.
– ♪ (man humming) ♪ – Wait. (chuckles)
– ♪ When I popped off… ♪ ♪ When I popped off… ♪ – Oh, that was so cool!
– Okay, the transitions were on point.
Not gonna lie. – He flipped
and changed outfits. Kids are so creative these days!
– This reminds me a lot of Remember when they
were like… (chuckles) – (man) Did I really just
forget that melody? – I’ve seen this one.
– Look it! People are so creative. – All right, this is pretty cool.
I haven’t seen one like this before. – ♪ When I popped off… ♪
– (laughs) – (chuckles)
– (laughs quietly) Wha– who has the time?!
– I’m really confused how people can really do this.
I might have to just hop on the wave. (chuckles)
– There’s so much talent that this takes.
And it’s being used on TikTok, which isn’t a bad thing.
It’s just surprising. – (FBE) So, TikTok is still
a fairly new app, only being a couple years old,
but it already is one of the most popular social media apps
around the world having over one billion downloads.
– Crazy. – Wow! I feel like it’s
been shorter than that. It feels like months to me.
– That’s crazy. – (FBE) Even extremely
well-known songs like “Old Town Road” originally gained popularity
from TikTok and ended up becoming the fastest song
to be awarded a diamond certification as well as having
a record-breaking 19 weeks as number one
on the Billboard Hot 100. – Wow. I didn’t know
that song got popular off of TikTok.
– Shoutout to TikTok for launching people’s careers.
– This is why everybody has been trying to push their songs
onto TikTok and try to make people make a dance out of it
or any sort of challenge, ’cause it’s smart.
– (FBE) So, TikTok is very popular amongst your generation specifically.
So, for you and your friends, how influential would you say
that TikTok is to music right now? – Oh, for music? It’s huge,
because it really lets other people take their take or have their take
on different songs, and no other apps, I think,
have been able to do that. – It’s a big part of a lot
of artists that blow up. Like, on Genius, I see
all the time they do top 10 TikTokkers or whatever
that came on. – Now a lot of artists
are probably thinking, like, “Can my song be lip sync-able”
or “Can my song”– ’cause it’s a great
marketing strategy, because that’s what
we’re always watching. Even on Instagram,
if you’re not on the TikTok app, I see a lot of TikTok videos
on Instagram. – Before this episode, I would say
TikTok is not that influential to music at all.
Now that I hear these songs that I’ve apparently heard before
and that they got famous on TikTok, I feel like TikTok is way more
influential to music than I thought it would be.
– (FBE) So, from what you’ve seen on the app, what do you think
is more important to make a good TikTok?
Is it the video or the music? – I think it’s the video.
Just how creative you are. The music… is there.
It can help you out, but it doesn’t make
or break the video. It’s what you do with the music
that makes or break the video. – The music. And I’m gonna say
this is why– because you’ll pull a person in based off the song,
and the video may not be up to par with the song,
but because the person is like, “I just wanna hear the song,”
they’ll stay for the video. – I think it’s a combination
of both. You have to have the music that supports the video
and the video that supports the music. And you also gotta add that
likable sense of humor or that perfect cool dance move
that goes with the music. I think it’s all a mix in between.
– (FBE) So finally, do you think that you will be using TikTok in
the future to find more music artists. – Oh yes, I am. Definitely.
– I just might have to. (chuckles) – Oh, for sure.
– I don’t think so. – I probably wouldn’t use TikTok
to find new music artists, but I mean, I definitely
am introduced to a couple new songs here and there.
– Probably not. I wouldn’t download TikTok
which is an app for entertainment to find a new song.
– When I go on TikTok, I don’t really look
at the music videos. I’m more on there for the memes
and for the funny videos. – Low-key no.
I’m online all the time, guys. I’m always on Twitter
or Instagram or Snapchat. If I let TikTok into my life,
I will fall into the void of being a full E-girl. – Thank you for watching
this episode of Teens React and shoutout to John DH.
– If you liked these music artists, make sure you hit that Like button.
– What songs have you found on TikTok? Let us know
in the comments. – Bye, guys!
– Hey, everyone. Lauren, producer here at FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode.
Make sure you support Ashnikko, Sub Urban, Y2K, and bbno$.
Their links are all gonna be down in the description.
Bye, everyone!


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