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Teen, 17, who thought she had tummy bug after falling ill on family holiday shocked to discover brai

November 24, 2019

A TEEN girl thought she had a tummy bug after falling ill on holiday and was horrified to discover she had a brain tumour the size of a grapefruit  Sian Hopper, from South Derbys., was 15 and studying for her GCSEs when she first started to have severe headaches and double vision, which she thought was from stress  She fell dangerously ill while on a family holiday in Devon in April 2018 and was rushed to hospital  Doctors did a CT scan and found Sian had a brain tumour the size of grapefruit.  Since then she has had to undergo gruelling treatment  Sian, now aged 17, said: “While I was on holiday in Devon with my family that I took quite ill  “I was being violently sick and I didn’t know where I was. I was completely out of it  “My mum said her instinct told her something was seriously wrong and they took me to a local hospital  “The next thing I know they sat down and told me i had a condition called Neurofibromatosis and that I had a tumour the size of a grapefruit It had been growing for two years and was life threatening.  “It was really hard to hear that because I knew it was serious  “I am the kind of person that doesn’t like to be negative. I just thought what can I do about it? what can be done and I just wanted to get it over and done with ” BRAVE TEEN  Sian has experienced complications since her first surgery and had an increase in cranial pressure in her head  She was fitted with an internal lumber shunt, which is a plastic tube that drains away the excess fluid around her brain, which was a huge threat to Sian’s eyesight  The teen has had multiple operations after the shunt stopped working, and she had to have it removed, replaced and altered  Sian has started to make progress and even passed all of her GCSE exams while recovering from surgery  She hopes to go to university to study paramedic science.  She said: “The tumour has been removed but they left the membrane behind because if they were to remove it there would be a risk of brain damage  “There is a chance it could come back but at the moment I am on medication and still having six-monthly checks with a neurologist to keep everything under control ”  She is working with the Childhood Tumour Trust to raise awareness about the condition as she believes that regular scans may have prevented her situation from becoming so serious  She has also donated hair to Little Princess Trust, and has raised £2,500 which she has donated back to Ward E40, where she was cared for, buying countless toys and resources for the staff, patients and families

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