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TCM or Western Medicine – by Prof Hong Hai

March 13, 2020

TCM emphasises prevention of illnesses for example imbalances in the body which may develop meeting to illnesses i think we should should consider consulting a physician even if you are not clearly ill with
clinical symptoms but some how you feel that your health isn’t quite and that’s because from the TCM point of view you might have some deficiencies or excesses or imbalances in
your body western medicine on the other hand has got some very powerful
tools for diagnosis and for dealing with acute situations it has a whole range of antibiotics
it has surgical intervention it has high-technology diagnostics and in life-threatening situations like coronary heart disease server hypertensions or cancers it would make sense to see a western doctor and to get diagnosis and treatment you can get and Chinese medicine in those instances could play a complimentary role with everyday conditions like coughs and colds, digestive problems skin problems sleep, menstrual problems and some chronic illnesses like milder cases of coronary heart disease or diabetes type 2 there is a case for chinese medicine for providing an
alternative course of treatment so i would say that for the more regular more less severe cases patients should have a choice between
going to western or a chinese medical doctor i guess it depends on which once you find more effective or whom you find comfortable with


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