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Taking the Black Night’s Watch Smoothie

November 23, 2019

hi welcome to my channel natasha
naturale i’m natasha if you’re down with yummy food natural DIYs and
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how did I get to the recipe that I’m sharing with you today well yesterday I
was I woke up so sick like I must have had some kind of stomach virus or the
flu I couldn’t even hold down water so after I slept a while I decided I’m
gonna make this shake that’s gonna make me feel better and you know what it
really did it helped me rebound after I would say after 20 minutes of drinking
it I was starting to feel that my body was healing and I could actually hold
down food I call it my taking the black smoothie
I must have called it a shake before but it’s really a smoothie because there’s
no milk in it let’s first talk about the name so it’s a black shake and I love
Game of Thrones I’ve read all the books I’ve seen the show all the seasons
probably like a million times so I was inspired by taking the black it’s dairy
free and all organic plant base so it’s full of really good stuff to help your
body detox and get to where it really should be so here are all the ingredients for the
night’s watch smoothie here we have some baby kale and spinach which is your
daily dose of greens that everyone should have but it’s good for the first
thing in the morning or at the end of the day also about a cup which is 6
ounces of blueberries rich in antioxidants can’t go wrong with
blueberries and then a 1/2 cup of red cabbage which is a cruciferous vegetable
which fun facts protects against the negative effects of radiation also what
we have here of our liquid is almond milk which is my preferred kind of
dairy-free product and then what’s important what’s gonna give the
blackness to the smoothie and all the benefits of detox is this activated
charcoal the brand I’m using it is solar a dietary supplement powder it’s made
from coconut charcoal so it’s really nice to know the source of where the
truck was coming from before you put it put your activated charcoal in your body
be sure to know where it’s coming from also an optional ingredient is
peppermint I’ll be using a peppermint oil but you can use mint leaves maybe
like 3 or 4 spring leaves which is really good for people who have IBS
symptoms of really helps hydrate and settle down on your stomach and tummy
issues so I’ll be using about 2 2 or 3 drops of that in this recipe but it’s
only optional you just hide all my booze layers and so then have a bit of liquids
from this fluffy stuff a little bit of crunch that’s okay if you drop some of
it remember I cook I’m like snacking the whole time really it’s a smoothie so
doesn’t matter really which order you put things in Oh
I’m using about three cups of almond milk but it depends on how thick you
like your why don’t you drop when you see essential oils you want to
make sure that it’s therapy grade and organic what I’m using is our kasya
which I just got from Whole Foods or any health food store you can also order on
Amazon now I’m only using one teaspoon of
activated charcoal if you had a rough night or you were up all hours and you
really want to have that detox clean feeling when you first wake up in the
morning maybe two or three tablespoons or kittens teeth foods well that’s crazy
one two three ah students of activated charcoal will really make us black and
help clean you out and try not to drink it while I’m on
film right now but it’s just really good oh here’s the taking the black smoothie
it’s it smells a little minty because they put two or three drops in mint it’s
not necessary but I highly suggested if you have digestion issues like bloating
IBS or C has an acid reflux it will really help calm it down so
drink it before bed it’ll help you sleep better or first thing in the morning get
your day started right it’s super alkalizing which means that it brings up
your body’s ph away from acidic your body functions better when it’s more
alkaline so this smoothie will aid and that hydrating alkalizing effect and
then also it’s it tastes really good I do suggest you check your teeth before
you go out after drinking this because since it does have charcoal in it
it’ll make your teeth whack but fun fact activated charcoal and spinach works to
make your teeth a little bit lighter so if you want to just scrub your teeth
afterwards it really will help give your teeth a brighter whiter clean look if
you want to make it sweeter or less sweet I’m just adjust how many
blueberries you put in I put a lot of blueberries in it or it was a different
batch of blueberries I used last night so I think he’s right just a bit more
sweet than normal but if you like really sweet smoothies I suggest putting two or
three medjool dates inside it’ll give it a nice warm sweet taste to it but when
you’re trying to alkalize your body try to heal
stay away from sugar is even natural sugars so berries are okay jewel dates
if you’re not having any IBS you’re not sick like I was well have at it
so this is my taking the black smoothie I think John snow would have appreciated
this when he took the black and probably more lords of the Seven Kingdoms would
take the black if they were supposed to drink this as initiation so this is my
first video cheers guys if you like this video click that thumbs up or if you
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stay tuned to what’s gonna come next my name is Natasha thank you for watching
etosha not Trevor

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