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August 16, 2019

now I might not be able to pronounce
this but this is what I’m taking for my Candida I’m taking it’s pronounced all
right I’m looking on my pad right there loo loo fan Ron I’m gonna say one time
one time only I’ll put it inside the title um
this stuff was used initially for pets for infections and you know yeasts and
all kind of stuff that were in pets and also for fleas the FDA had approved
quite some time ago that it is effective in killing Candida however it has not
yet been marketed on line or through the doctor’s office that humans can use it
but it’s not harming to humans at all very pricey I use the loo Federer on
which I’m probably not pronouncing correctly alongside with another candida
cleanser that I buy off the Amazon that has a a floral protectant
they call them antibodies and I’m hoping that I said that that right but I’m
using two candida cleanses the loof loose fear on that I’m using which I
cannot pronounce it as you can see is killing the candida if you guys have a
weak stomach maybe you shouldn’t get off the video now because I’m going to talk
about the die-off symptoms of what is coming out of my body from the Candida
the first couple of days I was fine and then I think about the fourth or fifth
day I thought again nausea which is one the symptoms of the Candida and then the
fifth or sixth day I started to get like what I would call a chain on the back
side of my hand you know on my knuckle area of my back side of my hand it was
like itchy red rash and it would do this for like two days which was an indicator
that the yeast was trying to come out of my skin in that area I was doing a lot
of salt water flushes so I was getting died off in my school you know even when
I was doing the juice cleanse you really could see it the die-off the die-off
looks just like how yeast looks excuse me and I’m gonna tell you what yeast
looks like so that you won’t be saying well what the hell does yeast look like
if you say for an example I’m making some bread and you put yeast inside of a
bowl of water and you know how the bubbles come to the surface and it looks
like the the water is alive all these creatures inside of the water because
you get all those bubbling foamy these particles that come to the top of the
surface and the bowl in the water well that’s what was happening inside of my
fecal matter inside the toilet bowl it was bubbly particles of yeast of course
some time the yeast will look right but also it would have a color to them
because it was mixed in with my people matter and whatever I had eight for the
day um but I know for a fact that that was yeast coming out of my system in
quantities that is bananas I think I’m going to have to take another dose
usually you take a month’s worth 24 pills I’m on day 16 and then the second
month you take for the next five months three capsules
three a day for the next five months because you don’t need what they say as
much as the loo fern after you take it 24 tablets for 24 days then you take a
rest in between six days and then when you stop the new 24 capsules you only
take three of them a week so what I would do is it says to take every other
day a capsule I’m gonna take on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday get them out the
way and then after you know a couple of days go by and then next Monday come
I’ll do Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and the pack that I’ll get for controlling
and killing the candida for this month to come after I do the first full dose
will last me for two months because it’s kind of pricey but I will say that using
this plan in conjunction with a probiotic that’s what it’s called and
another candy the cleanser which you can purchase on Amazon something that has
rosemary in it because rosemary is a very very powerful natural Candida
killer he kills Candida taking that in conjunction with the treatment that I
can’t pronounce it works wonderful and I and I can’t say anything bad about it at
all I don’t look forward to spending I think it’s like fifty nine dollars plus
the shipping and handling so it’s a little over $60 don’t look forward to
this month happen to buy another cleanse but I’m going to do it another 24 days
then on the third month I’ll do with the cleanse will last me for two months
because I only have two use on half of the doses from the full
pack and it’ll be enough for two months some people like to cut corners but in
some cases you might need more than one or maybe I might need to do another dose
it depends on how much yeast you have in your bloodstream and also in your gut
and I have a lot and I can tell in some private areas that it’s still present so
I’m going to have to do another full dose and I had saw on Facebook candy the
cleansing group that I’m in that some time people have to do a whole full dose
a few times and then do the follow-up when you’re just keeping the Candida
from coming back which is half the dose of the full dose so yeah everything’s
looking up my clarity is a hundred percent my anxiety is going away slowly
you know I still have it I’m still having the muscle spasms in my neck um
you know that’s why sometime in my videos my neck looks all messed up it’s
muscle spasms but that comes from your blood being dirty from Candida also from
limp not moving in the body for lord knows how long from not being cleansed
though it gets stuck in certain parts of your body and it causes like in my case
muscle spasms in in in crookneck in all these ailments and I’m gonna be on a
journey of continuous even after I lose this weight which I don’t have that much
to lose I find I’ve been saying this every video now but I don’t I’m gonna
keep up on a design so I can be done with this weight loss but I’m going to
be on a journey of detoxification for the rest of my life but I will
definitely for the next few years be on a detox journey
I’m about eight months into the the detoxing part of the journey and I don’t
feel discouraged and I don’t want to scare anybody else to be discouraged
about me saying I’m on a detox journey and it’s gonna take me years because a
year just almost went by now it’s almost eight months and another four months of
the year it goes by so fast just like life goes by so fast so don’t get
discouraged when you hear videos and you hear me say oh I gonna be detoxing for
years to come you know when you hear someone say that they’re gonna be
detoxing for years to come you should feel jealous of that because
when you detox the body out and I believe that we can completely get our
bodies back to the healthy cleansed our bodies that they were when we younger
before we started getting exposed to all these toxins you will be in the best
health in the best shape and you’ll be feeling the best that you’ve ever felt
since you were a kid so you know when you hear people say that man you should
want to be on the same page as them but I see that this video is getting too
long but yes I am on day 16 of my my intense candida cleanse I don’t really
have that harsh symptoms like some people have I’ve seen people with their
whole face has gotten raw and puffy and broke out I am probably over that part
of the that kind of cleanse with you know the body the the the detox is
coming out through my skin I went through that painful part of detox and
when I was doing 140 a juice cleanse I’m now in the process and we’re covering
from the marks that have left all on my buttocks that’s where a lot of the detox
symptoms were coming out through my skin was in my buddy area thank the Lord it
wasn’t my face but I have like humongous dark spots all over my butt from the
juice cleanse so I already basically cleansed
out the body pretty much from the juice cleanse I think majority of the bad
horrible toxins that needed to be out of my system
primarily out of my system because if they wasn’t I never stopped juicing and
I continuously juice even when I’m eating solid meals and I’m not having
these horrible puss like things that come to the surface of the skin with
these breakouts in that area anymore so thank the Lord that I was primarily
cleaned out for the most part when starting this candida cleanse because it
would probably be a horrible horror story if I wasn’t so I’m not getting all
those horrible symptoms that people get like the flu-like symptoms some people
will feel like they want to kill themselves or they need to go to the
hospital they go into a deep depression all of these are from the candida dying
off going into the bloodstream before they die or when they’re dying to make
you feel horrible it’s a mechanism to stop you from doing whatever you’re
doing to get rid of them so I’m glad I didn’t have any of those die-off
symptoms but I’m just checking in with um on day 16 when I get onto day 24 that
would be my last pill I’ll do an update video and that but so far so good and
yes those pills are working Marvel novelist Lee for my I can’t who’s using
for my Candida and I will continue to use it so with all that being said
because I’m choking please subscribe to the channel like I share this video make
it a favorite and I’ll see you in the next video bye for now


  • Reply Jamaicagirl123 August 29, 2018 at 6:53 pm

    Nice video friend thank you for sharing have a great day

  • Reply Hotboii24 4 August 31, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    How does one join this candida group page?

  • Reply Marvin barksdale September 23, 2018 at 12:55 am

    Do some research on Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth? Also you can take a tablespoon of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! You spoke of Lymph, check out Lymphomax? Peace Queen

  • Reply Marvin barksdale September 23, 2018 at 1:04 am

    D.E. is inexpensive! You can get a 70lb. bag for $65, 50lb. $56, 25lb. $20 & 10lb. for $15 on eBay. You can even order the Pill Makers cheap($9) and make your own pills if you don't like the taste.

  • Reply Marvin barksdale September 23, 2018 at 1:06 am

    Oh Costco has the 84oz. Virgin Coconut Oil by Kirkland for $15. I am like you, I make this a lifestyle. I have been detoxifying with Diatomaceous Earth and Coconut Oil about 3 years.

  • Reply Marvin barksdale September 23, 2018 at 2:42 pm is where you can buy 1 get 2, but 2 get 3, buy 2 get 4 etc. I see you're really into health. Peace Goddess!

  • Reply Samuel Carvalho February 8, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    I just bought this one, and wasn't sure about it since it's still listed as an experimental treatment, but after watching this I'm really glad I did. Thanks!

  • Reply Haya Mujaddidi April 22, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    Hey @SLDavis -Nutrition&Health can i ask you how many bottles in total u did??

  • Reply Clarissa Lucas June 26, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    Hi, did this work for you? Are you healed from candida from this alone or did you have to use this with other products to heal candida?

  • Reply Clarissa Lucas July 13, 2019 at 2:07 am

    Did it work?

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