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Take The WORD of God Like Medicine

February 12, 2020

JIMMY LARKINS: I just encourage
anyone that, you know–that may be going through the same thing
that we went through, keep standing on the Word. TAMMY
LARKINS: Yes, yes. JIMMY: I don’t–you know–you know, 10
years, yeah, it seems like a long time. Maybe there’s
somebody that’s been standing a little longer, but
just keep standing. (Singing) I know my God
has made the way for me. I know my God has
made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: Don’t quit
believing the Word of God to receive your healing. Those
promises are for you, and God is no respecter of persons. Join
Kenneth Copeland for today’s teaching at Healing School on
the Believer’s Voice of Victory. KENNETH: I have videos that I
want you to watch. I–ha-ha-ha. I want this to form a picture in
your mind. In fact, you–you know, you can get videos of
these from our ministry if you’d like. I want you to watch this
first one, Lashea McKinney. Lashea is here this morning.
Lashea, where are you? AUDIENCE: Whoo! (Applause) KENNETH: Where
are you, darling? AUDIENCE: Right here. Right here. KENNETH:
There she is! Stand up your pretty healed self.
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh, we love you! (Cheers & Applause) Ha-ha-ha-ha.
I love you this morning. You’re going–you’re going to
like this. Watch this. LASHEA McKINNEY: My name is
Evangelist Lashea McKinney. This is my father, Apostle Essie
McKinney, and I am his personal assistant. I work
with him hand in hand in ministry. We have grown
immensely in 33 years. And all of a sudden, I
began to–my body began to show signs of sickness.
And I had ignored it for about a year. Then after a year, I
started getting worse, even though I was speaking to my
body, but I wasn’t seeing any results. And I–instead of
getting better, I was getting worse. So I asked my father,
“Okay, what should I do?” He said, “Go on into the hospital
and find out what’s going on.” And that’s what I did. When I
got there, I took about two or three of the ladies from the
ministry, and we were in the waiting room. They had taken the
blood work. I think I stayed there about five hours. And then
what happened was, when the doctor came in, he said, “I have
good news, and I have bad news.” And I said, “The good news is I
don’t have cancer.” And he said, “I can’t say that.” But long
story short, he gave me a piece of paper, and he told me, “This
is a doctor I need you to call, a cancer specialist.” And I did
on that Monday. But when I called, I didn’t have the money
at that time to actually–I didn’t have any insurance. I
didn’t have the money to get an examination or to even see him.
I got a telephone call from one of our pastor friends who told
me that she had already made an appointment for me to go to the
Greenville School of Medicine. And when I got there, they
diagnosed me with lymphoma cancer. And the doctor said I
had only 30 days to live. They had given me a breathing
apparatus. They said I was breathing like a 93-year-old
woman. My liver was 200 times larger than what it was supposed
to be, and so was my spleen. I didn’t have the energy or the
breath to do anything. I remember walking by the mirror
before I laid down, and I saw the shadow of death. And fear
gripped my heart, and I knew, by the looks of things, I wasn’t
going to make it. And instead of fighting, I kind of succumbed to
it. And I remember that day, when I was laying on the couch
and he came to me, and he didn’t sound too nice. He didn’t show
any pity because he knew that I was in a fight for my life. And
he said, “You’re going to die if you don’t get up from here.” He
said, “You’re a minister of the Gospel, and you have to know
that the devil is fighting you because of what you are doing
positive in the kingdom.” He said, “Physician, get up and
heal yourself.” That’s exactly what he said. I grabbed my
Bible, and I began to walk back and forth. I read something from
Gloria Copeland that talked about how we should take the
Word like medicine and that we should use it just like we would
medicine, and use it three times a day. And if the situation gets
worse, to double the dosage. I will never forget that. And
that’s what I did. For 28 days–I had 30 days to live now.
For 28 days, I walked three times a day, and I got my Bible
and I quoted every scripture, and I prophesied and spoke them
over my life. And I didn’t feel anything different in 28 days.
But at the end of that 28 days, something happened. I don’t know
what it was, but I knew that faith kicked in. Yes, faith
kicked in. And I said, “He was wounded for Lashea’s
transgressions, He was bruised for Lashea’s iniquities, and the
chastisement of my peace was on Him. And with those stripes, I
am healed.” And I knew that day that I was healed. And I had two
more days to go. And the 30 days–that 30th day, I went back
to the doctor, and they looked at the exam, and they took
X-rays again, and they brought in one specialist, and they
brought in two specialists. They kept looking. Five specialists
came in that day. I’ll never forget it. They were talking
among themselves, but I didn’t know what they were saying. So
finally, he came over to me. He said, “This is what it looked
like 30 days ago. Where is the cancer? It’s not here.” (Cheers
& Applause) We have to understand that the Word of
God is for us, that He’s not just–it’s not just something
out there or something in the Bible. This is a rhema word, and
it comes to life when we take it. That’s what Gloria always
says, to–like if somebody’s giving you a cake, it’s not
yours until you receive it. Well, the word of healing,
it’s for us, but we have to receive it. And so it’s
important for us to take it. And when we do,
it becomes life. KENNETH: Hallelujah. Glory
to God. (Cheers & Applause) AUDIENCE: Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! KENNETH: Now, I want–I want–now, anybody
can do this. Anybody can do this. AUDIENCE: Yes. Yes.
KENNETH: God’s no respecter of persons. (Audience Agrees) Amen.
AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: How gorgeous you look this morning,
girl. Amen. Come on up here. (Applause) Nothing happened, but
yet something was happening every moment. But you can’t feel
faith. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: Faith is automatic. It comes by
hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing. Now,
there came–and I told you yesterday, that’s what Gloria
calls when faith boils over. How many drops does it take to run
over a cup? AUDIENCE: One. KENNETH: One. But you stop
before that one, and you’re just static. Get the one more drop.
Get the one more drop. Tell us about it, Lashea. LASHEA: Oh,
wow. This is an awesome moment right here, because had it not
been for my father telling me to get up, I would have died. So I
want to thank God, first of all, for him not having pity.
KENNETH: Oh, my. LASHEA: That was a blessing. Second thing I
want to thank God for today, man of God, is for being here with
you. (Applause) KENNETH: Thank you. Thank you. What a blessing.
LASHEA: I was raised off of Kenneth Copeland and Gloria
Copeland all of my life. I never would have known that I would be
here today. Just standing here in this space is an awesome
moment. KENNETH: Praise God. Bless you. LASHEA: And because
of the Word of faith being preached in my life all of these
many years, the enemy was upset. And you and I need to understand
that there will be a moment when you’re going to have to stand on
what you’ve been hearing. (Audience Agrees) And I was
tested with cancer. That is a powerful disease, but yet it’s
not because there’s nothing too hard for God. KENNETH: That’s
it. (Agreement & Applause) That’s it. Hallelujah. LASHEA:
Hallelujah. KENNETH: Bless you, sweetheart. LASHEA: Yes, sir.
KENNETH: Thank you for being here this morning. LASHEA: And I
stood on faith. I read those scriptures, and I had to
understand that it’s not just in the Bible, but it is for us.
It’s our covenant. AUDIENCE: Yes. LASHEA: And when I stood on
those scriptures, it happened where I understood that it was
not just in the Bible, but it was for me. (Audience “Amens”)
KENNETH: Lashea, talk about that moment like your dad said, faith
kicked in, faith came. LASHEA: Yes, sir. KENNETH: That moment
that one drop overflowed it. LASHEA: Mm-hmm. KENNETH: Talk
about that knowing moment when that happened. LASHEA: Yes, sir.
So I was in revival. My father was preaching. We were in
Washington, D.C. And I would excuse myself and go in the
bathroom and look in the mirror, and I would take those
scriptures, and I would talk to myself. AUDIENCE: Praise God!
Hallelujah! LASHEA: I would speak to myself. I had to see
those words coming out of my mouth. And I began to say, “He
was wounded for Lashea’s transgressions.” And it was
like, yeah. (Laughter) You know, Oprah Winfrey calls it an
“ah-hah moment.” KENNETH: Ah-hah. LASHEA: And I was like,
“Yeah, that’s it.” My spirit grabbed it! AUDIENCE:
Hallelujah! (Applause) Amen! LASHEA: Oh, glory to God. And
He was bruised for Lashea’s transgressions. And with those
stripes, I am healed. (Applause) KENNETH: But it took 28 days–
LASHEA: To get it in my spirit. KENNETH: It did, didn’t it?
LASHEA: It did. KENNETH: Now, that–that intense immersion in
the Word for 28 days, it was building, it was growing, it was
coming, it was coming. What if you’d have quit the 27th? You’d
have died. LASHEA: I’d be gone. Yes, sir. KENNETH: You’d have
died. LASHEA: Yes, I would have. KENNETH: Don’t ever quit.
LASHEA: Don’t quit. KENNETH: Don’t quit. (Applause) LASHEA:
Thank you. KENNETH: When you–ha-ha-ha. LASHEA: Glory to
God. AUDIENCE: Thank You! KENNETH: When you’re laying
there and–and they’re–they’re saying, “He’s going to die any
minute now.” You say, “No, I’m healed. Glory to God.” AUDIENCE:
Amen. That’s right. KENNETH: Say, “Well, what if you died
anyhow?” What a way to step over the–to step over into glory
with faith on your lips. “I am healed.” There’s a person
that–well, I don’t mind telling you who it–who it–who this is.
It’s Joel Osteen’s mama. LASHEA: That’s right. KENNETH: Jodi.
(Audience Agrees) And–no, not Jodi– AUDIENCE: Dodie. KENNETH:
Dodie. LASHEA: Dodie. KENNETH: Dodie Osteen. She had cancer of
the liver. And–and she and John are very close friends of Gloria
and mine. And when she got that diagnosis, they called, and
we–we set ourselves in agreement with them, and we
prayed. She wouldn’t go to bed. She–she did her housework every
day. She was so sick she couldn’t hardly stand up, but
she went through her scripture list every morning, every noon,
and every night. She went through it over and over and
over. She went through it again and again and again. Hallelujah.
Still strong and alive today. (Audience “Amens”) Now, the last
time I visited with her about it, I said, “Are you still
reading your scriptures?” “Brother Kenneth,” she said,
“every day, three times a day, because,” she said, “if I quit,
I die.” LASHEA: That’s right. KENNETH: Now, when–when Brother
John Osteen first began to preach Mark 11:23 and 24,
because they–they became close friends with Brother Hagin,
and–and–and Dodie just was having trouble with that. He
would correct her, you know. But she didn’t like being corrected
by her husband. He said, “No,” you know. “I’m telling you, I’m
sick.” “No, you’re not. You’re healed.” AUDIENCE: Amen.
KENNETH: “John Osteen, I’m sick, I’m telling you.” He said, “No,
you’re not, Dodie. You’re healed.” She had–just hadn’t
called off sick. She said, “John Osteen, I’m going to have them
put on my tombstone, ‘See there, I told you I was sick!'”
(Laughter) But that’s the same woman, boy, she latched onto
that, oh, a long time before that. That was back in the very
early days when they first learned about it. But she
just–she just took it and latched onto it and wouldn’t
turn loose of it. And, praise God, well, did the very same
thing that Lashea did. It just kicked in. And when it did, here
she came. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: Amen. (Audience
“Amens”) Now she’s in her mid 80s, going strong. Lashea, thank
you, sweetheart. LASHEA: Yes, sir. Thank you. KENNETH: It is
such an honor to have you here. LASHEA: Thank you for this
moment. (Applause) KENNETH: Amen. LASHEA: I love you.
KENNETH: I love you, too, dear. Tell the apostle I said,
“Hello.” LASHEA: I’ll do that. KENNETH: I love that man.
LASHEA: Can I say something? KENNETH: Yes, please do.
(Applause Continues) Amen. LASHEA: I just want to say one
other thing before I sit down to thank you for this opportunity.
Right after we came on the air, all of these people began to
call. They Googled us. They called us and asked us to agree
with them in prayer. And the enemy attacked my father. In
June, we went in the hospital, and they said that he wasn’t
going to make it. We didn’t understand what was going on. In
July, he had to go right back. Long story short, they found
that he had nonalcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. We
didn’t understand how did he get it. So at five years old, he was
burned and given up three times to die, but they had to do a
blood transfusion. And back in his day, they did not cleanse
the blood. And so this had been lying dormant in his body all
these many years. And you were talking about how you can work
yourself down doing ministry and not taking the Word for
yourself. Well, that was what happened to him. And he had just
worked his body down, and it surfaced. And he had to go into
the hospital. And we’ve been believing God and thanking God
for his healing. Amen. And so he is healed right where he sits
over there today from cirrhosis of the liver. (Cheers &
Applause) KENNETH: Hallelujah. You know you’re one of my
heroes, don’t you? (Laughs) Father, in the name of the Lord
Jesus Christ–Kellie, would you come up, please? AUDIENCE:
Hallelujah. Praise the Lord! Whoo! KENNETH: Now, when Kellie
lays hands on you, the fire is going to manifest. KELLIE:
Jesus, Jesus. It’s Jesus. Jesus! APOSTLE McKINNEY: It took–
KELLIE: Ooh, Lord Jesus. KENNETH: Burn. KELLIE: Be
filled. KENNETH: A new liver. KELLIE: (Praying in the Spirit)
KENNETH: Burn that cirrhosis out of there. Hallelujah. KELLIE:
Burning everything that doesn’t belong– KENNETH: Yes. KELLIE:
–out of your body. KENNETH: Oh, dear God. KELLIE: Jesus.
KENNETH: Thank You, Lord Jesus. Anybody else having any liver
trouble? Take your healing right now. Yeah, the healing is right
there. You don’t need the hands laid on you. I’m laying hands on
the–on Apostle McKinney. You just take it. You just take it.
Anybody that’s got any problems in your stomach, take it right
now. I heard the Lord say that. Take it right now. Throat
problems, take your healing right now. Sinus trouble, take
your healing right now. Ear problems, take your healing
right now. Eye trouble, take your healing right now. Faith is
being released. Faith is going forth. The anointing is going
forth. Take it take it, take it. Lung disease is being healed
right now. Back disease, kidney disease, failing kidneys.
Wake up, kidney! (Cheers) APOSTLE McKINNEY: (Praying
in the Spirit) KENNETH: Say it, “I take the fire!” AUDIENCE:
I take the fire! KENNETH: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Oh, hallelujah.
(Audience “Hallelujahs”) The healer’s in the house,
walking these aisles– APOSTLE McKINNEY: (Praying in
the Spirit) KENNETH: –seeking those to whom He can
show Himself strong. JIMMY: I’m Jimmy Larkins. This
is my wife, Tammy Larkins. TAMMY: When you start trying
to have babies three months after you get married, and it
doesn’t happen, well, okay. JIMMY: It’s early. TAMMY:
It’s early. Then when a year passes, and you don’t really
think too much about it because, you know, you’re still
newlyweds, and when kids come, kids will–will come.
But when you get to that year three mark, we still don’t have
children, maybe there’s something wrong. And we had
gotten a phone call from the infertility doctors and another
doctor back to back. “We’ve done everything we can. It’s just not
going to happen. Look into adoption.” And so that was just
a crushing moment. It hurts. It feels like you are missing
something. You know you’re supposed to have babies in your
arms. You know that you’re supposed to be raising and
teaching your children and raising them in the ways of the
Lord. And–and you know that you have so much love in you for
your kids, but you don’t have them. JIMMY: But the Word
is–it’s been written a long time ago. And God knew. He knew
us and approved of us. And He wants us to have that joy. He
wants to have–to be fulfilled. TAMMY: We got Marty Copeland’s,
you know, book. And all the scriptures to seeing on for
having children. And so, immediately, those things went
up on the refrigerator. He would come by, and he would just touch
my stomach or–or pray and, you know, just speak the Word over
our–you know, our bodies and our children and… JIMMY: And
if we believe it and receive it, just like Mark 11:24 and 23, if,
you know, you ask, and it will be done. And it was just–it’s
like, “Okay, Lord, we’re asking. We’re believing. We receive it.
We thank You for our children,” you know? And it was–you know,
it wasn’t–it just–you know, it wasn’t happening. But we kept
standing on the Word. And–and so– TAMMY: When you’re trying
for children, you just have all these pregnancy tests in your
bathroom cabinet. And I went home that night and took a
pregnancy test, and for the first time ever, it was
positive. And I didn’t know what to do. I was just, “Uh! Uh!” So
I think I took three more. And then I went to the store. I was
like, “I’ll be right back.” And I got one of the fancy
electronic ones I don’t think they make anymore. And they
were all positive. And we were pregnant. We were pregnant.
And– JIMMY: And when the manifestation comes of His Word,
it was–it’s like–like she said earlier, that, you know, we–we
can’t even really remember a lot of the times even before our
children now. It was like they’ve always been here, you
know? And it’s just been great. TAMMY: Yes, yes. JIMMY: And it
was neat because after our firstborn–and he was exactly
what we prayed for. You know, about a year and a half later,
had talked about, “Well, do we want another child? Are we
good with one?” And then I remember–I remember us
getting into the vehicle, and–ha-ha-ha–I turned to her.
I had been thinking about this, you know, throughout the day.
And I looked at her, I go, “Yeah, I’m pretty comfortable
with just one child.” And she hands me a card.
And–(Laughs)–so I opened that card up, and she’s–you know,
I’m reading it, and I’m like, “What?” And I’m like, “Well, I
guess we’re good with two also.” So, you know, it was just a–it
was a blessing because, you know, after the doctors’ saying,
“You’re not even going to have a child,” here it is, we’re having
a second child. And I just encourage anyone that–you know,
that may be going through the same thing that we went through,
keep standing on the Word. TAMMY: Yes. Yes. JIMMY: I
don’t–you know– TAMMY: Yes. JIMMY: You know, 10 years, yeah,
it seems like a long time. Maybe there’s someone that’s been
standing a little longer. But just keep standing. You know, if
He’ll do it for us, you know, the Word says He’ll do it for
you, too. TAMMY: Yes. JIMMY: And so just keep standing and just
keep believing and keep speaking the Word over yourselves and
just–I mean, just know that God wants to give you the desires of
your heart. I mean, He says in His Word, “Seek ye first the
kingdom of God, and all His righteousness, and all these
things will be added onto you.” And our children will be added
on to us if that’s the desire of our heart. So, you know, keep
standing strong. Keep standing in faith. Don’t give up. Take
those scriptures. Tape them up. Do whatever you’ve got to do.
Speak them over your life over and over again and just–you
know, just stay encouraged. TAMMY: Yes. JIMMY: Because when
depression comes, it–depression stinks, and it’s part of the
curse. And we’ve been redeemed of the curse. We give all glory
to God. TAMMY: Yes. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And
remember Jesus is Lord.


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