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Take The Spit Test If You Have The Candida!

August 16, 2019

Candidiasis is a very common infection caused by the candida fungus and can affect your skin nails organs genitals throat blood stream and mouth this infection can affect both men and women But it’s more commonly found in women Balanced amounts of this fungus can be found in any healthy organism However when the candida levels become unbalanced it releases toxin into your bloodstream Initiating a series of symptoms that might affect your health antibiotics stress and diets that are rich in carbohydrates And refined sugars can lower the candida levels in your blood and cause these problems Some of the main symptoms are food allergies irritability yeast infections sugar cravings lack of concentration swelling or constipation fatigue Headaches a thick white coating on your tongue depression skin rashes such as eczema acne Immune system disorders it isn’t always easy to diagnose candidiasis due to its generic symptoms The easiest way to diagnose it is by paying attention to how you feel Watching out for the symptoms and performing the necessary Tests there is one test that you can do to find out if you have candidiasis and many people believe it to be very trustworthy It’s known as the spit test and is very easy to do Here is how you can do it when you wake up in the morning before eating Breakfast fill your mouth with saliva and spit it into a glass cup with water Watch the cup for 30 minutes to an hour if your saliva mixes with the water sinks to the bottom of the cup Or if you can see the water becoming blurry with specks from your saliva. You might have candidiasis You may be asking yourself. How does this test work? Candidiasis starts in your colon and as time passes starts migrating to your digestive system Passing by your small intestine then moving on to your stomach Esophagus and mouth if it develops to this point and reaches your mouth It will create a thick white coating on your tongue And maybe even the inside of your cheeks when you spit it into a cup. It sinks because it’s heavier than water However since the results of this test can be affected by other things such as allergy milk or dehydration We can’t always trust it completely It’s always important to consider the other symptoms And if need be seek out someone who can give you a more precise diagnosis

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