How I Got Rid of my Penile Fungus

I can’t believe I’m about to make a video about my penis, and put it on youtube… But that’s life. What’s up guys. In this video I want to talk about my penis, or no, not my penis, more specifically, fungal infections on penises. And I’ve even debated with myself Continue Reading

How Can We Prevent Fungal Infections? | Professor Neil A.R. Gow

One very surprising thing about fungal infections is there isn’t a single vaccine against any fungus so far. That doesn’t mean to say that it shouldn’t be possible, but so far we have not yet generated a single infection. So we’re all vulnerable to that extent and our vulnerability is Continue Reading

Slide Culture Technique for Fungi – Amrita University

Slide Culture Technique for Fungi Slide culture method is a rapid method of preparing fungal colonies for examination and identification. This method permits the fungi to be studied virtually insitu with as little disturbance as possible. Fungi are identified mostly by close examination of its morphology and the characteristics it Continue Reading

Fungi: Death Becomes Them – CrashCourse Biology #39

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of fungi (fuhn-gahy), or fungi (fuhn-jahy). Both are acceptable pronunciations. But I say fungi because it’s fungus. Not fun-jus. Though fun-jus is also fun to say. Fungi are a little bit like plants, and more like animals than you might think. They diverged Continue Reading

The fungal steering system: a route to infection

Most of us are aware of infections caused by bacteria, but what we don’t think about is infections caused by fungi. One of the biggest killers is the fungus Candida albicans which lives inside us as a harmless round yeast. But in patients with a weak immune system the fungus Continue Reading

Animated Stories | Fungus Attack Fungal Infection

Like most little kids, when I was little, I loved to play outside. We lived in a more rural area, and that afforded my friends and me endless places to play. We rode horses. We explored hiking trails and trekked through streams. We got grubby and sometimes muddy. One Monday, Continue Reading

10 Fantastic Fungi Superpowers

My friend the toadstool, he just left the party, ‘cause there wasn’t mushroom! And it’s too bad, ‘cause he was a real fun-guy. Ok…ahh… in addition to being fun guys, fungi are incredible organisms. They make up their own kingdom in the eukaryotic domain of the tree of life, separate Continue Reading

What’s Inside Your Belly Button

Near the turn of this century, scientist Georg Steinhauser had a problem. He was fascinated by the question: Why do some belly buttons collect more lint than others? But no one knew the answer. So for three years he collected his own belly-button lint to find out. And after interviewing Continue Reading