DIY at Home How To Make Your Thick Toenails Look BETTER!!! Cutting of Thick Toenails

What’s up my toes? Here we are right after Christmas. Hope everyone had a happy holiday. I hope you guys are all feeling good and jolly. I’ve got a little bit more time, a few more days before the end of the year. So I just wanted to give a Continue Reading

Frieira e Micose nos Pés: Trate com este Único Ingrediente

tired and aching feet are conditions very recurrent in our society. With the busy life and our social obligations, often we opted for appearance over comfort and feet are the most affected because of this choice. Therefore, we will try to talk about the benefits vinegar to treat your feet. Continue Reading

Home Remedy for Toenail Fungus & Athlete’s Foot | Natural Fungus Killer by Nicoles Heart

Hello! I’m Nicole. And today, I’m going to teach you a powerful home remedy for treating toenail fungus. We are working with the fungus that you see underneith the nail. If underneith your nails looks like this, this is a fungus …and it need to be taken care of… If Continue Reading

Trimming of Super Thick Fungal Nails: FULL TREATMENT

TB: We use the nail file afterwards, okay? Daughter: Okay. TB: But you have to do one thing. You know what that is? You have to sit there and look pretty. (laughter) TB: I’m sure you can do that, right? Okay, so let’s trim these nails. Poor you! These don’t Continue Reading