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SwineFlu Symptoms, Treatment-Prevention- TAMIL-Dr MOHANAVEL

November 24, 2019

Hello dear friends swine flu Awareness is given in All newspapers How can we prevent swine flu Lets see how to identify Swine Flu with its symptoms and its management How to treat it in 1920 Swine Flu outbreak was first happened at Spanish in 1920 Swine Flu outbreak was happened at Spanish The outbreak virus was demonstrated mainly on pigs So it was called as swine flu But the current cases are Not transmitted by pigs But By Virus named H1N1 influenza It’s transmission is mainly by Air borne Droplets not by ingestion of pigs meat Let’s see What are all its symptoms Cough cold running nose throat pain pharyngitis body pain Dry cough myalgia Will be there We should know it because We should avoid self medication Or else we will get more complication And High mortality So Consult your doctor before taking medication Symptoms of severe swine flu includes In elders Breathlessness persistent vomiting high grade Fever severe body pain Chest pain severe cough blood stained sputum In children’s Poorintake fast breathing Body cyanosis Highly irritable Inconsolable cry Poor food intake If these symptoms presents Please don’t wait Take them to nearby hospital Let’s see its management First is complete bed rest Good hydration By IV fluids or ORS Then symptomatic treatment Includes cough suppressants antipyretics analgesic You will be categorised to Category A or B or c Testing is only needed in category c Category B and C Will get antivirals You must take it for 5 days BD Must If you belongs to Category C you will be Treated in ICU care Under doctor’s supervision Category A and B will be sent home on doctors advice In your home you should strictly follow Isolation in your home To prevent transmission to others If needed You can Use specific mask Use specific mask while go outside It will save others Keep your home neat and clean Because virus particle will be present on home floor Using antiseptic Wil safeguard you and others You should take proper treatment By doctor prescription How can we safeguard us from swine flu If infected person is residing In your home or nearby place Take chemoprophylaxis under doctors prescribtion for 10 days OD If you are close to infected person Use specific mask to avoid Transmission to you Get immunised against swine flu Which is available as intramuscular Injection and oral solution Do you believe you can prevent Swine flu by doing hand wash Yes you can If your child is infected Please don’t send them to school In schools headmaster and teachers Take responsibility to screen For Swine Flu on daily prayers If anybody has symptoms refer them to doctors By doing this you can avoid swine flu outbreaks Let’s see about hand wash advantages Only 20 % cases are transmitted by droplet Remaining 80% cases are transmitted by touching Virus infected particles includes Buses public place bench TV walls everything Then touching our Eyes nose mouth and by eating So every time wash hands before eating Will prevent Swine Flu transmission Because you can get infection within one to three days off exposure to patient So if you are infected patient avoid travel for atleast 7days avoid travel for atleast 7days You can watch How to safe guard you from swine flu Buy hand washing technique in my YouTube channel videos You can also prevent transmission by using antiseptics in your home Because H1N1 virus particles will be presented in all over places because of its airborne transmission So doing proper cleaning Atleast twice daily with antiseptics Will prevent virus transmission Let us know who are all the high risk group Let us know who are all the high risk group Direct contact to the patients Those who travels to the infected area Under five children Elders more than 65 years Pregnant ladies Diabetic hypertensive patients Respiratory and liver disease patients Patients on long term medications Are included So if you are residing nearby infected area you can safeguard Yourself by Taking chemoprophylaxis for 10 days with doctor prescription You can also get vaccination To Boost Your immunity against H1N1 To Boost Your immunity against H1N1 To Boost Your immunity against H1N1 But it has its drawback Immunity developed by vaccine Will last for 3-6months So you need repeat vaccinations That’s all my dear friends You can safeguard yourself from swine flu You can also get cure if you take medication within 48 hours of infection Like share and comment on this video Create awareness to others To Get more updates on health and medical related topics Subscribe to our channel Thank you for watching


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