October 1, 2019

Hello It’s the beginning of May 2009 And if you’ve seen or read any news recently you’re probably aware that the big entertainment event at the moment is the possible swine flu pandemic The pig virus has killed people over the last month so it has some way to go if it wants to become one of the big players in the contagious disease scene but it’s nice to see that the media is ignoring the established names and giving so much publicity to the underdog In a way the swine flu is sort of the the Susan Boyle of the disease world it hasn’t done very much at this stage but everyone with an internet connection knows about it and if you have an internet connection which, obviously you do you might have read around the subject of the swine flu and found some of the theories and opinions that are not making it into the mainstream news For instance if you’re a follower of the work of Mr Alex Jones you’ll know that this pandemic is merely a test of a biological weapon manufactured by agents
of the New World Order designed to drastically
reduce the population of the planet and allow the secret elite to more effectively enslave the survivors Another theory I’ve read is that the flu is a biological weapon created by Islamic terrorists
aimed at wiping out the decadent,
pork-reliant western world And another one is that
it was manufactured by a big pharmaceutical company so that they could make billions by selling us a vaccine All good, plausible ideas But I… I don’t really care where it came from to be honest I just wish it would get a move on and do what it’s supposed to be doing

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