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Surviving the Strepidemic

October 22, 2019

– [Katie] Hi, friends. This is Katie.
Today, I want to talk about The Great Strepidemic of May 2017.
Actually, it wasn’t great at all. It was horrible. Two people in my family got strep. I
probably had it as well, at some point, but I think my body flushed it. I started
to shoot a little video last week while we were kind of all still in the trenches,
but I ended up stopping because I felt like poop, so we’re going to show a little
bit of that, and then we’ll come back and talk a little bit about kind of what we
did during our week of the plague. Our house got hit pretty hard.
Two members of the family have strep. I probably had it, and the rest of us,
the other two are just full of snot. So I kind of wanted to talk about what
it looked like because it’s probably the sickest she’s ever been, and it’s been
miserable, so I wanted to share what we’ve done, and how it’s been going for us, and
what we’ve been doing to try to kind of help put her a little bit…
make her a little more comfortable. So as you can see, I was definitely
not really feeling very well, not quite up to par, so we
decided to just go ahead and stop that video and wait until
I was feeling a little bit better. As I mentioned, so my oldest got strep
throat and then, a few days later, my husband went in and was diagnosed with
strep throat. I actually went in the next day, just to be checked, to be sure
because strep throat, as I’m sure most of you know, is nothing
to fiddle around with. Number one, it’s horribly painful and
awful, so I mean, most people aren’t going to sit at home and be like, “I don’t
want to go to the doctor,” because, I mean, it’s nasty. But anyway, strep is a
bacterial infection that can be knocked out with antibiotics. But it’s super
important, if you think you have strep, to go have it checked out. And this was
actually brought home to us in a personal way because a really close family friend
of ours had strep as a younger girl, and it wasn’t treated, and now, in her
60s, has led to heart problems due to undiagnosed strep throat that
caused permanent damage in her body. So whenever there’s the possibility
with sore throat and all that, that’s one of those things that I
will run right off to the doctor for, so we definitely went and got her tested
as soon as I realized that this wasn’t just a nasty cold. Once I realized this
wasn’t just a cold…because for a few days prior, actually, she had been sick. She had, you know, a runny nose
and a slight fever, nothing too crazy, and she had actually gotten sick in the
night and thrown up, and I thought, “Well, maybe it’s just the flu.” And then,
she actually…the fever broke and she started feeling better, and I thought,
“Great. Awesome, she’s feeling better.” But then, a couple days later, the fever
returned, and when I talked to the nurse at the doctor’s office, they said,
“You need to come in. You know, a fever that comes back is usually
indicative of a secondary infection,” which would make sense, because
as soon as the fever returned, it wasn’t just, you know, the 99, 100. It was like 101, 102 degrees. I have
helpers here today. It wasn’t the 99 or 100 degrees, it was actually getting
up to, like, 102 and 102 and a half, and that’s when I started to pay
really close attention, and so we went into the doctor and it was
actually almost 103 when we got there, so we went not a moment too soon. And the doctor said, “I think you have
strep throat.” And she’s sitting here going, “I feel fine. I feel fine.” She’s
shivering, 103-degree temperature, you know. “I feel fine.” What they did to
test is they got the really long Q-tips, and the nurse was really great. She
actually let my oldest touch it and see what it felt like, and you know, she
explained step-by-step what was going to happen. My oldest was definitely not
interested, not having it, but that helped that she got to touch the Q-tip and kind
of understand what was going to happen. And I actually also said, “Hey, would it
help your feelings if I let her do it to me?” Nah, not really so much. But anyways,
we got it done. They swabbed down in her throat, and when she pulled it out,
there was mucus on it, and she said, “Look. What does that look like?” And my
oldest goes, “It looks like toots.” Toots is what she calls germs. It’s from a
Curious George episode from years ago. Now, it’s stuck, I guess. Anyway,
fortunately, they do the rapid strep test. Within five minutes, we knew that
she had strep. The doctor came in and prescribed a 10-day round of the
amoxicillin. It’s still liquid stuff. It tastes like bubblegum, cherry cake,
whatever, you know, so kids will actually drink it. So we picked it up, that was on
Friday, and started the 10-day round. Now, I wish it had been just as
easy as starting the antibiotics, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. Coupled with this was a nasty, nasty
cough. I mean, like coughing so hard she was turning kind of red and she’s got junk
in her chest, and the congestion was probably a secondary cold, I’m
guessing, or remnants of the flu, maybe, that she had before. But
fortunately, I actually had some prescribed Robitussin cough
syrup that… After the first night, I realized nobody’s going to get
any sleep if this continues, and so I had some prescribed Robitussin cough
syrup for her from a different time, and I called the nurse and
asked if I could give that to her. And I think it’s the stuff that has the
codeine in it, and they actually said yes, because amoxicillin, fortunately,
doesn’t have many interactions. It’s pretty easily mixed with
other drugs, if necessary. And so it was actually on night three that
we started it because I was desperate for sleep and we were desperate for her to
get some sleep, too, because it was bad. But anyways, I wanted to show you…we
took a little video kind of in the middle of the strepidemic of what we had done
in my daughter’s room to kind of help alleviate some of the symptoms and
try to help her feel a little bit better. We elevated her mattress, we had a
humidifier going. She had her very own box of tissues. She felt like a very big girl. So we’ve got her room set up a little bit. These are mostly tricks that
I’ve learned from the internet, but we’ve got her room set up
for helping with the cough, which has been really,
really horrible at night. So the two things we’ve got going on in
her room that I wanted to show you is down here, we’ve got a cool mist humidifier,
and this is great because it allows you to…you can either do just a little bit
of steam, or you can crank the steam, and I’ve got it blowing up right onto her
mattress, right up under her face. Now, she probably doesn’t
like feeling wet all night, but I think it’s better
than being kind of dry. The other thing I’ve got going on
here is underneath her mattress, I’ve got some pillows from the couch that
are…you can kind of see her messy bed, but it’s at an angle to try and help with
some of the drainage and sort of… you know, having this…not being
able to breathe out of your nose. And you know, I think it’s helped a little
bit, but the last few nights have been pretty bad, so hoping that
the medicine kicks in soon and tonight will be a little bit better. But we’ll talk a little bit more
about what we’ve been doing and how we got the diagnosis, and all that. So those are some of the things
that we did in my daughter’s room. I think it helped, but to be
perfectly honest, in this situation… I mean, I know that humidifier and all
that is helpful, but in this situation, the antibiotics are really where it’s at,
so I’m super grateful that we live in a day and time where we can get tested
for this stuff, and get antibiotics. So we’ve got this going. We’ve done
a lot of homemade chicken soup. My daughter loves the Vitaminwater Zeros,
the ones that are sweetened with stevia, so we got a bunch of those and have let
her have way more of that than usual. But after the medicine, and the
soup, and all that, fortunately, we are all feeling quite a bit better.
And yeah, as you can tell, I don’t sound like I’m dying anymore. So
anyway, thank you so much for watching, and I really hope that none of you have
strep, or none of your babies have strep, because it was not a lot of fun. But take heart, antibiotics will help
and get you feeling better pretty soon. Thanks so much for watching, you guys. I
hope you all have a good rest of your day. We’d love for you to check out our
channel, like our videos, hang out with us, be a part of our group. And we
have a Facebook page and a blog, if you’d like to check those out. Thanks again, you guys. Have a great
day, and best of health to all of you. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye. – [Man] Now, when you had strep
throat, how did you feel? – [Daughter] I just felt terrible. – Did your throat hurt?
– Yes. – Oh, no. When they found
out you had strep throat, did they ask you to open your mouth? – Yeah, and they tickled
me, and I didn’t like it. – And what did they find?
– They found mucus. – Mucus. Okay. And what was on that mucus?
– Toots.

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