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Surviving Fresher’s Week & Tips for Avoiding Freshers Flu | Studentpad

November 4, 2019

Hey guys, so today I’m here to talk to you about Freshers Week, which is kind of a continuation of last weeks video, which was all about moving in, so if you haven’t seen that, I will link it in the bottom bar below, but basically Freshers Week is just fantastic. I think anybody who has attended University will probably remember Freshers Week as one of their favourite experiences because for most courses, it is basically a week of nothingness with night time events day time fairs and things like that It’s just a great way to ease yourself into University life. Maybe ease yourself isn’t the right word. Ok, so what can you expect in Freshers Week? A lot of you will have already had your welcome packs and things like that through your doors, which basically say you have like DJ’s, silent heaven discos are really popular. We had a hypnotist our first year, which I can say was absolutely hilarious. Like nights at the club, bar crawls, things like that. It varies from University to University, but Freshers Week is not to be missed. So, if you are going to your first Freshers Week this year, I’d definitely recommend getting like a wristband or an entry ticket, or whatever kind of thing your university does, just so you go and you experience it, your first taste of University. However, if you’ve heard of Freshers Week, you will also have heard of the dreaded Freshers Flu. Now this is something that happens generally when you live in Halls, if you live outside Halls, you may be safe but Freshers Flu, You’ve all come from different parts of the country and you’ve all got different germs and then you basically go out for a week and run your body down, barely eat because you can’t cook. Because you’re at Freshers, sorry if you can, and its just not a great thing to be doing to your body and it’s a really good environment for you to catch bugs in. That’s how Freshers Flu occurs and here are a couple of tips on how to avoid it. First up, I know Freshers is really really tempting to go out every night and drink a lot and things like that, but it’s probably not too good for your insides and it will also run you down. Which makes you a lot more susceptible to catching Freshers Flu. So, be very careful if you are going to go out every evening, try and vary the activities you do and try not to drink excessive amounts. I’ve seen a lot of people that at the end of Freshers Week, who are like zombies, they are walk to their first lecture, and they just can’t do it. Another great tip to avoiding Freshers Flu, is to eat well. Now for those of you that are semi-catered, you should be about fine. Because I was semi-catered in my first year, and I think we got at least 3 lots of vegetables, which is doable it’s OK, and you can top the rest up with fruit juice and things like that throughout the day. So try and eat as much fruit and veg as you can, and I know cooking will not be your priority, so if you are left to self-catering, definitely if you can’t cook, or you just can’t be bothered, Go and get yourself some mixed vegetables, some fruit and fruit juice, things like that just so your body gets a constant supply of vitamins, which will also help to fight Freshers Flu, so if you do get it, you’ll feel a lot better for it. Rather than just eating fish and chips, which I know is actually really tempting, having takeaway the whole of Freshers Week, it’s not very good for you. And finally, tip number 3, is if you do get Freshers Flu, please try and stay in your bedroom. Now this is a horrible thing because I know when you’re ill, especially when you’re by yourself or maybe you’re by yourself for the first time, that you just want somebody to sit there and cuddle you and make you tea and stuff, and that’s lovely, but you’ve got to appreciate the other flatmates who are just going into their first week of teaching or maybe it’s later on in the year, and everybody is in teaching, you have to appreciate that they have lectures to go to and things like that, and they might not want to catch it either. So if you do get ill or even if one of your flatmates gets ill, please try and quarantine them, it’s a horrible thing, I remember my old headmaster saying the this at exam time, and we were like, “That’s really mean” But it just means that whatever kind of illness they have won’t spread as quickly Not as many people will come down with it, and hopefully, it will leave the building fairly sharpish as opposed to affecting like the whole 20 people in Halls, because that would just not be a fun environment to live in. Also if you come down with Freshers Flu, please try and eat again, eating well will help it, just resting and staying in bed which I know is such a chore, and drinking plenty of water and things like that, so that you don’t get dehydrated. Freshers Flu generally manifests itself slightly differently, depending on what university you go to, and who you around with. It could be a completely different Freshers Flu, but my one for me, I felt horrendous, I remember waking up one morning in the first week of teaching, staggering from my bed to my chair which was only a couple of metres but the room was spinning, I ended up on the floor, I was like a thousand degrees and I had to go onto my laptop and try and find the staff emails and be like “I’m not coming in today” which I’m sure it didn’t actually come out like that, I’m sure it was just garbled typing, and I’m sure they thought “Ah she must be a fresher” So, what is the average fresher experience besides, getting ill? Like I’ve said, it’s a fantastic week for night time events, but it’s also great for day time events too. Most universities will have things like poster sales which are fantastic because, those rooms look a little bare and it’s always cool to jazz it up. I’ve never seen so many posters in my life, so there is literally something for everyone, and they usually have a bit of a sale too, so if you didn’t take many things or you are finding your room is looking a bit bare, then definitely head over to one of those. They also have events in Freshers Week, such as local business fairs, society fairs, sports team fairs, which are just a fantastic way of getting to know the social life both inside and outside of the University. You’ll also end up with an absolute ton of stuff from these kind of events. I think I picked up pretty much every single pen that I have ever used from university, from either an open day or at a fair event. I think I even picked up a free meal during my Freshers Week at Nando’s, and I think I had a free Domino’s Pizza as well. So even just the free food, it’s definitely worth going, because a lot of times, during Freshers Week, student loans haven’t come through. Which is another thing I would like to talk about, Student Loans, now most Universities require you to register and they usually do this during Freshers Week, or sometimes in the first week of teaching. Which means that you don’t have any money during Freshers Week So it’s really important if you are going into your first Freshers Week, or even in your second and third, try and save those pennies, just so that you’ve got a little bit of spending money and something to live off, because you cannot just live off pasta although people have tried! So, although you do get your student loan in the following week, please try and save a little bit of money just in case for a rainy day, it might be the case that you need to buy a text book, or you need a little bit of money to go grocery shopping or something, just before your student loan comes in. Try not to blow all of your funds during the first week of University. Because otherwise, you may be a little bit hungry later on in the semester. So, that is it for my Freshers Week guide, I hope you guys enjoyed this video as always, I’ll leave the links to the Studentpad blog and Studentpad YouTube channel for similar videos relating to University, and starting University and things like that, And for all of you Freshers out there, please enjoy your first week at University, and just try to remain standing at the end of it. I’ll speak to you guys next week, Bye ๐Ÿ™‚

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