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Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

December 21, 2019

(music.) On this special edition
of The Balancing Act, it’s only fitting that we welcome back
Ilana Jacqueline managing editor of the rare daily at global
genes and author of the soon-to-be released book,
“Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness” good morning. Thanks so much for having me. Welcome back and congratulations
on the book I want to get to that I’m very excited about it
but I also want to remind reviewers that the first time we
met you you really are the inspiration of our fabulous
segment behind the mystery and and what you’ve been through,
recap a little of your struggles. I have two diseases
one is called primary immune deficiency disease and the other
is called dysautonomia and both of them really have a major
effect on my day-to-day life. How so? Basically they really
affect my immune system and then dysautonomia also affects my
autonomic nervous system which is all the things in your body
that are supposed to be kind of on auto on automatic so things
like your circulation your heart. So some things that maybe
I take for granted. Yes. For me
eating a meal is something that I have to really think about and
I have a lot of different medications to regulate
everything. But it hasn’t
stopped you! Nope. And you
brought so much awareness to the balancing act with the segment
behind the mystery now with your book which is called
“Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness” tell me about
that and how excited you must be. I’m very excited
about the book. It’s been a
long time coming. It actually
started because I’ve been blogging on my blog let’s feel
better dot com for several years and I talk about everything from
my illness and how it affects my relationship, my work, my
independence. Your daily life? My daily life and so the book
kind of goes into that a little bit more it gives my personal
advice but it also takes advice from doctors and therapists and
patient advocates as well as takes the stories of other
patients and kind of combines it all. And what would you like the
readers to take away when they read your book? That they’re not
alone that you know these chronic invisible rare illnesses
that there are other people there is a community of support
out there if you go to a bookstore right now there are
not many books on chronic illness and how to manage that
or at least how to manage your life. Hmmm. Things like how to
manage going to school or getting through work or dealing
with the stigma of chronic illness. And having hope. Having
hope. Thank you so much, the
book, “Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness” I wish
you so much luck with the book and come back and let us know
how it’s doing, okay? I will,
thank you so much and if you’d like more information
again you can go to her blog, lets feel better dot com, that’s
lets feel better dot com or just check out our website,
the balancing act dot com. (music.)

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