Surprises for Man Who Lost Limbs Due to Strep Throat

October 17, 2019

Kevin I know you yourself if you had one word of advice to everyone. It’s that you knew this wasn’t just some run-of-the-mill sickness [in] my stomach yeah The other pain in my stomach that I kept coming up on I knew that something was was way more wrong and just Just having strep throat absolutely. I did. I know what that was. No, I knew I knew enough I guess to go to the emergency room saying we got it. We [got] to get this figured out Well that may have saved your life, and you know what happens here as dr. Travis said Sepsis the the the bloodstream is full of this strep Bacteria The body’s response to that it wants to protect the inner part of the body, so it stops the blood flow to [the] extremities That’s what extremities. Look like when they’re not getting proper blood flow that turned dark they Mummify and Ultimately, and God looks is the worst over for Kevin in terms of this well you know they’re treating the wounds are waiting to see How much [of] the tissue is going to survive and is? Salvageable obviously they want to keep as much as they can and that takes time For the tissue to delineate to decide if it’s going to make it or not How are you – as far [as] getting around town [now]. Well the vehicle is obviously a big deal We get their wheelchair we go That’s something [to] our life that we didn’t have to deal with before obviously – three kids And we have a small car, so just getting in and out of a car is difficult we moving around your own family room It’s kind of difficult Well you all are an inspiration, and we want to help make life a little easier So [our] friends at mobility ventures they heard about your situation They want to provide you and your family this [their] MV one That is the world’s very first and fully real fair accessible vehicle Ground up, just for wheelchair access and they want to give one of these you guys totally free you know Kevin I know that you’re still in the process of multiple procedures and You’re gonna have to learn a lot of new ways of going about your daily life we wanted to bring into the conversation Erich Schaefer who’s joining us Via Skype from Hicksville, New York He’s the prosthetic designer ceo and owner of a company called a step ahead prosthetics [Erik], I know you have something that you’d like to to share with this very brave man Yes, Kevin, we’re going to bring you to New York and we’re going to fully Rehabilitate you we are going to design you the most advanced prosthetic component on Earth. We’re going to Your case on every aspect of everything there is going to be no limitations in your life, you’re going to live your life without limitations Wow Thank you That’s an awesome new Year. I’m ready to go. I’m ready to get up and walk. That’s awesome On that team, we’re going to speak to your surgeons. We’re going to make sure that we do the proper amputation So that you have the best in the most functional how come for your shit and there is a to me thank you for all the And what Kevin when you’re ready? obviously You’re going to have to do some travel and to get hooked up with these prosthetics and our friends at the hotel search site Trivago They’re touched of course by your story So they want to provide the travel needed to New York to get fitted for those new prosthetic limbs And so my one request of me Kevin is first and foremost at this time just focus on your health and getting better But then the other request would be that once you’re through all this and once you’re set up with your prosthetics We’d love to have you out here on the show and have you walk on this stage All the best to you, and your lovely kids were so happy obviously that you’re still alive and able to share [your] story But sorry you’ve been through all this and we hopefully look forward to seeing you soon, Eric. Thank you once again If you’re having untoward symptoms, you can’t explain. It’s not getting [better] It’s always better to be safe than sorry because if Kevin hadn’t gone when he went he probably wouldn’t be here with us today We’ll be right back you

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