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Sulphur Springs for Repetive Strain Injury (RSI) | River Sallee | St Patricks | Grenada | 2020

March 11, 2020

hi there I am at River Sallee Sulphur
Springs Sulphur Springs for healing RSI tell you more about it I am walking
toward the Sulphur Springs now I’m walking towards the bridge here and
walking inside last time I was here was four years ago and I’m sure a lot have
changed since this is where I’m hoping to actually
have you know a bath in here and years ago when I was walking into the office I
suffered from where I fell ill with RSI repetitive strain injury and I’ve been
told sulphur spring is very good for for that kind of you know ailment you’ve
got arthritis and also for skin problems so I’m gonna
have a go and see what happens you know the sulphur springs carries on
right through it scenery here at the sulphur Springs it’s River Sallee Sulphur
Springs actually I’m just taking some lovely views four years ago I came here and the sulphur springs seems to be a bit think today’s seems to be much more clearer what has
happened how those it works is good for well for what
I know the so far the education advanced any skin condition any internal you have especially the melanin in our skin and
this all for they have a common common your pressure might
be high like ever but when you come out you want to go and have a rest next day you have no pain again remember four years ago I think I met
you and where does it come from how did it end up here okay we have kick ’em jenny one of our most active volcanos
9 miles from here what is the procedure you recommend to have I have got a bit of
arthritis in the body from repetitive strain injury so what would
you recommend I do today well what we’re gonna do for you to assist we’re gonna
cover your body with that sulphur leave out in the Sun to dry and when you finish drying
we dusk you off with the sulphur that you want sook as long as you can
to stay in the water and I can guarantee by next day you’re
gonna feel a lot different thank you I’m gonna have a go don’t be scared now I’ve just had this
sulphur mixed with iron put onto my body and once it’s dry and then I would
actually go into the sulphur spring to get it all off its very deep there is a rack behind your back okay I am in the springs now Oh God
I have been told to stay here for about 1 hour things you do for beauty and no it’s for health
actually there’s another stage I need to do so I’ll stay here for an hour and I
speak to you later on I am going to have a rinse now to get the sulphur spring water off my body this is what it looks like inside here
okay I’ve done it all I’ve done all the the
the procedure from the Sulphur Springs the part 1 part 2 and part 3 the part 1
is put the sulphur and iron you know onto the body and then you actually go into the
sulphur spring in a little spring here and afterwards you get the sulphur off
the body and then they give they put the cocoa oil onto the skin so I’m here I’m
just gonna sit down here I look nice and fresh and have a little picnic and then
go home if you haven’t if you new to my channel and you haven’t subscribed
please do so I’ll be so grateful and until the next video thank you for
listening thank you so much you’ve got any comments to do with sulphur please
put it down I’d love to hear it because you know we’re still learning you know
for a lot of things you know thank you so much


  • Reply Shviko March 10, 2020 at 3:31 pm

    amazing content keep up the great content

  • Reply Janet Beaufond March 10, 2020 at 5:18 pm

    So grately to have been there…
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