Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms – All You Need To Know

September 3, 2019

hi I’m Lisa for making sugar-free and
today I’m going to talk to you about sugar withdrawal. We all know that eating
too much sugar can be bad for us in so many ways and there really aren’t many
of the dietary changes like cutting out sugar that can have so many positive
effects on your overall health and well-being. When you quit sugar you can
expect to lose weight get clear skin have more energy better sleep… the list
goes on and on but of course kicking the sugar habit isn’t always that easy due
to the highly addictive nature of sugar itself. So why is sugar so addictive?
Well the fructose that makes up 50% of pretty much all types of sugars triggers
the happy hormone called dopamine when we eat it making it very easy to get
hooked so much so that lab tests with rats have found sugar to be as addictive
as cocaine. Like any addiction there will be a sugar withdrawal so I’m going to
talk you through the symptoms and what to expect if you click sugar. You won’t
notice any difference the first morning you won’t feel any different at all you
might know you’ve decided to quit sugar but your body doesn’t… yet. Maybe by mid-morning or after lunch you’re likely to feel cravings kicking in and
depending on your level of addiction these may be mild cravings or they may
be quite strong and this is where you need to have willpower plain simple.
Cravings might last a day or even a few days they will get milder and eventually
go altogether. I always suggest having plenty of savory snacks at hands for
when cravings attack and whatever you do make sure that you don’t get hungry.
Hunger is your biggest enemy when trying to quit sugar! When you get hungry your
resolve weakens and I know all too well because I’ve been there too. Another
sugar withdrawal symptom you may experience is a headache which can be
caused by the alterations in your hormones and the toxins that are leaving
your body so make sure you drink plenty of water. More symptoms of withdrawal
from sugar are aches and pains again if you do experience this it won’t be for
long so get yourself plenty of rest. There’s also the possibility that you’ll
feel a little ‘hangry’ too – which can often be the effects
of low blood sugar so just like with the cravings make sure you don’t get hungry
and keep on snacking throughout the day. If you’ve been using sugar as a source
of energy throughout your normal day and suddenly removing it means that your
body will need to recalibrate and if need be start to burn fat as energy
source instead. All of these symptoms might last a few hours – even a day or
two depending on how much sugar you’ve been eating previously and how long but
most cases they are very mild. I give plenty more tips on how to cope with
cravings on the website. And now for the positives! All these symptoms are
temporary and by cutting sugar from your diet you will soon reap the benefits
remove and sugar from your life like weight loss, less brain fog, better sleep,
more energy and clear skin. It’s also worth remembering how sugar can make you
feel when you’re eating it. I remember eating too much sugar and it would give
me headaches I’d feel nauseous I get muscle aches and disturb sleep. You might
want to think about taking supplements during a sugar detox. Chromium is great
at regulating blood sugar levels helping insulin work more effectively and whilst
minimizing cravings. Depleted magnesium can also actually create cravings when
you first quit so make sure you take a supplement or eat foods high in
magnesium such as whole grains spinach and nuts. I’ve included some more tips
on how you can avoid most of these symptoms in my blog and my 21 day super
detox program is designed to minimize any effects when you quit sugar by
including meal plans that are full of important vitamins and minerals to keep
cravings to a minimum. Although you might experience some of the symptoms I’ve
mentioned don’t let that put you off making such an important change to your
diet. You really will be doing yourself such a favor by cutting out all that
excess sugar. Some people worry that doing a sugar detox means that they can
never eat anything sweet ever again. This isn’t true. A sugar detox will reset
your metabolism and your palate. You’ll break the sugar cycle and the sugar
addiction and you will appreciate taste so much more and things much
tastes sweet sweeter. So if you do feel like eating something sweet after your
detox you’ll be doing on your terms and not to feed an addiction.
In summary sugar withdrawal really isn’t something to worry about or be afraid of,
however continuing to eat excessive amounts of sugar really is. If you’d
like to feel all the benefits of quitting sugar then check out my website. There
are lots of blogs with help and advice on cutting out sugar and cutting it out
of your life and if you feel you need more help than sign up for my 21 day
sugar detox program where I’ll walk you through day by day step by step until
you’re back in control of your eating habits making sensible food choices and
enjoying all the benefits of a sugar free diet.

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