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(SUB)Part 3 | A Man Was Released After Public Pressure | Wuhan Virus Outbreak

February 2, 2020

Hello Everyone, I am Fang Bin Thank everyone who was concerned for me It was around 7 pm last night , somebody knock my door I felt strange why was anyone knocking my door I kept an eye on the situation and opened the door There were 6-7 guys, all with protective suits, and told me to go with them they claimed that I had been to ‘dangerous place’, and I have to be examined I suddenly realized that I was f**k up , they wanted me quarantined I rapidly picked up my phone and started recording After I started recording, I barred the door and window and decided to ignore them Yet when I touched the lock, they were pulling as well Therefore they catch this window and got in They entered my home and started to get my belongings, laptop and stuff They searched every corner of my home, and they did have a warrant, nothing While they were searching, I sent two of my videos to a group chat When they noticed I was recording and sending videos After they realize my phone , they took away Can’t post videos anymore, but I am glad I did several already They took my laptop as well as a PC to a police station in Hanyang District, very far, for recorded statement They (police) said I had triggered a ‘nuclear bomb’, why didn’t you record something good, but recorded some death-related stuff make situation panic I was kept quarantined I argued that TV reporters who were well paid didn’t report the truth and the lock-down, citizens were worried, and I stood up to record to truth Yet I was not praised but arrested They say only can report the good news not the bad news , otherwise everyone will panic And when around 11 pm, the situation as well as their (police)tone changed From the drastic change in their tone, I suddenly realized that my videos were well-spread That’s why I keep saying that my safety depends on all of you Fear and begging are useless, right? The more you are afraid, the more they will do so We should all be united, all the people engage in the self-help movement I am a living example, I was saved by everyone, I am very grateful Now, a PC and a laptop were seized, they said we should deal with these later after all the videos are deleted, they may want to use this to threat me in the future Anyway, if I am ever get arrested again, we do the same, everyone stays united and it will all be good I think my phone number and WeChat will be blocked soon, so I want to post this video ASAP I will just change them later, I want to thank all so much, indeed. You are the people who saved me today I am very tired now, they released me around 11 pm to 1 am, there were no cars on the street, I got a bicycle, and biked 3 hours, my legs and feet are sore Anyway, I am home now, what will be will be, thank you all so much


  • Reply sam wong February 2, 2020 at 8:05 am

    Hope this guy wont get any trouble after that.

  • Reply Jagzilla February 2, 2020 at 8:13 am

    This man is the real super hero, battling against the forces of evil government..Godspeed to you Sir..

  • Reply Home Jkk February 2, 2020 at 9:03 am

    China need people like this

  • Reply windanwomp February 2, 2020 at 8:01 pm

    This is the guy who showed the multiple dead bodies in a van. He risked his life to show the world the tragedy going on. Bless this man and God speed to citizens of China

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