SUB) 독감 그리고 비움 Flu and emptiness

December 20, 2019

Flu and empty business My second child has the flu. I had a high fever for about two days. I feel much better now, but I have a runny nose. I still have to eat Tamiflu. Gomtang is prepared to restore your stamina I hope you eat a lot and get well soon. I’m worried that I haven’t had a good time since the flu. I can’t go out there for a few days. I’m in a hurry. I have a lot of homework to do. But they just let me rest doing what I want to do. I take strong medicine to make you eat cookies. I’m going to try one too. I lay down to sleep whether I am tired because of a cold. Adjust the humidity in the room so it doesn’t get any worse. I hope the flu will pass quickly I close the door quietly so you can relax. While sleeping, prepare warm water for the second child. Also, make your own sweet potato stick. I’m going to practice emptying after a while. I’m going to share a vacuum cleaner that I’m not using. I hope you will be happy to meet your new owner. We’re moving towards minimal life. blankstory

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