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(SUB) 남녀가 같이 살면 결국 이렇게 된다 [꽃길로22] Ep.5

December 3, 2019

The crazy guy? The long umbrella? No.. Not this bastard! No, no, no, you can’t…no NO. Don’t don’t, absolutely NO! Ga-Yeon! Calm down, okay? Please calm down. No, that crazy… Who, who’s that guy? In the past, When I was with my ex-boyfriend, I said I met a crazy guy, do you remember? It’s him! He’s a total mess! – That’s..that’s him?
– Yeah! Not only that. He picked a fight with me in the convenience store back then! He said, he’s drinking all the time because he’s soon going to serve in the military! Well, he might do that for one or two days, would he do it every day? No, this isn’t right, you shouldn’t do this. Hey, Ga-Yeon! You said you are not in the position of being picky about the housemates, right? You remember that? And he paid all his deposits and rent for a few months in advance already. Could you hold up for a few months? Just until he goes to serve the military? Huh? Can you suck it up? Hyung.. You are so good at cooking. I think it tastes better than my mom’s dishes. Yeah, help yourself. Can I call you hyung? Of course, do whatever you feel like. Haeseong, are you feeling okay? I just have a stomachache. I told you to visit the doctor, haven’t you done it yet? But I felt better on the way. By the way, are you feeling alright? Me? Why? I mean, I think I saw you coming from the doctor yesterday. Huh? From the physician and the psychiatrist? Anyways, the building with many doctors. I was feeling a little like I had a cold yesterday. We live together, I couldn’t get you guys infected. Everyone’s catching cold these days. Take care of yourself. Yeah, you too. Hey! You are the one who need to take care of yourself. You look really bad now. I was going to visit the doctor anyhow. Oh, do you own this place? But it was just the beginning! One day, when I was going to use the bathroom, I entered the bathroom right after he came out. It feels good. And gosh, the toilet was like… Hey! You should aim it right! I will. When I serve the military. Bang! I tolerated him once. – But..
– Hey! Are these jeans yours? Yes! Why are you putting your jeans in the basket where the white clothing is? My blouse is all stained! Was it a thing? I didn’t know. is what he said! And yesterday, when I woke up in the middle of the night, he was drinking with his friend. I told you that you shouldn’t let that jerk in. I didn’t know that he was that bad. And that was not the end. Hello. Yunho, don’t you think the room is a little messy? Would you clean up a bit, Okay, I see. What are you doing? Cleaning up. You should put them in place first. They are in place. So that they are within reach and convenient to use. Are you joking with me? Hey, Kang Yunho, what are you eating? This? I just grabbed this because it was in the fridge. Just grabbed it? For no reason? If you are going to eat something, shouldn’t you ask whose it is first? Do you know how much that is? That’s the weight loss product that I spend my whole paycheck from the part-time job! Weight loss? You think you’re going to lose weight with this? You should work out. Huh, you’re at it again, again. Your habit of punching without thinking when you are upset, that’s really bad. Hey! Are you all right? I’m okay. Thanks. If it weren’t for you, it might have been the end of my life. You deserve it, man. You kinda deserved that. Hey, one beverage doesn’t mean I need a smack on my face. It’s probably not just because of a beverage. It’s one anger stacked onto another, then exploding in one go. This is where we stay together. But you keep neglecting the rules. Well, she never told me there were such rules. -Even if there aren’t specified rules, there are certain things that you should keep as the basics…
-I mean! The concept of basic rules is just so vague. We are from different environments and lifestyles, right? Right? Right. So, we are deciding the rules that you must keep in this house? Well, since girls and boys are living together in one place, we should talk about it at some point. Ga-Yeon Bae, are you with this? Fine. Now, let’s begin the debate on the rules that you must keep in Flower Street House. First off, let’s debate on bathroom etiquette. I think you should keep the toilet seat down all the time and sit while you are using it. Girls, boys, there are no exceptions. That’s an insult to all men. The toilet seat is designed to be down all the time. Even if you use it while keeping the toilet seat up, the urine splatters everywhere. True. I pay extra attention when I clean. Th, that’s! According to research on urinating posture of men, men’s urethra is in the shape of S, so he has to stand up to release all the urine without residue. But he can’t release all the urine while seated, so it can cause diseases later in life. Agreed! I think splashing urine everywhere is not a matter of posture, but it is a matter of determination. True. If you had determination not to splash your urine, we won’t be having this debate in the first place. That’s too much demand for youth who are already living under so much stress! Are you the only youth around here? I’m a youth too! Cool it! Every one chill! Let’s make a verdict for whether to sit or stand. Apart from personal issues, this matter is about a fundamental difference in body structure, so there is no limitation as long as you aim well. Yes! But, it will be best for all of us if all the house members take extra caution on hygiene and cleaning the aftermath. That’ll be all! The next matter in hand, can we invite friends over or not? No. Well, we wrote down everything right? No, no. There’s one most important thing missing. What? No dating in this house. There are no rules more important than this when men and women are under the same roof. When they fight or break up, other housemates will suffer. Fine then. It’s the first time you are talking out of senses. Well, it’s not that we have decent people in here to date. Why? There are possibilities. When someone flirts with everything they’ve got, maybe… Oh, jeez. Hey! Do you think you are anything charming? Just add that rules. Everything must be precise. Add? Now that it is over, shall we grab a liquor to celebrate? Yeah, you had to trumpet that you are a boozer, right? Look who’s talking… I think it is a great idea to form friendships among ourselves. Now that I think of it, we never threw a welcoming party. Let’s do it! Right? Go for it! It sounds great. Please? Let’s do it! Fine, I don’t mind. In the warm welcome of all the housemates, cheers! Cheers! What? Was this the last bottle? Want some more? I want some more. Let me go buy some more to sober up. -Let’s go together.
-Me too. What? You don’t need 3 people to buy drinks. Only one of you go. Or two. Here. You drank too much, didn’t you? Thank you. Hae-Seong, you don’t drink much, do you? Huh? How did you know? Hey, ask anybody on the street. They’ll know. Did I do something wrong? No, it’s not that… But I’m sobering up as I walk outside. That’s good. Hey, Hae-Seong. Huh? Do you feel uncomfortable around me? What? No, it’s just that… It looks like you feel uncomfortable around me. It’s not that… It’s just a bit awkward.. Why? I tend to be shy around strangers. And it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other So.. If we see each other more often and talk more, then you’ll be friendly with me again, right? Sure. And go to the toilet regularly? Hey, I said it’s not like that. We should stick together every day to fill the 4-year gap. You’re funny. Hey, are you happy to be 20 years old? I’m not. I have to join the army soon. You are a freshman. I’ve done nothing and I’m already a junior. Junior~ Hey! I’m going to get some air. What? You’re going, too? Okay everyone just go. Go away~ I’m gonna stay here all by myself. By the way.. do you have a girlfriend? I wouldn’t be here if I had one. I don’t want to be in an argument. Poor guy. What are you going to do with all the loneliness in the army? I mean, what were you doing till now, not making yourself a girlfriend? I don’t need a romance before going to the army.. I feel bad to ask someone to wait for me. It’s better when I’m not in a relationship. Wow! Me, too. What? About relationship! I don’t like it, either. It’s a heavy pressure for me to give some my affection. So I’m going to.. not be in a relationship at all? No, fool! That’s a very rude thing to say to me, I was just born like this, you know that? – So I’m going to..
– Only be in a casual relationship? What? Do you read mind? You don’t remember then, do you? What? When? The things you just said, you already said it at the convenience store back then. I guess I do that whenever I’m drunk, saying things over and over again. I mean, what am I gonna do? Hey, did I do something crazy other than that? Nothing crazy, just.. You kissed me. What? You kissed me. Oh, god. But I.. I don’t remember. I mean.. even.. even if we kissed That doesn’t mean anything~ Hey these days it’s just a way of saying hi. Chu chu chu~ Right? No? You’re right. Sure I am! Hey are you kidding me? It’s just a greeting. – We’re not kids, right? I mean, it’s so funny
– Nice to meet you~ Nice to meet you, too~ Uh? Geon. What are you doing here? Um, just getting some air. You came this far to get air? Do you want to drink this, too? You can have it all. Really? Hey, it’s cold. Let’s get inside. Let’s go inside. Let’s go. Oh my, oh my! Goodness! Man, he seems drunk. He passed out!


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