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STUDY MEDICINE | Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

February 18, 2020

I chose to study medicine because I
wanted something that would challenge me academically but also allow me to have
face to face interactions with fellow like-minded people as well as helping
others. The degrees broken into two halves, so you’ve got your clinical years
in your preclinical years. Simulation is present throughout all of the degree. You’re getting to learn procedural skills whether that be taking blood or
putting in a cannula in a controlled setting. In the anatomy sessions in the Ray
last laboratories we’re working with donated specimens it’s very different to
look at a book and see a picture of anatomy and then see it in a real-life
setting so it’s a great way to learn and make sure you have a full understanding
of anatomy. I’ve been lucky enough to have two nine week placements the first
being general medicine at the RAH and the second a nine week surgical
rotation in whele i learnt an exponential amount, and the exciting thing about working really is that because there’s not many people you’re really
relied on as a medical student and you really get to be a part of the team. Over
the years I’ve really felt supported by both staff and fellow students and I
feel a lot more confident now thanks to the clinical experiences that I have had
in becoming a doctor and going out into the workforce in a few years

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