Study Medicine at The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

March 10, 2020

ADRIAAN: I decided to come study at UCLan because I was really impressed by the facilities and despite it being a very new University I could
see that a lot of effort was being put in by the staff and the lectures and I knew they
would help us to become the best possible doctors we could be. ANNA: People should choose to study UCLan’s MBBS course because you get to know people from
all over the world. BASSAM: Of course studying medicine is very demanding and very difficult it’s not an easy journey but having that spiral curriculum is very exciting it is such a nice way to actually learn medicine. ERIC: I feel the lecturers are very approachable
and they make the lectures very interactive and engaging for us. REHAB: The most important feature of the course so far is meeting patients from the first year,
so we went on placements – two weeks I went specifically to a GP placement in Blackburn
and I got to meet patients from different diagnoses and different backgrounds. SERENA: In my free time here at UCLan, I most enjoy travelling so we’re in a very good location, it’s only two hours on the train from London and about two hours from Scotland,
so I’ve been able to do lots of travelling around the UK since I’ve been here. My advice that I would give to someone applying to UCLan is to follow the checklist on the admissions
website just to make sure that you have all the correct documents, and if you have any
questions – when I was applying, admissions was so helpful and they were really eager
to respond to emails and calls and help you with anything that you need. TINASHE: For me, the small teaching groups was the main reason why I came to the University – it
was one of the major selling points and I really enjoy it because you get to ask questions,
the tutors and professors know your name. Arriving at UCLan for my interviews I was
really impressed with the facilities that they have here compared to other universities
across the UK, and everything is new which makes it more enjoyable to use. Subtitles by Craig Williams – LIS

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