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Streptococcus pneumonia – ٍSymbolic Mindmapping

November 11, 2019

Asalamu Alikom, Muayad Shaaban with you Today isa we’ll be explaining Strptococcus pneumonia with the “symbolic min map” method this map here is for a pneumonic person (from the name of course) the 2 lungs would be the morphology Lancid in shape and blue (grame +ve) “two” lungs and the bacteria is “Di”plococci Regarding the capsule, we can consider the pleura the polysaccharide capsule that covers the 2 lungs here Regarding the virulence factors, this polysaccharide capsule prevents phagocytosis of the bacteria We have macrophages with closed mouths unable to phagocytose this bacteria it is also responsible for the formation of 90 antigenically different serotypes so to remember, we can consider these ” CHO” the serotypes Now let’s talk about the diseases we forget the diseases! so when we forget them in the exam we put our hand on our heads and say “yaraby”! ( Oh My God) once we put our hands we’ll remember. so, each finger represents a disease 1st finger: otitis media and here we have the middle ear, also we have conjunctivitis for the eye, Meningitis, and here we have the meninges inflamed Sinusitis too, the sinuses are inflamed also, if we can’t recall we’d say “ya alby” (my heart!) which is the endocarditis Now he is thinking of the people at risk who are: the alcoholics, post splenectomy (the spleen is shown outside the body) also infants ( he used to take care of his children) then he grew up : Elderly and the immunosupressed Now let’s discuss diagnosis we take the sample according to the infection site and remember that sputum usually has some blood ( called rusty). Test for the direct detection there is the gram stained smears we know them from morphology we also have the Quelleng test which is an antigen-antibody reaction causing the capsule to swell so her we see the test symbolized as a pump inflating the capsule and this is seen under the microscope There is also the ” latex agglutination” L ATE X : we have letter L eating (ate) X and what is X? CSF so we use latex agglutination in case of CSF sample Regarding cultivation we use blood agar resulting in alpha hemolysis and there are some tests important to differentiate it from Strep viridans the most important is Quelleng test ( the pump) and then the bile solubility test the bile here is green as the green pesto sauce pouring in the green alpha hemolysis and we’ve tied it to the latex and put the optochin over the L letter so the tests are: Quelleng, Bilie solubility, Latex, and optochin Optochin causes bacterial inhibitoin so here it broke and fragmented the bacteria so when we discuss the treatment First, it is PENicillin resistant ( it broke the pen) then the drug of choice is VANcomycin here is a VAN with “mycin” (emoticons) in it wanting to crush the bacteria there is also another treatment: Cepahlosporins Cephalo means head so here we have a head and “sporins” : his eye, mouth and hands are all spores and it has 3 heads, so it is 3rd generation cephalosporin as cephTRIoxone (tri axes) the 3 heads and the 3 axes are destroying the bacteria here Regarding the prevention, we’ll discuss the vaccines the first is the capsular polysaccharide so here we have the capsule in the vaccine and another type : the protein conjugated ( protein conjugated with the capsule) and this is used for children so we have a symbol of an infant here For dosages, we have the “Major system” Let’s memorize the numbers with words we’ll replace each number with a letter two : N fouR : R Six : S so we have the word : NouRiSh these are the first 3 doses in the 2nd months, the 4th month, and the 6th month nourish, TaLa & TuNa Nurture Tala ( girl’d name) tuna we can consider this infant Tala and here we have a small tuna plate for the 4th dose, T represents 1 L represents 5 so we have : 15 and T is 1 , N is 2 so the 4th dose is in the 12th and 15th months Thank you, I hope I have helped you with Streptococus pneumonia


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