Strep Throat: How It Spreads and How to Treat It

March 8, 2020

[♪♪♪] Often, parents will ask about
strep throat, which is another common
pediatric infection. So strep throat is often common
in school-aged children. So one child in your class
may have strep throat and then another child may get it. You may get notes home from school
that strep is going around. Strep throat is transmitted
through respiratory secretions. So if your child shares a drink
with someone, a spoon, someone coughs into their hand,
touches the table, your child comes around,
touches it, and eats their snack
without washing hands, those are all surefire ways
to get strep throat. So, usually, with strep throat,
a child will complain of sore throat, they may have fever,
there may be a rash involved as well. And, most of the time, with strep throat,
there might not be a cough or cold, which is always interesting because
all sore throats are not strep throat. In fact, the vast majority
of sore throats are due to viruses and are associated with viral colds. But again, in strep throat,
we can help to formally diagnose strep throat by using a strep test
or rapid strep, which is a throat swab. Your pediatrician would look in
your child’s throat, evaluate whether there’s any exudate
or pus on the child’s tonsils, feel your child’s glands. And again, with the aid
of the rapid strep test, we would get those results quickly. At the Mid-Atlantic Permanente
Medical Group, all of our facilities have labs there which have the capability
of getting that strep test back within one hour to you,
and we’d have those results very quickly and be able to get your child
on the antibiotics needed to treat strep. It’s important always when your child
has strep throat to take all 10 days of antibiotics
and to complete the entire course. [♪♪♪]

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