Strep Throat Causes Loss of Limbs?

October 9, 2019

It’s a medical story That’s so rare and so extreme that many doctors are still baffled by it and it all started out with some relatively minor flu-like Symptoms a word of warning some of the images you’re about to see are disturbing Christmas day, we’re going to go to a family dinner. Everything happened. So fast. It’s just it’s amazing that I’m here I’ve been married seven years and we have three kids Kevin’s an amazing person energetic outgoing Water-skied every chance he could get it was Christmas day 2016 I thought I had a cold that day feeling achy And I throat was getting a little bit sore the next day after Christmas and I still felt terrible [I] had appendicitis Before and that’s what the pain felt like I went to urgent care when they ran the flu tests and they ranch strap Tasks those both came back negative the next morning. I felt worse and we went to the emergency room. [I] just knew that This wasn’t good something was wrong [there] [guys] couldn’t stand up It was puking and fever was high so sick and [in] so much pain. Just couldn’t even walk His stomach kept getting larger and harder all of a sudden all these nurses and doctors his body was literally shutting down I just remember laying in the bed of agony my wife sitting next to me and telling me that my hands and feet don’t look The same [but] she loves me no matter what she was just prepping me for it was Japan They get emergency exploratory surgery the doctors found a liter and a half of pus in my abdomen They found that strap had gone from my throat to my stomach I’d gone through Septic shock then this is what happened to my hands and my feet because of that It’s three months later. I’ve had two amputations two more to go my right hand all of my fingers got removed My left hand is black all the way down to my wrist They’re going to totally take this hand completely off my right foot recently amputated. I left foot there’s a high probability that it will be eliminated [I] can feel the top of my foot, but I can’t feel [anyone] about There’s really not a lot I can do on my own my wife has to at least assist me brushing your teeth getting my clothes out the Wheelchair not motorized she literally has to be a part of every part of my life She does not complain and just loves me my kids. They want to come and [help] change [daddys] dressings We go daddy Daddy stores. Hi the worst moment [of] my life Thankfully, you know he’s still here It’s mind-blowing to think that I’m gonna lose my hands my feet awesome. Strep throat. It doesn’t even make any sense. It’s crazy stuff In the doctors daytime exclusive join us Via Skype from their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan please Welcome Kevin and Julie to our show and you know it’s remarkable Kevin to see you with a smile [on] your face after everything you’ve gone through I number one I’m just so sorry you’ve had to go through this, but also I want to applaud you and Julie and your family for [the] resilience that you’ve shown through all this How how are you doing now medically speaking? I’m doing pretty good [just] this week I had a surgery where they put it back on it, and That’s been a little painful But that’s hopefully to save the rest of my foot and for people watch and understand that [there] only one Kevin is one of two cases ever reported in men of [strep] Traveling down into the stomach leading to this is just Unheard of are you at a point now though as far as your body where you feel like you’re getting stronger? Yeah, I feel pretty good. I’m able to do some like ben exercises and that kind of stuff I I have strength within I don’t know why I don’t feel weak as a person by any means so I mean these surgeries are kind of They’ve taken a toll. Don’t get me wrong, but I feel strong I feel like I could handle it [um] I definitely want to overcome this and and I don’t want to just lay around in bed, so I definitely Wanna push yourself I I like I like [to] get through the surgery get on to the next one Well, I’m julie I have to say Things I love about you [is] that instead of focusing on what Kevin is lost you’ve chosen to focus on the fact that you still have your husband But obviously you all are going through a lot of changes Fair to say obviously and and yet July I keep seeing this positive energy [coming] from you Or where’s that come from um I think we just had to tremendous amount [of] work on our church? it’s been amazing our family impressive and amazing to care from the factor since I’m Amazing [I] mean, I think we just have this strong network of support And we’re just so thankful that this year is that the point that God could have taken it you

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