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Stop Yeast Infection Itching | How To Treat Yeast Infection At Home

August 14, 2019

How to treat yeast infection at home?
The fungus in the vagina breeds in a hot and humid environment, so you can wear clothes
that are not tightened to improve ventilation and prevent fungal growth. In this video let’s
look at ways to deal with and prevent yeast infection. There are many women involved in yeast infections
in the vagina, also called Candida vaginitis. The main symptoms of vaginitis are inflammation
and pain, as well as unusual smells . It is usually caused by a fungus breeding
in a hot and humid environment of female genitalia. Various natural remedies can be used to alleviate
symptoms of these vaginal yeast infections. Probiotics:
For treatment of Candida vaginitis, probiotics exert more effect than antibiotics . Probiotic foods contain microorganisms present
in the intestines of humans, and they give very beneficial effects to the intestinal
flora. With the habit of taking probiotic supplements
and foods, you can regain intestinal flora naturally and you can cope with yeast infections
like Candida . The effect of apple cider vinegar: Let’s maximize its effect by washing the vagina
with apple cider vinegar . Material:
Organic apple vinegar 3 tablespoons (30ml), Tablespoon of water 6 (60 ml),
How?: Please mix apple vinegar and water, please
apply to the affected part with a tool of vaginal pressure injection.
Organic garlic: By eating several pieces a day of fresh garlic
, it exerts an excellent effect on Candida vaginitis . You may be concerned about bad
breath by garlic, but it is a very effective treatment for candida. This is because the antifungal effect of garlic
can prevent such infection . In addition, garlic has antibacterial activity,
it is well known as natural antibiotic . Oregano Oil: Organic oregano oil also works for candidiasis.
In order to maximize the effect, let’s choose organic ones . How?:
Various types of oregano oils are sold, but capsule-shaped ones are most useful .
Please drink a couple of capsules after meals. Organic tea tree oil: Tea tree oil has a very effective natural
antifungal action . How?:
Impregnate a few drops of tea tree oil into a tampon and put it in the vagina for about
4 hours. Let’s repeat this for a couple of days in
the morning and afternoon . Please be careful not to leave the tampon
on asleep at night. Healing power of cranberries: The red and small fruit called cranberry has
a very good healing effect. It can be used not only for bladder infection but also for
treatment of Candida vaginitis. Cranberry is excellent not only as a tonic
for women but also has a function to regain healthy vaginal pH balance . It will alleviate various troubles caused
by fungi. Organic yogurt: Organically yogurt is also an excellent way
to regain original intravaginal flora and pH balance . How?:
Let’s apply a small amount of plain yogurt to the affected part, leave it for several
hours and then rinse off. There is also a method to soak the tampon
in yoghurt and put it in the vagina for 2 hours. Wear unclothed clothes: It seems to be very basic, but wearing loose
clothes is one of the most effective therapies for yeast infections. The reason that this method works is that
the fungus is characterized by being easy to reproduce in a warm, moist environment
. By choosing loose clothing or undergarment
without tightening, oxygen will also reach the delicate zone and you will be able to
control fungal breeding. Avoid stimulating lady supplies: Depending on the type of soap and cosmetics,
the female delicate zone may be stimulated . Alcohol and harmful active ingredients are
used for many products, which may change the pH balance within the vagina , which may be
susceptible to infection . The effect of stress: Although it is certain that there are people
who originally have many bacteria in the delicate zone, by having a healthy body it is possible
to protect themselves from fungal breeding. If infectious diseases are involved, the whole
body will be out of balance. If the immune function weakens due to a stressful
life, it may lead to an excessive increase in bacteria. Therefore, when stressful events occur, it
is important to spend enough time to rest and recover. Meditation, yoga, exercise habits, massage
will all be a good way to combat stress.


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