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Stop a Cold! Stop the Flu! Feel Better Now!

October 21, 2019

Welcome to my channel! How’s every little
thing? Here at chronically beautiful we are doing our best to live an awesome life even
though we don’t feel like it! Today I really don’t feel like it. I do not feel well. I’m
rocking a hoodie, I’m cold I feel like I’m getting sick. It has been a wind chill factor
of 40 below in Michigan here for days and supposed to be 50 degrees on Monday so…
always Michigan weather. And I feel like I’m getting sick, I know that I am, so I have
an awesome trick recipe tip thing for anybody who is trying to avoid getting a cold, avoid
getting the flu, or trying to kick the cold stop it in its tracks and get rid of it more
quickly. This is not going to taste good but it’s going to work really well so let’s Dive
Right In! We have our ingredients here so we’re going to start. We have to have a sort
of mixer kind of thing. You don’t have to but it helps. So I like grape juice the best
and it makes it taste the least disgusting. grape juice has antioxidants and a lot of
other properties. They say it is a really really good for avoiding the stomach flu,
and some people swear by drinking like 8 oz of grape juice every morning just because
it makes it a bad environment for germs and stuff. I don’t know if all that is true but
I know that it works for me. So I couldn’t tell you the science behind it but it’s supposed
to work really well. I know if I feel stomachy or someone in the house is feeling stomachy,
I jump right to grape juice. So this is just from aldi, my place, and it’s just as long
as you just use 100% grape juice and use the the dark grape juice, not white grape juice. So we’ve got our grape juice… The main most important ingredient in this is is apple
cider vinegar, and it cannot just be like random apple cider vinegar and needs to have the
mother. T HE M O T H E R. The mother is the bacteria that is in ACV or apple cider vinegar that does all
those amazing things that we wanted to do, so if you’re using ACV that does not have
the mother it’s not going to make a difference. As long as you are choosing something
that has the mother you can really use any brand, but Bragg’s is just the one that I like.
They all taste and smell disgusting so if you are looking for the one that tastes the best
I’m sorry I have never found one that tastes good. And they all smell like a foot that’s
been in a butt…so you’re not going to have luck with that. Some people just take this straight everyday
a couple tablespoons in the morning and at night, that is not something I can do I can
not do it it is just too disgusting for me but some people swear by that. It hurts my
stomach when I do it that way and it hurts my taste buds. So this is our main ingredient.
The next thing we’re going to use is lemon juice. Now you can use fresh lemon juice
if you have it, I’m just not on it enough to have fresh lemons around the house all the
time. This is again from Aldi… just basic, as long as it’s 100% lemon juice. If
you want to go organic you certainly can. The Bragg’s is organic, this apple juice and the lemon
juice is not, but you could do that if you feel better about it. The next thing you’re
going to need is raw honey. It needs to be RAW. If you could find local honey that is the
best because when you are eating your local honey that means that you are building up
antibodies against your local allergens. If you’re allergic to plants trees flowers
anything that bees pollinate and they are pollinating those things and making the honey
and you’re eating that honey it’s almost like a vaccine, I suppose, that helps you with
your allergies. And again you can look up the science on that. Just in my reading I don’t
have a source to site right now but I’ve read it a lot and it has worked for me this is
not a local honey for me right now, its winter time, but typically in the summer when I can get
a hold of local honey that’s what I use. Again it must be raw honey. The next thing you’re
going to use is ginger. I really prefer fresh ginger on this and I do have some in my freezer
but I’m just trying to keep it simple tonight. I don’t feel good… ginger powder works fine,
just ground ginger is just fine. The next thing you’re going to need is cayenne pepper.
I got this at the bulk food store and there is so much in here. All you need of this
is really like a pinch it is up to you how much you can handle of this. It should not
be so damn hot then I’m going to be having dreams about me being on fire. This is what’s
going to get your sinuses like draining and kind of cleaning everything out like a
natural decongestant. The final ingredient if you want to add it, and forgot to bring it out, but I think I have
some in my purse hold on… But the pink grapefruit and the berry taste much better in my opinion
in the lime in the orange but it’s really your call. In this recipe and with the Bragg’s
ACV it tastes a lot better. So you do not have to add this I don’t add it when I just doing
this on my daily but I do have it when I’m feeling sick. And you might even want to add
like emergency or whatever type of thing like that that you take. If I have Elderberry
syrup on hand I will also add a little bit of that. So these are our ingredients and we
are going to mix this up so let’s do it! We’re going to start with our apple cider
vinegar. Make sure you shake it really good. We’re going to do, depending on how much
you can take of this, we’re going to do two tablespoons. You probably don’t want to do
more than two tablespoons and you may want to just start with one. It reeks. Tt smells
so bad. Don’t smell it when you’re drinking this, I swear. Next thing we’re going to do
is add our lemon juice. We’re going to do about 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. This can be
pretty strong so go easy on it. Please don’t overdo it on the lemon juice, it will hurt your
stomach and your throat. So I do just about a teaspoon and call it a day. I don’t usually measure, but I’m trying to
make this a recipe for you. Next thing I do is take my raw unfiltered honey, I’m
not going to measure I just do a squeeze. It’s probably a tablespoon or two or three, just
depends. Now when you are squeezing raw honey over top, or any kind of honey, over top of
ice it’s going to really turn into like a honeysickle so you have to stir stir stir
the crap out of it if you want to make this all right. Ginger for the ginger we’re going
to do about a half teaspoon but again I usually just open the thing and shake the
heck out of it .Ginger really helps a lot. It’s an anti-inflammatory, great for your stomach…
this is, believe it or not, this drink does wonders for me when when I have a stomach
ache. So I’m going to do the half teaspoon of that which looks about right and Ginger’s
kind of hot so be careful it’s got some bite to its spicy. Then we’re
going to go with our cayenne pepper which I usually just grab a pinch with my fingers
but that is about an eighth of a teaspoon. We’re going to go there and like I said this
is hot. Oooh its hot. I would certainly not do more than this in one serving of this drink becuase you will burn your face off. And keep stirring it while you drink because the kind of look at that
it’s really not appetizing and like I said it don’t taste great the honey helps in the
ginger helps. So it’s not as hard to stir, see that it’s what happens to
the honey when it’s cold. This is Not Unusual. It’s not as hard to stir if you do not have
the ice and so you might want to make the whole thing and then Stir It Up and then put
your ice in, but I like to do it this way. Or you can just do it neat without the ice. It’s
fine. Stir stir stir! And then I’m going to take my grape juice and fill out the rest of the
way to the top. You can use apple juice, you can use water, orange juice is horrible, don’t
do it to yourself! I will usually use grape juice or water. I was traveling last
week and wasn’t feeling good and did this and I used the water and it was fine. Now the airborne. I’m going to wait to add the airborne until I was just about to drink it because
I don’t know if you knew this or not but you are not supposed to leave the airborne sitting there
forever. Somewhere on his bottle that says something like make sure that you drink it
within 15 minutes or something of that nature, at least it used to say that. So I am going to
wait and put this in right when I’m about to drink it. So right now I’m going to just
let it sit for a little while for the for the honey to melt and just for the disgusting
flavors to kind of congeal together. Tt’s not the worst. It smells much worse than it tastes,
but it does work really well guys, i’m telling you that really does! All right guys so that
was my recipe for my immune system detoxifying cold blasting whatever you want to call it.
I gotta come up with a better name if I’m ever going to Market this. Tt’s
got to be something better than this but anyways… It might not sound good, and it definitely
doesn’t smell good, but it doesn’t look bad… doesn’t taste great, but I’m telling you it’ll WORK!
Any of these ingredients alone are going to be great for your body when you are dealing
with illness or just trying to stay healthy. I do try to drink one of these every few days even when I’m feeling
healthy and then when I’m feeling sick I will drink two or three a day. So if you are able
to catch that tickle in the throat, that kind of chill that you’re getting, don’t think oh
there’s just something in my throat, oh I’m just a little cold I’ll get a sweater… really
listen to your body what is your body telling you. One of the things about having a chronic
illness that is so important is to know our bodies, and I think if everybody knew their
bodies the way that those of us who are fighting with our bodies everyday did, a lot less people
would be sick. Because I can feel something coming on days before you would normally feel
it. So hopefully you guys are in tune with your system if you’re not I hope I
will be able to post a video about that as well, but let’s start by trying to stay healthy
and this is going to help you a lot even though you probably won’t enjoy it! Cheers! Smooth… Take care of you!


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