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Stool Test Results Reveal Abnormal Levels Of Yeast What Does It Mean?

August 23, 2019

Greetings, Eric Bakker, from New Zealand. Thanks for catching up with me again. I’ve got another video reply here for a question. A question from a man called Mr. Paul McNab
from Sydney, Australia. Paul’s asking me, “Eric, I’ve had a stool
sample test back. The finding says abnormal amounts of microscopic
yeast? What does this mean? What does this mean if there are no other
disbiotic flora or bacteria found and if microscopic yeast is still present?” Well, Paul, a lot of people, healthy people,
have got microscopic amounts of yeast in their gut, all right? It’s at least one in four. One in three, one in four have got yeast in
the digestive system by default. It’s a normally occurring microorganism in
most people’s gut. People have got hundreds of types of bacteria
living their gut and also hundreds of types of yeast living in their gut. Doctors Data Labs who you’ve done your test
through, they check for over 600 types of yeast. What does it mean if their findings are abnormal
amounts of microscopic yeast? It means that you’ve probably got large amounts
of dead yeast in the stool. Now, here’s the trick. Look at the stool test. This is why I recommend a three times sample. Three samples on three concurrent days. Look on the second page of the report and
then have a look, now, at the microscopy. Each stool sample is independently checked. Now you can actually see if you’ve got many,
few, or moderate amounts of yeast in a particular sample. If you’ve got many yeast in each sample, then
go back to the front page and have a look at the yeast culture to see if there’s live
yeast. If you’ve actually got live culture-able yeast
in the stool sample and lots of dead yeast, you’ve got a problem. Especially if it’s compounded with a lack
of beneficial bacteria and overgrowth of disbiotic or bad bacteria or normal bacteria turned
bad because of high amounts. You’ve got to get a feel for the whole picture
of the stool test. There’s no point in just looking at one particular
thing and then freaking out or thinking it’s a problem without taking all of the information
into account. Abnormal amounts of microscopic yeast is not
good if they’re in all three samples. It can mean that you’ve got quite a big yeast
problem there. Even though the yeast is dying internally,
it still means there is a lot of yeast present. However, if you have got large amounts or
abnormal or amounts of yeast that’s dead and you’ve got high levels of beneficial bacteria,
that off sets the problem. If you’ve got low levels of bacteria or nil
growth, good bacteria that they can’t culture because the quantities are so low, if you’ve
got that level plus high amounts of microscopic yeast, then you’ve most likely got a big problem. Further markers in the stool test report will
actually expand on that and show you the severity of the problem, whether it’s a major problem
or a minor problem. My recommendation is not to get carried away
with one marker but to look at the totality of markers in the test before you start freaking
out about what these markers basically are. For some very healthy people I’ve seen, there’s
no problem having a large amount of dead yeast in the stool sample. Particularly if the balance of the report
is good and the person is asymptomatic, meaning they’ve got no symptoms. That’s what it means. I hope you understand basically what I’m on
about there, Paul, but I wouldn’t worry too much about this one particular finding. Thanks for the question.


  • Reply Keren June 27, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    Hi Eric, what are the further markers in the test that you are referring to looking at? You mention it towards the end of the video. I had a stool test with a lab in Germany, who tested for SAPS as well as bad and beneficial bacteria. My result show high level of candida albicans and also SAPS was positive. They say that because my SAPS was positive that the candida needs treating, as it means it's pathogenic. What are you thoughts on that?

  • Reply Phil Griffiths January 23, 2019 at 12:34 am

    If the Culture hasn't any Yeast but page 2 ones say Many, that means they are dead?

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