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Stomach Acids, Enzymes and Insulin-Driven Issues and Supplementation | Podcast # 191

November 7, 2019

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Hey, there! It’s Dr. Justin Marchegiani. Evan Brand is here in the house as well. Evan, how is your Father’s Day, man? Evan Brand: Oh, dude, Father’s Day was great. It was my second. Was this your first… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …Father’s Day? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I may— I guess it’s
my First. My— My son last year at this time was in
my wife’s belly… Evan Brand: [laughs] Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …I think six months—
s— so, six to seven months in. So he was still— he was still alive and
kicking, so it felt like my second. But, yeah. It was great. I got this awesome little gift from my wife. Evan Brand: What did you get? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: This. She made this little thing… Evan Brand: [crosstalk] Oh! Dude, that’s great! Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, and then that’s
me with him. That’s Aden right there. Evan Brand: Oh, man. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And he’s a super
little healthy dude. [crosstalk] Really healthy… Evan Brand: Actually nice. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: But yeah. That’s— Melts my heart. [inaudible] Evan Brand: [crosstalk] Yeah. Your wife was uh— Your wife was showing
me his swimming skills when I was over at your house so we went to the pool. Uh— He— He’s doing pretty good for a
little guy. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: He’s doing great. I, too, took him out to a steak restaurant
in Austin, and he had a little meltdown halfway through. He forgot to check his diaper. Like— It’s this like… Evan Brand: Uuuh— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …the most obvious
thing sometimes. Evan Brand: [laughs] Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It’s like phew! Evan Brand: [laughs] Dr. Justin Marchegiani: But he was eating
a whole bunch of steak and and red wiine. He’ll pound down five ounces for a steak
in a meal. Evan Brand: That’s amazing. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. He just crushed it. And the thing is he has had no real exposure
to sugar outside of like having berries so it’s really interesting because he is totally
carnivorous, will choose meat over anything else. Where— I see lots of other parents, where
their kids are getting like lots of these like eating Yogurt, sweetened things, a lot
of juices. I really feel like like that numbs your taste
buds ‘cause they really don’t want to eat meat or these higher protein and fat-rich
foods. They’re just like all about the sugar. So that’s one thing I’ve noticed. So any parents out there— you know, your
kid’s coming to this world with this blank slate. Keeps their taste buds as “El Natural”
as possible. Evan Brand: Do you do uh— applesauce with
them? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhm— Actually, we’ll
just cut up apples. Evan Brand: But no applesauce? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhm— In the beginning,
we did a little bit but not much. I mean, we do like a little bit of mashed
sweet potatoes or mashed Avocado. Uhm— But no, not a ton of applesauce. He’s able to just— We do a lot of baby
like weanings so we just cut up the thin strip of apple or the thin strip of pear, or the
thin nectarine, and then just let him eat— let him eat it like that. Evan Brand: That’s smart. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: That’s smart. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, absolutely. So I know we only have a little bit of time
today so we’re gonna just do a live Q&A. We had a couple of questions here. So, we’re gonna just dig in. Let’s go through them. Evan Brand: yes, let’s do it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uh— Gabe writes
in, “Lately, my wife spends seeing more tiny moles started to appear on her face. Any explanation why?” So, couple of things. When you see moles grow, the first thing I
always want to know is Estrogen and Insulin. So, really make sure carbohydrate and Insulin
is under control. Insulin will cause things to grow. And then, we can just do a little bit of Google
Search and do Hyperinsulin— Hyperinsulinemia and Moles, right— and you’ll see it. Skin manifestations of Insulin resistance,
and you’re gonna see that a lot of uhm— skin stuff can be driven by Insulin. A lot of Acne as well. Right? A lot of Acne as well, because Insulin causes
things to grow. Evan Brand: Yeah. You got— You always got to start with the
diet. I think that’d be the most simple thing,
right? Make sure… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhmhm— Evan Brand: …she got like a Paleo template
to start with, she’s regulating Insulin, and there’s always other root causes that
could affect Insulin too. Like gut issues can affect blood sugar, which
could affect these Moles. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yup. So I would always look at the— the blood
sugar, the quality of food. I’d look at pesticides and chemicals in
the environment. I want to make sure those things are under
control. And then, of course, you know, the gut’s
a mirror of the skin. So, everytime I see a gut— a skin issue,
I always think gut, so you can always do a nice little gut cleanse. Uh— You get to do some gut testing, do some
gut clearing, and then uhm— you can always work on some detox as well because things
will get pushed out via the detoxification system, which will be the skin as well. So, activated charcoal, glutathione, Sulfur
amino acids are gonna be great, and then uhm— You know, there’s always a chance that it
could be a viral thing, too, like a Papillomavirus thing. Evan Brand: Good point. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhm— But— Yeah. But, you know, a lot of the herbs we may use. Like in my GIClear 4 and 6, there’s a lot
of Olive leaf, so I would just use a 4 and 6 in there and that extra Olive leaf will
have some good antiviral effects too. Evan Brand: Yeah. You— You kind of briefly mentioned some
of your supplements, but I want people to understand that uh— you know, part of your
goal is to provide professional grade supplements to people even if they’re not your clients
or patients. So if you guys tune in to this in the future,
if you’re tuning in right now, you can go check out— There’s an entire library, basically online
natural pharmacy so to speak, of various nutraceuticals and things that Dr. J has formulated. So when he says like, “Hey! My GI Clear 4,” that’s what it means. And you can go check out those formulas. So, we’re always happy for people to piece
together these herbs but, obviously it’s better if you get some lab testing to figure
out if you actually need them. But if you’re searching fish oils, Collagen,
proteins, which his is amazing, uh— all that stuff is on that Just in Health store. So if you’ve not browsed it, now’s a good
excuse to do that. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Thanks, Evan. Thanks for the plug. And then, topically, you can always do like
a higher quality Vitamin C serum or high-quality Retinol or Vitamin A serum with antioxidants. That’ll always be good topically as well. Evan Brand: Yep. Good advice. Uh— Let’s go over here to uh— Juan. He was asking, “A Glutathione injection,
is it great in an IV?” Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uh— IV, I think
is great if it’s— if it— if you have a really acute exposure. The problem is most people can’t afford
or do an IV daily. So, I think an IV, acutely, is a good situation,
uhm— but daily, it may not be the best. So you get like a Liposomal Glutathione like
this, and then you just give it a little squirt a couple times a day if you want that. Evan Brand: That’s far smarter. You don’t need an IV. I think an IV is unnecessary because of the
Liposomal technologies. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeaah. Liposomal technology has really helped. Now, if you get an acute issue, that’s fine. Like if you’re sick or your kid drops a
th— you know— a Mercury-based thermometer kind of thing, right? That’s— You know, for an acute thing,
I’m— I’m okay with it, but in general, you want something that you can use daily. Evan Brand: Yeah. I agree. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And then, uh— Charlie
writes in, “What’s the difference between Enzyme Synergy and Digest Synergy?” Uhm— Digest Synergy, basically has some
different types of acids and a little bit of Pepsin. It— It’s lower on the HCl and has a little
bit of enzymes. The Enzyme Synergy’s pure enzyme. So, typically in my line, I use Enzyme Synergy
and HCl Supreme together because I get a high dose of HCl and a high dose of enzymes. So if I have digestive issues, I can more
therapeutically hit that. Digest Synergy kind of consolidates two into
one so it’s lower on the enzymes and it’s lower on the HCl, but for most people that
don’t have an active digestive issue, it’s enough. So it’s basically just consolidating the
two together. People that don’t have core or very minor
digestive issues. Evan Brand: Yup. Good. Good. Good, good. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: Both great products. So here’ another one from uh— Juan, “I
took Lamisil. It worked great for my fingernail, fungus
and toenail fungus. How can I detoxify my liver from the medication? I tried other things like T3, Oil Oregano,
oil, and nothing worked.” Well, first, uh— I mean, you give me your
two cents here, Dr. J, but I would say, you got to get tested. I mean, you’ve got to take a look at your
liver. If you’re concerned, and you want to detoxify,
why don’t you look at your AST. Look at your ALT. Look at your GGT. See if there’s anything like, actually manifesting… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhmhm— Evan Brand: …before you go down some like
liver detox program. You might not need that. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. I think that’s great. And then, if you’re really having a hard
t— You said, “I took Lamisil. It worked great on your fingernail fungus
and toenail fungus.” So you’re saying— I sounds like the toenail
fungus and all that stuff’s better. So, ideally, if you’re gonna take that stuff,
you should be on Glutathione uhm— and/or like milk thistle and liver tonifying support. So, like in my line, it’d be Liver Supreme
and Detox Aminos, and you can even add in extra liposomal Glutathione along with it
while you’re doing it. So you typically want to do it while doing
it because— I mean, what’s the half-life on that stuff? It can’t be that long. So, it’s probably out of your system already. So, you just want to build back your system
up to make sure it’s fine. That probably iis fine. It’s unless you use it for a incredibly
long time. So I wouldn’t worry about it, but better
to do it while you’re actually doing the treatment. Evan Brand: Yup. Yup, well said. Let’s go over here. Uh— Don’t know who this is. Kind of weird name. Uh— “Small amounts of Calcium citrate
a meal’s okay with kidney stones?” Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Well, with uhm—
kidney stones, you’re typically gonna be doing more Magnesium— more Magnesium with
kidney stones ‘cause a lot of the kidney stones are oxalate-based. So Magnesium tends to be good, and then also
Potassium. I don’t think you want to be doing Calcium
citrate. Let me see. I think the citric acid may— Evan Brand: I don’t think you want Calcium,
period. Nora Gedgaudas, a mutual friend of ours, has
a great article on Calcium. You really just don’t need Calcium supplementation
uh— hardly, ever. There’s very rare situations where you will
need that. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. So, basically, Calcium citrate does reduce
the risk of oxalate deposition in the kidneys. So does the Potassium. So does Magnesium. I just rather be using Magnesium and Potassium
personally. Uh— it’s harder to get those minerals,
nd they have more enzymatic roles than Calcium. So I wouldn’t worry. I would use the Potassium and Magnesium over
the Calcium, personally. Evan Brand: Yup. Yup. Let’s keep going here. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I had a large in my
back. It fell off after Keto and fasting. Totally makes sense. That’s all about Insulin, right? Evan Brand: That’s cool. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yup. Makes a lot of sense. Seen that before. Evan Brand: Here’s Tom. I’ll read this one for you. “Vitamin D, trying to optimize absorption
one meal a day in the evening. Should I take Vitamin D on an empty stomach
or with the meal in the evening and risk melatonin interference? Any suggestions?” Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I mean, I would just
try to do it in the morning because it makes sense. Vitamin D is typically gonna happen when the
Sun’s up, not when the Sun’s down so try to time it in the morning. If you forget, as long as you can take it,
and it’s not gonna mess up your sleep and you can relax and wind down, I think it’s
fine. A lot of my uhm— Vitamin D’s gonna be
at a beta MCT Oil, so take it with a meal. Evan Brand: Yep. Sounds good. Keep going here. Anita, “Can you talk about the best time
to take probiotics, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Biotin, Zinc? Is it too much to take all together with a
meal?” The answer is no. You can take all of that together. The main issue is standing here. So first, I’ll have my two cents. You need to get… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …your Ferritin look there. So, I’d get a blood panel run to look for
Anemias ‘cause you can take these magic— magical mira— miracle supplements like Biotin,
which every woman under the sun is taking now, and it might not resolve your hair uh—
thinning issue. So get the blood work done. Investigate, first of all, and then, in terms
of probiotics, we always recommend that you do those on an empty stomach or maybe around
bedtime, because then you’re not competing with stomach acid. So, the probiotic can kind of do its job on
its own. Vitamin D, do it with a meal ‘cause it’s
fat-soluble. Vitamin C, recommended in the morning ‘cause
it can help stimulate the adrenals a little bit. Zinc, I don’t think it matters. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. I would just say, anything mineral or amino
acid-wise, do it with the food and I’m fine with it. Probiotics, empty stomach, unless, let’s
say, acid resistance strain like Omega Support, that can be done with food. Evan Brand: Yup. Yup. Uh— Let’s go over to Oliver here. Would drinking Water Kefir with mears— meals
help or hinder digestion as regular water would? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhm— I would just
say, it probably would help ‘cause a lot of the Kefir uhm— tends to have like a lot
of acids in it, like glucuronic acid or a lot of uhm— various acid from the fermentation
process. And that may be helpful with the digestion,
so I would just say, see how you feel. How do you feel when you have that with the
fo— with meals. Do you feel bloated or gassy, or do you feel
better. Uhm— So I would give it a try and see how
you do. I— I will do my ow— one exception to drinking
water with food is uhm— Well, number one, the healthier you are, the more you can do
it, right? I would still would do it sometimes, like
I ate 30 minutes ago. I’m drinking a little I’m sipping on a
little bit of water. I’m not downing it, right? But I always try to drink five to ten minutes
before food. But in general, uhm— a good rule of thumb
is, if you’re burping a lot and you’re smelling the food, ann your burps right after
a meal, you drank too much water. Right? Evan Brand: Yeah Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That’s a pretty
good rule of thumb. And also, do you feel undigested? But when your digestion is more compromised,
you got to be by the book. When your digestion is less compromised, you
can have a little bit more uh— latitude in what you do. But as long as you feel good, you’re okay. Evan Brand: Yup. Let’s keep going here. What’s your time? I know we got— How many minutes more do
you have like? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: We got five more minutes. Evan Brand: Okay. Uh— Here’s a question from uh— Charlie. Can you just do the H. pylori part of the
diagnost— diagnostic solutions test? The GI Map is too expensive. Charlie, I don’t know if you can do it on
the GI Map. I know you can with BioHealth. You can do just an H. pylori antigen. However, I would hardly not recommend you
do that because if you’re gonna spend money, period, to get any testing done— you know,
whether it’s Dr. J or my protocol, our protocols are very importantly based on having a full
picture. So imagine like trying to estimate what your—
what a puzzle is just by looking. What’s that analogy where you look at the
tail of something and you’re like you have no idea there’s an elephant in the room
‘cause all you saw was the tail. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Yeah. It’s basically you’re walking in around—
you’re walking in there blind, or you’re just each person stealing the part… Evan Brand: Oh, yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …of the elephant
trying to guess what it is, right? And, there’s also an assumption too. The assumption is, “Oh, I treated the H.
pylori— or I treated the other parasites. I only had the H. pylori. Therefore, I only want to look at that.” And a lot of times, you may have other infections
that come back on the retest ‘cause these infections were barred in deeper into the
gut lining. So you want to rule that out. Evan Brand: Well, use me as an example. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: I— I had Crypto. I had Giardia. We came up with the protocol and guess what? On the retest, the parasites were gone and
H. pylori showed up. So then I had to do a second protocol to kill
H. pylori ‘cause it was barely in. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. Now, some people like ninety or a hundred
percent of their symptoms go away. Okay. Fine. You know, you’re feeling amazing. You only want to test for one thing. Money’s tight, fine. But, if not, I will always retest the whole
thing, just to be in the safe side. Evan Brand: Okay. Okay. Yup. I would agree. If so, how much is it? Uh— Pricing varies. Pricing changes. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. You can go to my site, GI Map test cash is
3.99 and then, we provide the superbill codes so you can always submit it with insurance
and you can also use uhm— your HSA of Flex Spending too. Evan Brand: Yup. Yup. Uh— Let’s see here. Gabe, “Uh— I like to make my 7-year old
smoothies, which he enjoys (he does look a bit underweight) Is it okay to add a bit of
your guys’ Collagen… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes. Evan Brand: …and protein pow— Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhmhm— [crosstalk]
Of course, without a doubt. Evan Brand: Super high-quality. Uh— “Iron.” This is a question from Michelle, “Iron-68,
Ferritin-51 after a high-dose Vitamin C IV, which resulted in oxalates everywhere. It caused hair loss too. Trying to recover. All those levels suboptimal? I feel oxalates were chelating minerals.” Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I don’t know. Those le— Those levels are good. Evan Brand: Yeah. I think so. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Again, I like to see
Iron saturation in your— in your UIBC and TIBC, but overall, those look good. Evan Brand: Yep. Uh— Mike, “I got my Viome Test in 23andme
Test done. Just wondering which other labs I should run? (many health symptoms)” Mike, you got to
get an adrenal test run uh— Justin and I would point you towards the Dutch, which is
a urine or do the… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yup. Evan Brand: …BioHealth #201 CAR… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yep. Evan Brand: …Adrenal panel. And also, we would recommend you would get
the GI Map. The Viome Test sounds sexy and the marketing
is great but the read out is terrible and not very clinically usable this time, so we
still would highly recommend you get a GI Map in Organic acids uh— test done, which
is urine. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. I’m gonna go uhm— I’m gonna go have
Steven Berry on my show. Uh— He use the one on the inventors of this
test. I think it goes Naveen something. Uugh! I forget his name, but he created the Viome
test. I saw him at a conference. He’s like a multi-billionaire Indian dude. Really… Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …really smart guy. But I mean, they’re just on his Viome test. They’re just recommending foods to put there
like your gut bacteria back in the balance. And it’s like— It’s like sweet potato,
Avocado, Romaine lettuce. It’s like really like is that gonna be the
key? ‘Cause there’s always people that I’m
already seeing. They’re already eating a really good Paleo
template where they’re getting a variety of those kinds of foods are ready. Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhm— I just don’t—
I— I’m just really underwhelmed by that intel. [crosstalk] And the biggest issue I see is,
you know, you got to get rid of the infections that may be present, that may be driving the
Malabsorption. So, I think it can be helpful but I would
not put all your stock in it. Evan Brand: Yep, right. Just a couple more then we’ll wrap up here. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: Josh, “Can long-term Ox bile
cause problems? I’m having less bloating with eating fat
but much more constipation than some nausea.” I’m guessing he means while taking Ox bile. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. So, I want to know. Are you taking Hydrochloric acid and enzymes
with it? I want to make sure that’s dialed in. I want to make sure that you actually got
to the root cause of your low bile issues. So, were you having a lot of gallbladder issues,
or are you having a lot of floaters? If you were and that helped, that’s a good
sign. You can always taper off the bile a little
bit and see if that helps. But make sure the HCl and enzymes are there,
and then also make sure that you really fully address the gut issues ‘cause sometimes
parasites like Giardia and stuff can kind of cause bile issues, so can SIBO. So I’d want to make sure all of the root
issues are addressed but all the other digestive secretions are also supported as well. Evan Brand: Yeah, well said. Uh— Digestive supplements are great but
there’s a reason you’re having to use those to mitigate symptoms. So there’s probably something under the
hood. Uh, Shanice, uh— “Which herbs are best
to treat H. pylori?” There’s a ton. We use many different ones.Dr. J’s got a
whole line that he uses for H. pylori. I’ve got a whole line that I use for H.
pylori. So, it depends because if it’s just H. pylori
by itself, which is pretty rare, usually there’s uh— other bacterial overgrowth, we may switch
up the herbs a bit. So— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Bingo! Evan Brand: Uh— I want to see. Don’t think we could just give you a list
and then, you throw it together and have success. You need to get tested. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. But in general, like Mastika’s gonna be
uh— one that’s used for a while. I like Clove. I like Berberines. In my line, it’s like GI Clear 2. It’s my H. pylori killer. But you really want to get treated ‘cause
most people very rarely just had H. pylori so you don’t want to fall for that. Evan Brand: The domestic gum, yeah, that is
one thing you could— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …you could throw at it and it
could definitely help mitigate it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Mastic gum has adaptogenic qualities too so
it is a very safe herb too. Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yep. Absolutely. Evan Brand: Yeah. “There is Candida too,” she says, so yeah. That— That’s very common. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly! So you want to combine that. And then Josh writes in, “No floaters but
uh— no poor Steatocrit on my GI Map. Evan Brand: Good. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So that’s a good
sign. So uh— I don’t know why you’re pushing
uhm— bile salts the, if that’s the case, you know, therapeutically. I’d only push bile salts if I saw uh—
floaters or if I saw high Steatocrit on my stool. If not, I push more enzymes and Hydrochloric
acid because the Hydrochloric acid’s really important because if you have low Hydrochloric
acid, that’s gonna be the stimulator to stimulate Cholecystokinin, which is this hormone
that’s released in the small intestine that stimulates the gallbladder to contract. So I’m more concerned about the Hydrochloric
acid because that gets the gallbladder moving. Evan Brand: Yep. I just want to add two more cents to the question… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …form Shanice about the H. pylori. And then, she said that, “Yes. There also is Candida.” Uh— when you lower stomach acid levels,
that low stomach acid causes these foods to rot in putrefying the gut… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …which generally does in a Candida
Overgrowth. So it’s very common. I’d say, 90+ percent of the time, we see
Candida and H. pylori together. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes! One hundred percent. Evan Brand: Uh— last question then we got
to roll. Uh— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: Cha— Charlie says Dr.J have
you killed H. pylori with your patients in 30 days using GI Clear 4? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhm— I would never
do it by itself, but if I were to do a minimalist protocol, I would do at least GI Clear 4 and
2, or typically, 1, 2 and 4. One (1), 2, and 4, or if there’s Yeast along
with it, we’ll do 1, 2 and 5. So, it just depends on what other stuff is
going on, but 2 has to be in there. And if there’s no Candida, I would probably
throw a 4 in there with it ‘cause it’s very high in Berberine and Goldenseal. Evan Brand: And— And just to also add ‘cause
I know how you work. Uh— You’re likely gonna be doing some
type of adrenal support, potentially, some binders [crosstalk] or detox for it too. So— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Bingo. Evan Brand: Uh— We— We can’t just come
in and kill, kill, kill! Uh— We got to support the other body systems
or you won’t make it through the protocol. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. I mean, most people, you know, they’re used
to like, “Oh! I have chapped toe. It’s antibiotics.” Or, “Oh, hey! I get an STD. Here’s— Here’s antibiotics. Here’s a Ziprac.” Right? So most people are like, they find something. They want to kill it right away. But with these chronic infections, it’s
a little bit different of a mindset. Evan Brand: Yup. Yup. Let’s wrap up if you’re ready. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. And then, hold on. One last thing, “Organic Buckwheat Crisp
because of bre—” Uh— So, yeah. Buckwheat is more of a root, so it tends to
be okay. But if you’re Gluten-sensitive, definitely
cut it out for a month. But that could be something you try to add
back in. And then, Ali Mo writes in, “Is DiatomaceA,
D.A., okay for humans?” Yeah. D.E.— .D.A. is based— or D.E. is basically
uhm— just super, super high in Silica. How it works is basically is it dehydrates
the exoskeleton on the bugs, and they basically die. Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That’s how it works. Evan Brand: M— My uh— My— I just saw
that coming— come through about the Buckwheat. My comment would be that it is a cross-reactive
food. So— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Can cross-react. Evan Brand: Uh— Your body can still think
that it’s Gluten and could still trigger an autoimmune issue or something. Or if you ar— already have autoimmunity,
you probably need to step away from buckwheat and its— and the other pseudograins. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. At least an AIP Protocol for uh— a month,
and then you can add it back in. Don’t make it a staple, but if you want
to have it a couple of times a week, uh— I’m okay with it. Just make sure it’s— you know, your issues
are under control and you add it back in methodically. Evan Brand: Yeah. And if your gut is healthy, you might be able
to get away with it. If your gut’s not healthy, you may have
a flare of some sort. You just have to pay attention. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Very cool. Hey, I like that picture of the bird over
your right shoulder there. Evan Brand: Oh, thanks, man. Yeah. I took that picture. Let’s say uh— female cardinal. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Whoaf! Beautiful! Evan Brand: I got a bunch of uh— whenever
you come over to my house, I’ve got a bunch of canvasses everywhere of pictures I’ve
taken of different birds and stuff over the years. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, and you recommended
that bird idea. Bright… Evan Brand: [crosstalk] Oh! You’ve got birds in? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: [crosstalk] …a lot
of kind of birds. Evan Brand: Oh, yeah. I was playing actually. I heard a pileated woodpecker, which is the
largest woodpecker in North America, the other day, about this tall. I heard him calling so I got out the bird
app and I played the song— his song. And then, he flew in to go see who is singing. And, he flew right over my head. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, my gosh! That is cool, man. Yeah, the older I get, I kind of get into
things like that. Like when I was younger, I was like, “Who
cares?” But now, I’m like, “Oh! That’s cool.” [crosstalk] It’s cool watching birds. Evan Brand: I love watching birds. I love birds, trees. Yeah, I love it all. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Awesome, man. Oh, hey! Today was a great chat. Appreciate it. We’ll be back next week, my man. Evan Brand: Yeah. Tell— Uh— Tell people about the— the
links. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, yeah. So, uh— click below for the Thyroid Summit, And also, Evan’s got his summit going on
right now, [emphasis], to get
signed up for Evan’s [crosstalk] Candida summit. Evan Brand: I got to go check out. Go check out the Candida Summit ‘cause we
had a couple people in here talking about gut issues. There’s 30 talks in this Candida Summit. It launches July 9th, so go register. Use Justin’s link. Go register. It’s free. Then, you can choose to buy the talks and
support the mission. Uh— It’s gonna be a great— great event. It’s all online. Coming up in what? Two or three weeks? So— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. And we need to get you a link for your—
for my— for the summit for me, so then you can get some credit there. Evan Brand: For sure. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Awesome, man. Hey! Great chat with you brother. Everyone, give us a thumbs up. Give us a share. Smash the like button. Subscribe. We appreciate you guys, uhm— tuning in. Have a great day. Bye. Evan Brand: Bye.

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