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Stay-At-Home Activities During The Virus Season!

February 21, 2020

hi guys welcome back to Axe and Yung I’m going to share with you some stay-at-home activities since some of us may choose
to stay at home due to the covid 19 virus outbreak here are some stay at
home activities that you can consider doing to avoid boredom playing games is
fun and enjoyable if you are staying with your family or friends you can
invite them to play games with you some of our favorite games are Overcooked 2
and Mario Cart 8 which we play using the Nintendo switch by allocating some free
time to play games we force ourselves to be in the moment and forget all the
worries in our life of course the fun of playing games is temporarily remember
the goal of playing games is to have fun not to get angry or annoyed where we
lose the game there are plenty of online platforms where you can watch the shows
that you are interested in shows range from reality shows comedy science
fiction and action movies the list is endless watching video is a relaxing activity since we won’t need so much energy sometimes it is nice to laugh ourselves out seeing comedies to relieve the stress in our
daily life exercise is one of the ways to stay healthy and keep your body fit
other than going to the gym or a park there are some exercise which we can
carry out at home with a little space and a yoga mat usually i refer to
youtube videos like fitness blender where i can follow their pace to do the
workout i choose what type of workout I want to focus each day for example I’ll
do cardio on Thursdays and weightlifting on Sundays reading books is a good habit
to improve our knowledge the good news is this activity can be free of charge
when we borrow books from the public libraries there are more than 20 public
libraries in Singapore with a wide variety of
at each library you can always such the book title that you want to borrow using
the eServices before physically going to the library if the internet searching
box is easier and convenient it is time to open your wardrobe and draw us take
everything out and separate item that you no longer need you can either donate
recycle or throw those items take some time to review important documents that
you have for example insurance policies certificates and important letters
organize them and keep them in the file do share with us what do you like to do
when staying at home in the comments below if you find this video useful do
click the like button and subscribe to our Channel see you again next week

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  • Reply XDM50 February 20, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    Hi Axe & Yung,
    Thanks for the fun video. These are all good ideas. Decluttering/organizing is one of my favorite things to do.

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