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Sri Siva Shankar Baba | What happens upon surrendering to God ? | With English Subtitles

February 29, 2020

One cannot see the start of the feet or head of Lord Shiva (Annamalayan) There is light in this place Where is the start or end for this light. One cannot see either of it. It is just light. Only light but cannot see the beginning or end. That is lord Shiva Lord Brahma takes the form of Swan and flies high to see Lord Shiva’s head Lord Vishnu takes the form of a pig (Varaha) and continues to dig the earth to see the feet of Lord Shiva When Brahma is flying upwards he sees a pine flower falling down from the sky Brahma asks the flower about where it is coming from The pine flower replies that it is coming from Lord Shiva’s head He asks how far is it to reach Pine flower replies that it is traveling for thousands of years so it has forgotten the distance Brahma gets scared If it has take thousands of years for the flower to fall down then when will I be able to see Lord Shiva Brahma asks the flower to form an alliance with him We should lie for once to all stating that I got you from reaching Lord Shiva’s head The flower lies as guided by Brahma to all people on the earth That Lord Brahma carried me down from Lord Shiva’s head They both immediately received the punishment There will be no temple for Brahma on earth because he lied And the pine flower will not be used in any temple prayers because it lied as well Lord Vishnu in the pig form continued to dig under the earth The light was finally shown to him. He got Lord Shiva’s feet What does this teach us? One will lie if you search GOD by intelligence You will learn few prayers (like Lalitha Sahasarnam, Vishnu Saharnam, Skanda Sashti Kavasam, etc…) You will learn couple but talk to others about it as if knowing it all Called as vanity. Showing off things that does not exist Praising oneself about our own intelligence Intelligence will confuse us So in this case. Brahma search GOD through intelligence and lied. You also learn few prayers and want to show it off with people You will only get a kick in that Your self ego itself will not allow to really reach GOD By Yoga, by hard work Lord Vishnu searched GOD He at least got GOD’s feet If you get that you will get everything else Called as attaining GOD’s feet (Sarana Kamlalayam) If you get and hold to GOD’s feet (Pada Kamalam) All our sins and mistakes (Padhaga Malangal) will be forgiven Only GOD’s lotus feet can change our sins and give forgiveness His divine feet is the most powerful that can make the change By dedication, hard work and prayers one can at least attain GOD’s feet Quote from a tamil language epic Divya Prabandam (688) Nin Saranallar Saran Illai Other than your feet I don’t have any other way to go Quote from a tamil language epic Divya Prabandam (688) When a Mother beats the child Even then the child cries by calling the Mother In the same way Oh Lord Vishnu (Perumal) I will be only calling you despite how much you trouble me Like how the child calls the mother while crying How much ever problem you give me I will continue to keep calling you only So please try to solve all my problems as quickly as possible If you don’t stop my problems or lessen it I don’t have any other options other than holding your feet So looking at the Lord in the temple at a place in Kerala called Vithuvakodu we request the Lord to remove us from our troubles and problems

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