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December 26, 2019

*WAPOOSH* Top of the mornin’ to ya ladies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to a game called Epidemic. Disclaimer, first off, I should read this out. [Reading] “This is a prototype that was developed over the course of one week.” “The main purpose of it is to evaluate the core concepts.” So this isn’t a fully fleshed out game. It’s not an actual full experience. It was just something the developers, who, by the way, made Passpartout. [French accent] Passpartout. That game that I played which was hilarious. That’s actually how I found it was through that one. And it looked fun. It looks like uh– uh– a kind of um– Plague Inc. kind of game. Where I’m gonna get in, I’m gonna name “thyne means of destruction”, and I have to kill as many people as possible and I can get upgrades for Infection Risk and that kind of stuff so… Very straightforward simple concept: make disease, kill everybody. I think that we can actually do that. [Reading] “Name thyne means of destruction.” Um… Oh, God. What should I call it? Uhh… What would be a good name for the destruction of humanity? I’m gonna call my… disease, “The Taint.” Oh, A and D actually moves the camera. [Reading] “Infect your first citizen.” So, [Reading] “How to Play.” “Click on the villager you want to infect. Upgrade your plague and kill them all!” I like this part. The killing them all part. That’s fun. Can I move the camera around? This guy’s just stuck. He’s stuck about– going about his day. He just wants to get places, but he can’t, cause he’s stuck right here. I can’t actually move the camera down… towards his face, which I’d really want to. I feel for this little dude, right here. I feel like he should be the one to infect everybody. Let’s do that. Let’s infect him first. Our little Jerry. Maybe that’ll get him up and about, when he has to go take the shits. Probably not. That’s probably a terrible person to actually infect first cuz now nobody’s gonna touch him. *laughs* Everyone’s just gonna walk away from ’em. Oh, Lord, this is big! Okay, [Reading] “Infection Risk: Increases the risk of an infected citizen infecting another citizen.” It’s a cost of 20. And right now I only have one. *chuckles* Did I already fuck this up? *chuckles* Come on, infect someone! Man…*chuckles* Let’s try this again, since that first time didn’t work so well. I’m gonna call our disease this time “Giggles.” So, everyone’s gonna get killed by the Giggles. I think that’s a good one. Who do we chose to infect? You! You waved. You put your hand in the air. You waved and said, “Hey! Infect me.” “I’ll infect everybody else for you, Master.” Thank you, little duder. I appreciate this. [Reading] “Number of infected villagers: 0.” But I infected him. There we go. So patient 0 doesn’t count. That means I got someone last time, cuz it said 1. Oh, yeah. Get right into– [Reading] “Upgrade points available.” Oh, there we go. I just increased this and now everyone’s gonna start gettin’ infected. Let’s see those juicy numbers. Let’s see the Giggles wipe everyone out. I wish it was more apparent where it is. We got one guy going this way, two going this way, two going this way. That’s good. That’ll spread very quickly. There’s only three infected right now, though. That’s not a whole lot. Go up and start kissin’ each other. Lick your hand and shake each others. There we go. Now we’re onto four. Nice. This is going good. Now we’re up to 7 points. So– what’s next? [Reading] “Increase the time it takes for an infected citizen to get sick.” Why would I increase that? [Reading] “Decrease the time it takes for a sick citizen to perish.” Ohhh, this is the one so they keep it in their system longer and spread it to others. Okay, I’m going for Infection Risk first, though. God, what is wrong with this part of town? Do you not have plumbing over here? The shit just runs through the streets. Right, how far are we gettin’? It’ll be interesting to see how far it gets. Because it’s over here, and it’s over here. Niiice. All I need is 40. We have 200 citizens. This is fun! Killing a whole population. It’s great craic. *chuckles* That does not seem like there’s 200 citizens. Oh, yeah. Somebody down here is dead. Wait, he’s not dead. He’s about to perish, though. [Singing] For whom the bell tolls. He’s very sick. He’s holding his head like, “Ahhh.” There we go. Increase the Infection Risk. *laughs manically* Now we’re piling up the bodies. [Singing] Let the bodies hit the floor. Let the bodies hit the *drum sound* [Normally] No. If you give me 20 again, I’ll increase my Incubation. Wait for it. There we go. Increase the Incubation. So now they should stay sick longer? They infect faster but they stay sick longer. Which means we have a better chance of killing them all? I don’t know. The music got very dark all of a sudden. [Creepy voice] On a dark and stormy night in Cleftonville, the people went about their lives, not knowing what befell them. The neighbors, sick with the disease, the Giggles was spreading fast. But little did they know that their town, was about to perish. *evil laughter* [Normal voice] Are you all going in for the night? But no, though! Oh my God… *laughter* You guys all glow in the dark now! *laughter* There’s 134 infected. 96 remaining. So I’m gonna have to wait until they’re all infected, and then start buying the Fatalities to kill them off. Did some of those actually go to bed? So I’m gonna have to wait for the morning time for them all to come back out and get sick. Just go out…Go in and sneeze on their pillows. That’d be good. Nobody’s dying yet, though. There’s lots of reds which I would assume would’ve been dead. Reds equals death. Somebody died! We’ve one dead just now! Where?! I dunno if it looks any different. Did one of the reds just collapse? Now you’re just like zombies. [Zombie voice] BRAIIIIINS BRAAAAAIN! Two villagers dead. *singing* That’s what I like to see! I don’t think I’m actually gonna be able to kill them all. We’ll see. We’ll see what happens- I like this ominous like- [Church bell sound] “DONG. DONG” -in the background. I’m– I’m very reluctant to buy this but, fuck it. Butt fuck it. We should spread much faster now and then we should be able to get to 20 again, to start killing people. Kill them all! Oh, you came into the wrong neighborhood, dude. You were once healthy, but now you walk through the mist of septic! Infect him. Sneeze on him. Lick his elbows. There we go! Now he’s sick. [Singing] Everybody’s getting sick. Come on out… Patty and Rick [Normal] It’s like Sims. The Sims should have a mod like that! Where you can infect people. Did she just say, “holla.”? Yo, you sick? Holla! *simlish* Kay, how we doin’ how we doin’? Oh, yeah! [Reading] “Upgrade points available: 70.” I didn’t even realize that. Okay, let’s start buying this. *maniacal laughing* Now people should start dying by the- ones. 21 dead. 23 dead! And then I’m gonna get this. I don’t know why I got that. I actually don’t think I need that, but that’s fine. [Creepy voice] One by one, the people of Cleftonville fell. Not knowing what happened to them. All out giggling and being happy. But the night was afoul with the smell and stench of death. Can y’all die faster? That’d be great. Imma buy this! Now all die faster, please *laughing mockingly* The Giggles gets everybody in the end! That has been my plan all along! Make people laugh! Infect them! That’s why they say laughter is contagious! Laughter is the best medicine! For death! *Antisepticeye laughing* You’re all dying, but not fast enough. Max death! I want people to start dropping like flies that wandered into a house that had fly spray all over it. That’s the best thing I can come up with. Okay, once we get 240 we’ll max this shit out. People are all dying and it’s very fun! Boom! Can I get 120 again? And then we can get this, and then we can max out everything? And then everybody’ll die. Are the dead people just lying down? There we go. I’m almost max on everything. And the dead- do the dead people lie down? Or do they vanish? They vanish. The dead people just vanish. Getting it VERY HARD to get my 240 for my incubation period. Oh, getting it VERY HARD indeed! There’s only 30- there’s only 1 healthy villager left. Just 1! Wandering about ALL on their own, not having a worry about anything. They’re walking out into the village like “Man, market’s really empty today. I really lucked out, on being able to go down and get my eggs.” “Got them early, even beat the rush of the traffic. ‘Sup, Jerry.” “My skin? I don’t know how it tastes, why?” *laughs*” I’d like to thing that this is a whole village of people just going around laughing. There he is! The one healthy villager! But probably not for too much longer. They know what’s up. They know what’s up. I only need two. Infect him! Yes! Zero healthy villagers. Boom! Oh, wait. I’m increasing the incubation period. [Reading] “Increases the time it takes for an infected citizen to get sick” I still don’t really know why I’d need that. Infection and death is all I’d really need.” Oh, ’cause green is healthy, red is sick- green is infection, red is sick; So maybe they spread it faster when they’re sick? I dunno But now I’m really just waiting for 15 people to die. It’s gonna be a long night folks! I hope you brought your blankets and your songs. 12 left! 11 left! This is great. I don’t have anything else to buy though. ‘Cept maybe a one way ticket to hell. Cause that’s where I’m going after killing this beautiful, lovely village. Imma follow you until you die. There’s 6 people remaining. I have, on good authority, that you’re the one that’s gonna be the last person left alive. That you’re gonna survive it all. That I’m gonna have– I actually picked the person who’s going to be patient one. The last one ever! See there’s 5 left. I picked well. Uh Oh *Laughs* Mayyybe not *Laughs* Okay. He just melted through the floor! And it got very dark very quickly. FOUR REMAIN Where are they? I know there’s two over here. Where’s the other two?! Oh! Oh no, you didn’t die. WHAT?! Oh wait! There’s one there. Okay. Who’s gonna be left alive? Who’s gonna be patient number one? Who’s going to win a lifetime summer vacation to the Bahamas? Will it be you? Will it be you? Will it be YOU? It probably should be you cause if any of these guys get it they’re not really gonna be able to enjoy it. Come on, there’s four left. Can’t take that long to kill four people. I killed 228 pretty quick. There’s only one villager left! Oh wait, number of healthy villagers? WHAT? Someone got healthy again?! Number of infected villagers. There’s only two infected left. There, and there. Who survived this?! What sort of Hulk… survived the Giggles? AHA! Now they’re sick again. *Maniacal Laughing* Did you go up and talk to somebody? Oh somebody else died! Now there’s only two. You and… some sort of secret batman, ninja character that we haven’t seen yet. I have no idea where they are. Oh, there you are! But you’re not sick?! You’re fine! That sucks, that blows! No wonder I couldn’t find you, cause you didn’t even have a green little skull above your head. All you have is a migraine. Just go take some Ibuprofen and you’ll be fine. Oh, you have a bit of a cough as well. Well… I dunno, just get some cough syrup. I mean, you’re just a big baby! Somebody else over here is LITERALLY dying. Wherever they went. Dying dude? Hello? Wake up sleepy-head. Oh, there’s one left! You’re just gonna be alive forever. Me thinks. Well Sir, I commend you! You are the one that has survived the Giggles. You are the most miserable person in this town because you believe that giggling just should never happen. It says you’re infected with the Giggles. Maybe you just have a little bi– no that’s just a cough, that’s not the Giggles. He’s like the saddest man in town and everyone’s like “Jerry, why don’t you laugh? Why don’t you laugh like the rest of us? The rest of us have ascended to a different plane” DEATH And he’s just over here like “Look guys, I am giggling! *cough*” Like, “Jerry… Jerry that’s not giggling, that’s coughing. We can all do that” And he’s like “I dunno guys, I just can’t giggle.” Well… The loneliest man is the last person left alive. I’m sorry Jerry. But the rest of us are going away… forever… to GIGGLE TOWN! Okay, well, that does it for this video on Epidemic. I hope none of you got the Giggles. I hope none of you laughed during this cause that’s a very dangerous sign if you did! The Giggles has claimed the lives of 231 people. I don’t know why we have a total of 232 people. But, hey! One person out ther survived it! So who knows, maybe you can too. The Giggles, they’re a dangerous thing. I like this game! I like games like this as well, where you get to see the spread of something. I really loved Plague Inc. when I was playing it. Umm… the only thing about this is that it kind of… like, once you do it once there’s no real reason to do it again. Then again, it’s not a game, it’s just a prototype to show that the concept of what they wanted to do actually worked. And it did. Beautifully actually. Can I click on you and just follow you? I can! That’s much better! *Laughs* Umm… But I’d love to see more games like this. Actually isn’t there? Isn’t there a game called Pandemic? That was made kinda like Plague Inc.? Maybe I should play that. Cause I wanted to play more Plague Inc. but, I feel like I’ve kind of done everything there is to do in Plague Inc. That I did a lot of the diseases, I did a lot of the mods. And a lot of them don’t really change a whole lot as you go along so… If you have any other games that’re like this, please let me know cause I wanna play more of them. But for now… THANK YOU GUYS, SO MUCH FOR GIGGLING AT THIS EPISODE If you LIKED it PUNCH that like button IN THE FACE LIKE A BOSS! and High fives all round! *WAPOOSH* *WAPOOSH* THANK YOU GUYS AND I WILL SEE ALL YOU DUDES IN THE NEXT VIDEO! *Giggling* Oh no, I’ve got the Giggles!


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