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Sore Throat Remedies 9 (rest)

October 22, 2019

Hello and welcome to sore throat remedies. Today’s sore throat remedy is rest. I know what you’re thinking, not exactly a
quick fix. It is however one of the most effective ways to fight the infection that is causing
your sore throat. It’s cold viruses that cause most sore throats.
There’s not a lot you can do for a cold once you’ve got it, but getting enough rest will
play a huge role in helping you fight off the virus so that you recover more quickly. If you have not just a sore throat, but a
strep throat, I suggest checking out The link is in the description box below the
video. Once there you’ll learn how to cure your strep
throat infection in a way that is pain free, and in less than 24 hours, using a safe and
natural home remedy.

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