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Sore Throat | How To Get Rid Of A Sore Throat (2019)

September 9, 2019

Up to nine out of ten sore throat
infections cannot be treated with antibiotics I’m going to teach you how to treat a sore throat at home It’s a chilly one today so sore throats are very common and
they’re usually nothing to worry about they normally get better by themselves
within a week but 1.2 million people still visit their GP every year in the
UK for a sore throat 1.2 million people and sore throats are the largest contributor of inappropriate antibiotic prescribing in England and it amounts to nearly 23% normally I don’t like to be the healthcare professional who’s all doom and gloom but the reality is this inappropriate antibiotic prescribing is contributing to a rapid increase in antibiotic resistance which is a massive global threat for everyone so I really do hope my tips help you today but if you need further expert advice on
your sore throat then pharmacists should always be your first port of call now let’s get to it for sore throats the first thing I advise nearly all my
patients to do is to gargle warm salty water because it’s actually really
effective it’s relatively inexpensive and almost everyone well most people can
do at home gargling warm salty water can help soothe the throat and reduce
inflammation so to make your solution all you need is half a teaspoon of salt
a mug and then dissolve it in some boiled water once you’ve dissolved it let it cool and then gargle it make sure you don’t
swallow it and it’s also not suitable for children tip 2 drink enough fluids
to avoid dehydration I know it’s tempting when you’re not well and it’s
painful to swallow to maybe drink less water but when you’re not feeling well
and let’s say you have a temperature you’re at higher risk of dehydration
becoming dehydrated can make headaches and tiredness worse and can even
lengthen recovery time so you need to aim for six to eight glasses a day and avoid hot drinks hot drinks can actually make sore throats worse tip 3 paracetamol
and ibuprofen these painkillers are great at reducing sore throat pain and
also a fever now to keep sore throat symptoms to a minimum I’d advise you to take a dose at regular intervals this is as directed by
a pharmacist or on the medication packaging tip 4 medicated lozenges
containing local anaesthetics like benzocaine, hexylresorcinol or
anti-inflammatories like flurbiprofen have shown some evidence to reduce sore
throat pain by a small amount these can also be taken alongside paracetamol and
as always with all medication please always speak to your pharmacist and read
the information leaflet that comes with it to make sure that is suitable to take
it there are also other tips that can help manage your sore throat symptoms so for instance eating cool or soft foods avoiding smoking and sucking on ice
lollies ice cubes and boiled sweets I would avoid giving these to young
children however due to risk of choking and last but not least if you can, rest and maybe watch Abraham the pharmacist videos too because they may make you feel better on a more serious note however that there are times that
you should see your doctor when you have a sore throat now I’ve left more
information about this in the description below and I’d recommend
everyone to read it hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to
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weekly videos (SINGING) (LAUGHTER) getting my voice ready some evidence to reduce the sore throat vocal cords ready you know (LAUGHTER) and if you need furth.. (RANDOM SOUNDS) I’ve got my Invisalign trays in it’s
very difficult to speed this is the first time I’m filming Abraham the
pharmacist video with it in


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