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Sore Throat Home remedies in 2 minutes | Dr.Subashri Thanigaivel | LiveRight Ayurveda

December 5, 2019

Hello I’m Dr. Subashri from LiveRight Ayurveda We have been seeing videos about health and wellness. Now we will see video about few home remedies. Nowadays we are exposed to air condition in all places
such as home work and there common places. This leads to sore throat when we consume food, water. We won’t have cold but we will have disturbance in throat
especially before bedtime. We require only three major things as for this remedy
Cow Milk, Turmeric and Pepper. I’m using warm milk which has been boiled already
and is ready to drink. In this milk I will be adding Pinch of turmeric powder
and 2 crushed pepper Drinking this before bedtime will help solve the sore throat. And it will also get rid of irritation in the throat. Pinch of Turmeric is the level I take. Take 2-4 pepper balls. This preparation is based on the quantity of 100ml milk. Now we can crush the pepper using mortar and pestle If you don’t have one at home use mixer & grinder. Now add the crushed pepper to the turmeric milk. This can be given to all age group. Kids to elders can consume This will definitely help in resolving sore throat and gives a relaxed sleep. So the final preparation will look similar in color to
the preparation I have made. You can add Palm candy for better taste. Powder it and
add the palm candy it will help in digestion too. So we saw a useful home remedy. We can try these kind of quick remedies for kids
and adults as a first aid too. Share this to friends and family we shall see more such videos in LiveRight Ayurveda.

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