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February 16, 2020

Ba Nien greets to all audiences Please be good for all of you have a great afternoon And now please all of us Watch the online livestream Healthy and happy life made by Live Channel
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today If you have any questions related to the topic, don’t be afraid, We will ask questions by commenting below this livestream We will send questions of all for the programe ‘s doctor To answer all of you, bring the most useful
information And now, Ba Nien would like to start my work in today’s livestream with a topic Pretty hot Surely there are many audiences who are very
interested Ladies and gentlemen, we hear a lot of things
lately disease Which The community was very confused and worried, this
is acute pneumonia diseases due to corona virus And this virus outbreak is booming Strong spread causing confusion to the community And according to world statistics to date, it shows
that there are more than 20,000 people infected and over 400 died from the infection and in that, Vietnam we have recorded as the 10th
case So How do we get accurate information and filter
out the mainstream information? just as we have the knowledge to respond To protect myself in Outbreak of the corola Virus outbreak to avoid bewilderment In today’s show, Ba Nien invites all audiences Come to the live livestream interactive With topics of program is how to actively deal with corona virus and would like to introduce to all of audiences
who accompanies with Ba Nien in the topic That is one of Doctors from Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine
and Pharmacy Doctor Huynh Minh Tuan, Ph.D, chief of
infection control department Hello doctor, thank you for coming to the program
today Hello, viewers who is watching the show MC Ba Nien Yes I am Doctor Tuan worked at University Medical Center Today I join the program with wishes To share the knowledge along with basic guidelines to help people to have
the right awareness and the right practices Firstly, prevention of diseases that can infect us and then contribute to prevent the spread of Disease in our community hello everyone Thank you to the doctor who accepted to join the
program today The presence of doctors is sure to bring useful
information Open to all viewers who are watching the show And obviously one thing we have seen in recent
times There is a lot of the audience as well as a lot of
information Already shared about The disease is the Corona virus and there’s almost a lot of information we can read
online And there are so many of you in the audience
wondering and being worry that some people would be bewildered
again By the way, the doctor can share specifically about
How does Corona virus cause acute pneumonia? and whether this virus has ever appeared before Yes, exactly To be able to do it right Practicing right things related to prevention Firstly, of course, we have to understand, must be
understood thoroughly about the causative agent ladies and gentlemen,MC Ba Nien feels right
recently Acute pneumonia is then called acute respiratory
infection derived from Wuhan city of Hubei province, China it has spread to quite a lot of countries The whole world and caused a lot of anxiety the causative agent Until today was Determine exactly and it is named 2019 Ncov So this virus is one the Virus Belongs to a large family called Corona Virus this Corona virus family includes Lots of different viruses And it also causes illness For both humans and many different animals And usually It has species-specific characteristics I basically understand such as The one that causes disease in humans Usually it only causes disease in humans And the one that causes disease in animals Usually it causes disease in animals only and
however rare but in the past This Corona virus also ever ie the one that causes disease in animals It mutated and it causes illness in humans And then it spreads from person to person It causes up Things Quite well Is Large The most typical is 2002, 2003 the virus strain Was named as SARS Cov The first is to appear from the civet Then it causes human disease and then from person
to person and then the second typical one is about five nine, ten years later 2012 the race new Corona Virus is called Mcov is considered to originate from the Camel and Causes acute respiratory syndrome in the Middle
East And now 2019 is the race The new Corona virus is named 2019 Ncov it is suspected originated from bats Generally It is also not This family of Corona viruses is not new either Normally, it still causes illnesses like the flu in
humans but sometimes it causes Once its mutation is strong enough, its virulence
is high That means there are many names, we usually call
them by social networks, people still call them
Corona Virus, people call them Ncov and the exact name is 2019 Ncov is Ncov was discovered
in 2019 So, how dangerous is this virus? According to the doctor assessed how dangerous and
how the mechanism spread About To be able to assess the degree of danger They can Base on many factors Such as Mortality rate when be sick Or the level of spread of the virus So far the information is officially updated On Official websites of organizations For example in Vietnam I have the website of Medical Services Administration or General Department of Preventive Medicine About the world, there might be a World Health
Organization website or The United States has the CDC website It indicates the mortality rate It’s not as high now like the SARS epidemic of 2002 and 2003 there The equivalent of about 10% or the Mcov 2012 Even more However, The second problem is the degree of spread Quite strong Then for the 2019 race This Corona Ncov The understanding of man until now About this new race Because it’s new, so we haven’t yet There is no known accurate understanding of it
much So people take the knowledge Of its sibling is the SARS Cov of 2002 – 2003 Let people apply in because It is also the same corona Virus family Second, it is highly doubtful that it originated
from the SARS Cov race of 2002-2003 The main transmission mechanism We can interpret in a specific way called and So that everyone can understand Is like this That is, the person who is infected People will spread it A virus is a pathogen Through action is Cough Sneeze Even talk When coughing Sneeze and talk those Virus germs Follow the tiny drops of water in the medical terminology, it is called drops And spread out the surroundings Well, if a person is good stand near within a distance about 2m back That good person can breathe the droplet directly that carries the virus into the lungs is called infection It still has other forms, such as droplets shot from
infected people when it was released It does not go directly into the lungs of the
surrounding healthy person, but it collects or it landed on its mouth or on the nose Even on the eyes of the people around it Then it enters the airways it also causes disease and a third path It is quite important because I am not aware it is the tiny drop of water that is It carries that viral pathogen Sometimes it settles on the surface of tables and
chairs The surrounding surface of the sick person and the virus can still live a certain period of
time afterwards Then a good person came because he didn’t see it I accidentally used my hand I touched the surface that was contaminated by the
virus So it will be contaminated from that surface pollution
into the hands Next I used my hand to touch my mouth, my nose or
my eyes, rubbing my eyes then that is the invisible transmission route
called Being in medical terminology is called contact
transmission The current main transmission mechanism of The Corona Virus family is well understood from the
SARS epidemic of 2002-2003 Thus, if talking face to face within 2m back Which has the expression as is Talk that splash or coughing There is a risk of infection if we are forced to
move by public transport, like by plane or by train then accidentally when we passed by a person they
sneezed already but they turned away and we didn’t know but about a minute later If we go through that environment, we can be
infected MC’s question is very real People are also worried because of such situations in here In medicine there was another invention that was
close contact That is, people do not have any disease at all but have close contact with an infected person then that person is at risk So here I would like to explain The word called defines how close contact is close contact I can understand is for example, the person who is responsible for caring
for the sick or the one who lives in the same house with the
sick Or one of many cases is a person Which I approach at close range Called within about 2 m for the sick There is a possibility that you can breathe the
droplet There is a possibility that you can breathe the
droplet from the sick person from the sick people spread out Or his hand accidentally Touch to touch the secretions Of the sick people are discharged For example is We hugged and kissed We share dishes and dishes when eating Or maybe a cup when drinking this Then we talk long enough we talk long enough Stay in close distance There is also a specific action such as I came across a person who was sick It is not defined as close contact Or do I wait for a short period, for example a
minute In a lounge area Or in an office where you submit papers, it does
not define close contact It seems that the problem of infection is in close
contact then we also need to be important that we need to
know how to protect ourselves Before we get to the next question Allow Ba Nien be pleased to inform you all of our
audience today A very important topic For all of you who bring useful knowledge about
dealing with Corona virus Let us know how to prevent acute pneumonia caused
by Corona virus to protect our health for ourselves and for the ones around All of us, when we look at the online interaction
today If you have any questions, any questions that want to send to the doctor of program You can comment below, we will prioritize most of
the program duration today for the questions you are all interested in And now for you all, We will come back to the
conversation with the information From the doctor side of the program Well, doctors now live in Ho Chi Minh City and over
10 other provinces Students are allowed to be absent for a week to
prevent Corona outbreak So what advice does the doctor have for parents how to guide and prepare your children In the prevention problem So on this question, I would like to share two
ideas Because the thing I missed school was because Follow the responses to prevent the spread of the
disease not just the health system also the government system has issued an epidemic
in Vietnam One of the spread prevention measures that is to avoid gathering people Leaving school is merely one of the measures to limit the spread of epidemics And the second problem is what I do Let us protect ourselves at home This is a lot of different information and even on the official websites of Medical Services Administration or General Department of Preventive Medicine or The newspaper that also shared a lot here I would
also like Summarizing some of these Key point As you probably read it a lot, first It is advised that hand hygiene, regular hand hygiene Well, here it is please For someone who lives normally in the community then I clean my hands clean and often with clean
water and soap and soap are enough to kill the Corona
virus However, there are a few points that I need to keep
in mind That is if I only wash my hands with water then of
course not unable to kill virus If I wash it with soap, it will kill me The time I rubbed the cotton swabs According to most recommendations, it takes a minimum
of 20 seconds or more to suffice Also, it is for medical facilities Is when faced with a busy pressure of work So you have to spin quickly Or places where I can afford it Hand hygiene solution It is also a hand hygiene measure Called is recommended That is the first thing The second is Of course I’m at home I avoided that Exposure to viruses means that you avoid contact
with the sick person It is best if I stay at home but if I do I have to go out Then I should bring a mask and especially my own
house to a crowded place I should bring According to the mask to his I am the one who protects me If I get sick, for example, I have a fever or
something Well, I better stay at home and I wear a mask in such cases it makes sense In addition to the meaning of protecting yourself,
it also means prevent the spread of epidemic to the community Already Also, as I shared earlier about The mode of transmission through Is through the droplet and then through the contact
path of that Corona virus then besides hand hygiene, wear a face mask The thing about personal hygiene or your body is Hygiene is called the living environment Close to your house the office tables and chairs
around you often It is also extremely important and as I shared
earlier All we need is water and soap, which is usually
sufficient In addition, there are also some measures called
collectively Calling yourself can be applied to many different
diseases such as We can increase our resistance by drinking enough
water and then eating I have a healthy working and resting regime, even
I can Drink more Vitamin C or drink lots of orange juice
lemon juice to strengthen the resistance Those are very general and very common measures that we can do to protect ourselves and the
community Ladies and gentlemen, we are all coming together
with today’s interactive live stream on the topic which you all care about prevention and protection before the Corona virus And for medical research on science then on today’s program we will not mention that
the seniors would like to invite all of you We will come to practical life questions close to
all of you To help all of you avoid misleading information in
the community Well, now I would like to ask the doctor back to
wash the hand The doctor said We need to clean our hands To be able to protect his health Why do we only clean our hands and we don’t clean
other parts like washing our faces? Or take a shower And if we were to clean our hands like that Do we have a rule on how long we have to wash our
hands? Or which conditions we have to wash our hands For example, when we come into contact with something
we just wash our hands Or we wash our hands every 10 minutes Very accurate Then, please correct me, I did not say just wash,
just clean hands I also said that hand hygiene is important But I also clean the body is comprehensive but usually I put a big problem in the hand hygiene
because Our hands are more active We use it to touch and touch everywhere so the possibility that the pathogen it spreads
through the medium of its hand is that it is great The problem is hand hygiene then here it will have ideas The basics are about hand hygiene I would like to share as well The first is when I have to clean my hands then of course I feel dirty For example, my eyes see dirty hands If I can see it, I should clean my hands with soap
and water and soap for example the situation that is typical in “Disease” like this for now We wear a face mask to go to Visit a good friend or go to a crowded place Then when the mask is wet or dirty we take it off we must also clean our hands Or maybe for example we go to a hospital To visit a sick person, for example, is very
normal not necessarily talk about this visit When I go in, I should also clean my hands, so when
I go home, I should also clean my hands In short, whenever I doubt my hand has touched
somewhere Even if I do not see we suspect we touch, touch, touch something but it is dirty or suspects that there is an infected
person’s secretions or the dirt we suspect we touch,
touch, touch something which is dirty or suspected to contain secretions
from patients or dirt then we should clean our hands Only when and only note when Dirty when my eyes see, I have to wash my hands with
soap and water Round the rest of the roots, I wash my hands Anything is fine with soapy water made with an
alcohol solution Not necessarily every 10 minutes However it has a problem Which is more important In many places, sometimes We wash our hands It is not the right way Such as we only rubbing back and forth very quickly, it won’t be
enough because like my hand For example, it has a lying face, it has a dorsal
surface, has a gap between the fingers and the lower
part of the nail And it is very likely that if we do not wash
properly It will lead to washing There are hand hygiene, but for example the virus
pathogen, it still exists Therefore, people have just launched their so-called
health ministry as well as the world health organization, as well
as every health organization in this world Everyone has come up with a unified 6-step hand
hygiene process Firstly, cleaning palm, then palm back back of hands on either side, followed by fingers The third step, followed by the outside of the
fingers Then the fifth step is this thumb Then the last step is the fingertips and to be effective in what is called a pathogen
eradication like before, I have to share about soap for at least
20 seconds We usually do 6 steps and 5 steps at a time it takes 30 seconds to do efectively This is called washing all your hands cleanly and
effectively to kill the germ It is clear that in recent times we have seen There are so many people buy a lot of dry hand gel Through the advice of the doctor, we see that any time we suspect our hands contaminated with
dirt we can wash our hands, not every time we wash,
whenever we feel that our hands are contaminated. then we can wash our hands, we don’t always wash
it Avoid having some people buy too much handwash but sometimes for a very short period of time Just sit and talk to each other, you don’t have to
hold anything they wash their hands too many times even 5 times 10 times of continuous hand washing, this is also
not necessary some people sometimes buy handwashing liquid that
is available, put in that bag but never use it all
day One-time use, maybe how to use it properly And the most important thing is before we put our hands on parts like the nose or
the mouth or the eyes we need to wash our hands safely, that is the best
thing I said something like that a while ago Also the usual routine Wash your hands before eating Wash your hands after going to the toilet After using the toilet it is also the ones We need to remember, always need to remember Well, doctor like that we go to the supermarket We have to handle other things or push carts When we open the door, we need to wash our hands
after such actions If only I felt I think I doubt that is my hand after I touch it it is likely that it is dirty or
it sticks to something although my eyes may not see it You may also need to clean your hands Thank you, doctor Ladies and gentlemen we have been listening to Dr.
Tuan shared for all of us about the important role we play in
washing our hands In the protection against corona virus flu And remember when we washed our hands we just shared
it on the screen earlier That’s how we can wash our hands properly and
properly In order to get rid of bacteria and viruses, we can
take screenshots Let us guide our friends and family to follow. In
order to kill bacteria and viruses, we can take
screenshots. Let us give instructions to our friends and relatives
to follow Now, if you have any questions for the show, ask questions. We will prioritize the
parts of time, duration Of the program for all questions you send May I ask Dr. Tuan while we are waiting for questions
from all of the audience Doctors can share with everyone a piece of information
that is also very much a concern It is as if we have been in contact with people who
accidentally got infected during the time period known as the incubation
period how long will it come out when sick? Well, for this question, please share like this then just like I shared earlier, the insights About 2019 Ncov is still quite vague So everyone will learn the knowledge from the SARS cov 2002-2003 then in principle the person is infected People will most likely infect others when people have symptoms like fever and cough ie when we meet someone who has symptoms then we are most likely to be infected So when I contact with that person how long I will
get sick For example, the one for SARS cov in 2002-2003 is Time people have determined the average time is about 2 to 7 days but there are still cases that
last about 10 days And for today’s Ncov 2019 The numbers are still very fluctuating and People are also applying is from 2 to about 14
days So the question is now if I have been exposed But I haven’t had any symptoms yet But most likely it was me I am in an incubation period so can I infect others
as well If a person is incubated, he can spread it or not Please reply though is not yet ascertained but not like the 2002 SARS during the incubation period SARS was determined
to be non-contagious But for 2019 Ncov There have been many reported cases Who comes in contact with a person and that person has no symptoms at all and only a
few days they have symptoms It is likely that the virus is likely to spread
during the incubation period The incubation period is about 2 – 14 days 1 person is already sick and gone, so long as it is
not contagious then this for 2019 Ncov is still not very clear For SARS, the general recommendation of the world
is after my symptoms disappear, I should quarantine
for another 10 days then make sure all the things spread to the
community By the way, please ask the doctor, for those who
are in the incubation period how is their health status Because actually, at that time, they didn’t know if
they were sick or not that is, they will feel tired and then they must
lie down at home or sometimes they are very energetic and join the
crowds exercise or get involved in community activities that is the dangerous thing of the disease I called the incubation period, this period it did
not have disease It means that the virus, the disease has not been
emitted yet then most people look normal Most people look normal It is impossible to know I am in the incubation period That is the danger. It spreads very quickly Now back to one of the things that in the last
time You all are interested in the audience, it’s a
medical mask Medical masks are the most talked about device to
prevent the spread of Corola virus Especially after Tet The mask gradually became very scarce and sold out
at high prices then the doctor can share with all of you the audience
watching the show today How to choose the right mask to prevent Corona
virus Yes, the story about masks Not only in my country And the whole world they are There are many stories about masks then before I specifically talk about the mask, I
just ask As a reminder, only masks are not it cannot prevent transmission that we have to remember is to combine the mask and
the hand hygiene properly justified to be Then the mask here, the first one I would like to
share is so-called points, masks here, the first one I would
like to share is so-called points Basic need in a regular mask as we can see This is a regular mask I usually hear it before I tear it off the phrase called a 3-layer mask is exactly like
that Here we will see the inner layer is a permeable layer, absorbs moisture and the purpose of that permeable layer is because When we put pressure on our mouths when we talk or we breathe it often has some moisture
out and it’s hygroscopic, the second layer I’m seeing
outside dill is usually the opposite is a layer of
moisture-proof, waterproof What is its purpose For example, what do we wear to protect that when
it has droplets of fire it shoots in there It will be hard to hold on to your mask And the third layer is the middle layer of these
two layers it functions as a filter It may have many different materials to filter and and the filtering effect is also different That’s why I have called many different masks then even in our country the Vietnamese standards
set has rules How is a good mask Just like America has its rules or Europe has its
rules In my opinion, I think any company that produces
masks in any country People have to follow the rules of that country And here I would like to share the way To Use a mask so that it is appropriate, this is a
mask that is also in the shell First, I tore off the cover so I could take off the
mask If I take out a mask, I will put this in the trash normal trash is okay, because there is no trash so
I leave it here for now how do I wear a mask then I will see that What I shared earlier was that the inner face of
the mask is the permeable side able to desiccate then I will apply to my mouth while the green side, usually the waterproof side,
turns outwards and usually there is a horizontal aluminum bar I will put it on my nose like this then I’ll use my thumb and index finger so I can
hold the rubber bands on both sides and I put it in my ears I will use two fingers on both sides I stroked the sides of the bar so that it pressed
close to the bridge of my nose My purpose is to make the mask close to my face Then I also used the thumb and index finger of both
sides to adjust the edge of the mask so that the end is to cover the nose It covers the mouth And it must be held close and often under the chin One note that after we finished wearing the mask We enter the work area or we walk out we have contact with this person and
that person then my hands should avoid it Touch the face of the mask because as I shared
earlier The outside of the mask is that it catches the kind
of dirt or even a drop from a sick person I don’t know so if I touch and most often I use the movement I edited a mask like this is that I accidentally will infiltrate my hands That’s during the time I wear a mask avoid the maximum possible touching the face of the
mask and so I finished wearing I’m wearing it now When I went on a trip, I came in contact then I
should leave Or my talking process is too much, it’s wet I should also change my new instead of wearing it
all the time from morning to afternoon The way we remove the mask, we use 2 fingers We hold the rubber bands on both sides and us when we remove it, during the process before, during,
after removing I’ll just use my fingers to hold the rope on both
sides I absolutely avoid touching the face mask I put it in the trash bag I put it in the trash and I clean my hands
immediately Actions such as us crumpling the mask then we put it in a trash bag and don’t do it Or we put it in our pockets and we don’t use it
again By the way, it is probably thanks to the doctor
Share a little more information that Nien has seen in recent days but I have seen many cases of myself Just kidding, ladies and gentlemen we see there are families, there are people but they see masks in this stage like the panacea there are people they buy a lot even buy 5 boxes of
10 boxes But sometimes there is a street use The remaining ones are left unused I don’t know if I put it in my house like that buy many masks buy many masks but don’t know how to
use it yet They use one and then use it in their bag and then
take it out again This is how dangerous it is full is also the situation we often see Especially when we have a lot of anxiety and we are
not properly instructed Like I shared from the beginning of the session till
now A virus is spread by a spread of droplets associated
with the contact route So it is natural for us to wear masks so I have to have a mask and when I wear a mask it will help me prevent it the fact that I inhaled tiny droplets of water,
droplets infected with pathogens However, I have to wear it properly and I have to, like I shared, I have to change the
mask, replace it often Do not touch the outside of the mask Once changed, they must clean their hands The goal is to prevent further contact
transmission then obviously a mask is not enough And if we buy a lot more, we don’t use it properly for example in what for example MC Ba Nien said If you buy a lot, then leave it at home and use one
from morning to afternoon then so it stabbed not only does not help it is even more likely to make it more infectious And now let’s invite our doctors to the question of the audience sent back to the show Ladies and gentlemen, questions from the audience for the online chat today and the content is a medical mask now available in
multiple colors, blue Pink, gray, black Afterward, I was informed that I should choose the
green one For better protection Doctor shared on this issue It is true that we see that medical masks also have
many colors Blue, pink, gray Yes, the mask is It’s true that there are many colors but like I
shared earlier the basic thing is that it has an inner layer is the absorbent layer, hygroscopic layer and the
outer layer is the waterproof layer, the middle
layer is the filter layer Most likely its color is its color of the outer class It is important that there is an inner class and it
has it has an outer layer, the middle layer of the
outer layer only The key is to have an inner class and it has it has
an outer layer, the middle layer too I think it’s important that there’s an inner layer
and it has an outer layer, the middle one Personally, I think That is, the color it will not have, if the mask is
produced correctly according to the standards we set ie the color will not affect the quality of the
mask Nowadays, many people hunt for masks In addition to medical masks, they protect their
health They want to best buy up expensive masks can be said as a mask type n95 or type 3m According to the doctor, is it necessary to do that
or not It is true that there are many types of masks Like Tuan shared, it depends on the filtering
effect However, I would like to repeat once again As masks themselves, it doesn’t help protect
themselves I have to coordinate wear mask and hand hygiene
properly I can protect the infection of the infectious pathogen
in general Disease Ncov 2019 in particular And the story that we use a mask that has a higher
filtering effect than the Ncov 2019 translation in
particular And the story in which we use a mask has a higher
filtering effect For example is N95 then in most of all recommendations For example, the Ministry of Health is currently
involved We have recommendations It is only used in those cases that are intended
for incoming employees such as that health worker Must take care of sick people in isolation room they do what they call medical procedures tips for creating splashes, such as viscous
suction or put a tracheostomy hole for the sick person ie the risk it higher than you just use But still in the community I can use a normal mask If I use those types of things, I have to change
them But that mask is quite expensive If I use it, then I should use one and use it again
and again, more and more dangerous. Repeated changes lead to the situation being
expensive While medical masks so far, the price is much
better Ladies and gentlemen, about 2 weeks ago, when the
Corona epidemic broke out then all information on how to prevent the disease These are topics that receive the attention of many
domestic and foreign audiences And since then, items like masks and handwash are
all sold out So, by the way, this mask is handy too There are some people who can’t buy a mask they again use the masks we see on the street Like cloth masks and lots of other stuff I don’t know what kind of standards are required
for such masks and whether it will protect it or not As I shared from the beginning of the session till
now The mask is from the mask itself, because it is a
medical item so it will have its standards, its standards Anyone who produces and sells for money is required
to follow the rules however it is obvious that in practice there are
sometimes I am in a situation where I don’t have a mask Then back to the mode of transmission of the 2019 Ncov virus or the Corona virus in
general then we clearly see that at least we have something
we cover So that I don’t have to inhale the droplet, which
is sprayed out from the sick person or if we are sick, at least we have something to
cover we don’t spread the germs out I think that is also a good thing We can use masks to limit the beams and to protect our health And now, please bring the doctor to the audience’s
question to the program Ladies and gentlemen, the questions from the audience
sent to the program with content like this We prioritize most of today’s programming for all
audiences There are comments sent to the Program and the question is now there’s fake medical masks how to distinguish real and fake masks This question must be answered by the MC Just like just now, the doctor said it was almost
everything that we use masks in the case If not, use a cloth mask sometimes for the best protection there are many
other problems As the doctor shared, we need to limit the gathering
area or wash our hands often Doctor, there is a problem that question Most concerned about me, even Ba Nien herself really
wanted to ask the doctor That’s what we use such masks for a long time I feel very suffocating like that, is it necessary
to wear a mask every day? Especially in daily life We need to meet partners meet friends and
relatives Even relatives, siblings I have to wear a mask all the time This goes back to the way I always have to wear it So for example in the cases we came close to in the
previous definition Tuan shared his close contact with the patient I should wear and I wash my hands If we do For example, in the current situation when we return
to our country, we have proclaimed a state of
disease when I have a job to go and I think I will contact
the crowd I should wear it Those are some called the basics There is a situation that arises that clearly happens
to be Ba Nien himself also fell into that situation. There
was a situation that arose that clearly saw what
happened Ba Nien herself was in that situation There are times here when I go out I meet those
friends No more masks in person or no wear I feel like the people around me watch me It’s like one of those people who are contagious They suspected that he was like this guy who was
carrying an infected virus of Ncov I feel that the attitude of people also alienated
me a lot So how to reduce the skepticism so sir when we talk to anyone we think it is If I need to protect like that, I wonder if this is
the situation So it is okay in daily communication Then about this matter It is clear that the Ministry of Health has provided
instructions For example is a case of what is called doubt What is a case of infection? Here I just focus on what is known as a suspect.
What is a case called infection? Here I just focus on what is called doubt Here, follow the instructions of my Ministry of
Health a case that is called doubt When we must have satisfied 2 Let’s call it two star signs The first star is that they must have an epidemiological
factor The second star is that they must have symptoms The first asterisk epidemiological factor, please
specify For example, they travel from the confirmed outbreak area For example, it seems that during the last time Is from Wuhan City of Hubei Province The second one in the story that has an epidemiological
factor means that They have been around for about 14 days recently They come in contact with, for example, relatives
who travel back or their friends travel back They have close contact Besides, the person who came back from the affected
area is called Firstly, it is ok to have an epidemiological
factor And the second one, they must have symptoms Ie fever, cough, shortness of breath Then I put them in the category called suspicion So then doubt is starting to have to do tests I have to go to the doctor and then the next … And if that for example Our normal life, like me and MC Ba Nien, is sitting
here Perhaps we are not in doubt then probably not so
bewildered Especially when we are in our daily family life We know who our relatives meet and how they
interact Sometimes we don’t necessarily need to be so
bewildered There is also information that many people are
concerned about today Sometimes this time is aside from what we are afraid
of with the Corona virus The situation is that people have a lot of flu Some people have a fever and they are suspicious They fear they are infected with Corona virus And psychologically, everyone wants to go to the
doctor There are sometimes overcrowding in hospitals,
everyone wants to know whether I am infected or
not I can protect my loved ones like that, how can we
limit such thoughts? Well, also going back to the share I just answered it must have two factors, the first is epidemiological
and the second is symptomatic As for the story that is normal in everyday life
when we have a cold, it is also normal, it must have
two factors, the first is epidemiology and the second
is symptomatic. As for the story that is normal in everyday life we
have a cold, it is also normal But it is like that for now that we catch a cold For example, sauces have coughing For example, I can very well ask myself If I have not returned from a trip, that question
I can answer now And if I don’t travel Then I can ask the next second is whether During the last two weeks, I have had a conversation
or close contact with someone who has come back from
traveling How is that person, for example then by doing that, we can verify it for ourselves let me be somewhat reassured than removing the doubts
a bit If we keep dragging in for the test it becomes too overloaded is not good It is also possible that there is one more way that
if we feel we are Without the same factors as the doctors we just
shared, we interact with people in the affected
area then we can also wear our own masks so I can avoid close contact with family members Because common cold if close contact also spreads
the disease It’s not necessarily a corona virus Well ladies and gentlemen, today we have come to
share with Dr. Tuan’s doctor Brings information to all of the audience The information is very useful In the situation in the past few days we are very
confused In that prevention Corona virus In addition to wearing a mask, wash your hands
often What are some other ways we can prevent Corona
virus? Yes, yes Please summarize the ideas shared earlier Well, as I have said Hand hygiene masks are important things However, I still have a few other things that we
can also keep in mind And should avoid as much as possible its likely to lead to work The first thing is that I should also avoid touching
my mouth, nose and eyes with my hand But especially when I doubt my hand is dirty or I suspect it just touched somewhere that I didn’t
feel secure That is the first one The second one is Regarding the so-called self one can take a lot of
measures We strengthen our resistance should such as we eat and drink, work sensibly, rest
properly We take vitamins or orange juice or lemon juice Okay, that’s about the self, and about the so-called
habitat around us, we should be mindful of that regularly clean with soap and water if I have no business then I restrict myself to crowded places If I’m sick, it’s best to stay at home Isolation at home and then I wear a mask, I redo
such basic measures Yes, besides washing your hands, wash with soap or
alcohol? wash your hand, it will have 2 ways One is to wash your hands with soap and water The other is that I wash my hands with hand sanitizer
solution and both are fine Only thing to note is I should keep in mind the minimum time span over 20
seconds Well, doctors recently, everyone said it was In addition to factors that spread through the
respiratory tract Does Corona virus spread through eating or
drinking? Well, this information has also appeared in the
newspaper 1, 2 days recently Then make people also bewildered anxiety However, I would like to share like this for acute viral respiratory infection 2019 Ncov Now scientists are continuing to research, but people don’t claim it exactly However, if the virus can actually spread through
the gastrointestinal tract, that oral fecal tract then that information will be useful to us in the
following two ideas The first is obviously that we should not be
subjective which we should be wary of in all cases Not just any fever or cough Difficult to breathe something we just noticed For example, a person has symptoms like diarrhea Feeling tired in us should also pay attention and be proactive rather than neglect with such
cases The second, if the virus can be transmitted through
the gastrointestinal tract that is oral I will explain it so that everyone can understand you can understand and practice properly If oral fecal transmission means the patient will
eliminate the virus in the stool then somehow feces it gets back into food and into
the mouth of a good person It is clear that going back to eating cooked food
boiled drink boiled and cooled water also for other situations for example, people go to the toilet incorrectly,
not according to hygiene criteria And it can spread the germs it spreads obviously basic measures like washing your hands before eating and after using the toilet Well, it does not matter if it is transmitted by
mouth stool then those basic measures are enough to prevent
transmission In general, in the current situation, we need to
know clean hygiene The best protection our own body can limit this
situation And now, let’s all of you come to the next
question of the audience sent back to the show Well ladies and gentlemen, today’s show is taking
place with the program’s online form of interaction with
the doctor We will make time for all of you with the questions you are all interested in Question pets in the house Whether or not to transmit the Corona virus,
doctor Please share This question is as follows It is true that the disease is caused by the Corona
virus family it makes me worry a lot Because its origin is usually from animals For example, I would like to remind you that the
SARS cov is from Civet And the Mcov is from the camel For now, Ncov 2019 is suspected that it is because
of the bat and the Mcov is from a camel For now, Ncov 2019 is suspected that it is because
of the bat However, until now There have never been any reports showing that The pets in the house are infected with this virus then surely assured And now I would like to ask the doctor a question Ba Nien firmly believes that many of you in the
audience would like to ask If we know that in Vietnam we already have 10 people
infected with the Ncov virus And if we ever find out that someone who is infected
with Ncov is our neighbor living in an area where people are infected with
Ncov What we need to do to be able to pay attention to
the issues that need to be protected for us I am asking a situation what the community calls
… I have a few people in Ho Chi Minh then that person is in our county and our neighbor,
what do we need to do? The measures are still the ones I’ve been saying so
far The simplest thing that everyone can understand is If I am not sick, it will be caused by the 2019 Ncov
virus Now if we don’t want to get sick, we’d better not
have it In medical terminology, don’t expose the virus, so
you don’t meet that person It returned to the usual measures for example we avoid crowding because I don’t know if anyone can spread it And if we are forced to come then we will practice
the same measures as before hand hygiene, wear a mask, avoid touching eyes,
nose, mouth For the home environment of our office furniture we perform a sanitizing sanitation Then we eat and sleep reasonably In general, there is no such thing as a measure being more specific and taking all the basic
precautions properly justified is enough and we are more watchful, watch more This lady will probably ask the doctor to share it
with all of you in the audience And now we come to the audience’s question first Ladies and gentlemen, we will come to the audience’s
question to the show Why is Ncov coming from Wuhan, this question is a
little broad Why is Ncov leaving in Wuhan, doctor? then until now, all the information Which is officially presented on the websites of
the World Health Organization as well as other
places It is said that The first cases come from Wuhan city of Hubei
province, China and even people are zoning as the source is it from a seafood market, so it is thought that
this disease came from TP. Wuhan Thanks to the doctor today The doctor also shared Lots of information to be told is useful knowledge
for all of you in the audience in that we can protect our health in the best and
the best way In a day when we’re dealing with Corona viruses And now, before breaking up with all of the
audience Surely, please ask the doctor, we will summarize to
share the information With all of you the audience watching the show
today and we see there are two types of people One is too subjective, one is too bewildered the subjective person also apologized that Ba Nien
saw aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters selling
goods on the street are people who come in contact with so many people
that they are subjectively not wearing masks And some people are too bewildered to mean wearing
a mask and they are too thorough wherever they are Meet everyone wearing a mask and meet everyone who
thinks they are a disease object By the way, surely the doctor would like to share
the information with all of you audience A summary for everyone to be able to protect their
health in the present time Yes, in order to protect yourself against such an
agent Please be summarized First of all, I have to understand the pathogens the pathogen, please repeat, was named 2019 Ncov And belongs to the group called Corona virus In the past, there have been two major epidemics There is a high level of serious illness and a high
mortality rate as well as SARS of 2002 and MERS of 2012 and now 2019 That’s why I am naturally worried His world, his country is facing new challenges mankind’s understanding, of medicine in the past
time shows that the Corona virus it transmits, its
transmission mechanism Is it a combination of the droplet line I inhale the tiny droplets of water coming out of
the sick person when people talk or cough or sneeze and secondly it is coordinated with the contact
pathway, which is what the virus is capable of it exists for a few days on the surface around the
sick person and it pollutes the surface, leading to pollution
in the hands and then pollution on the good then to protect yourself, of course, can be
prevented the droplet I breathed in directly into my lungs,
I wore a mask To prevent transmission through contact, I clean my
hands, hygiene of all kinds of surfaces further measures, if there is an epidemic declared
in the region for example like that, I don’t know who is who, of
course I’m going to be more cautious I should wear a mask when I’m on the street but it’s
best to avoid getting out If you go, then wear a mask and proper hand
hygiene If we feel we have symptoms, we suspect we have the
disease then we can help limit the spread of disease to the
community by being at home or when we have a job to go We must wear masks and clean hands properly Also there are measures though it also Sometimes I forget, but I would like to remind
myself That is, we avoid the habit of touching our eyes,
nose and mouth with our hands Especially sometimes when I go on the road, I rub
my eyes, for example I wear a mask so I can avoid using my hands to touch the outside, especially to edit the mask we have measures Common calls to enhance his resistance by Eat and drink, then increase your rest and work
properly and then we take vitamins or nutritious food some of these summaries, hope are people who are
too careful So bewildered, you don’t have to worry more And people who are too subjective can know more
about basic instructions To practice properly is not only protecting yourself
but also protecting the community Thank you, Dr. Huynh Minh Tuan, for sharing with us
a lot of useful information today Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to share with
you all. Thanks to Dr. Huynh Minh Tuan for sharing
very useful information today. Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to share with
you all is in the present times these days we need to know
how to protect ourselves protecting ourselves is also the way we protect our
health best for the people we love, the family members That’s why in recent times Well, if we go outside the crowd See the crowd that wears a mask Let’s support the spirit for them and we also continue
to wear masks Because this is so that we besides protecting our
health, we also protect Health for the community Do not be subjective And the information is us Not subjective, we should not be too confused sir Because of us Know the best way to protect yourself Is what we really want And the same thing we all protect the health of our
loved ones And in this time The Healthy Living program will continue to update
you all The information is useful in and we respond to Corona
virus Tomorrow is at 15 o’clock We will continue an online interactive session for
all audiences With the theme of doing something to keep yourself
and your family safe during the Corona virus
outbreak We hope we all will follow along Let us update the useful information In addition, let’s keep track of the information on traditional channels, mainstream channels To avoid causing his bewilderment Thank you again, Dr. Huynh Minh Tuan, for accepting
the participation in today’s Healthy Living
program. And it brought us very useful information on the
topic of proactively responding to the Corona
virus Thank you doctor Ladies and gentlemen, our program today by Live Channel Communications Co., Ltd get professional advice from doctors from University
Medical Center And thank you for the companionship of hello
doctor And thank you all to the audience for watching the
show Goodbye and see you tomorrow at 15:00

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