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:( something I’ve never talked about…

August 14, 2019

– Yo guys, Jonathan here, and this is not a tech video, nor is it click bait. It has been a really
frustrating almost two weeks now battling an eye infection
which is the reason I’m wearing shades inside, and also so you’re not subjected
to staring at my face. So not this weekend, but the weekend prior I noticed some pain, some swelling. It was definitely annoying,
not pretty to look at, but it really didn’t slow me down too much the proceeding week. This weekend I thought I was in the clear, I thought things were getting better, but I woke up Monday,
looked in the mirror, and said, “welp, my eye
is swollen half shut, “and it is gross as shit.” So with that, I normally
like to keep things positive, and not focus on negative,
but with this, I think it was one of those things
where it kind of just wore me down day after day, where I wanted to make videos and had these ideas, but your mind says one
thing, and your body essentially gives you the finger. Now because of that, I kind
of wanted to spin things, especially with the holidays coming up and throw out a reminder that
it’s okay to have a bad day, it’s okay to be down, it’s okay to be sad. Not specifically focusing on me, but if you’re having a bad
day, whoever you watch, whoever you look up too, they’re going to have a bad day too. Conversely, with all
that said, and me having way too much time inside my own head, I thought it might be a good
time to talk about something I’ve never really talked about. Most of you out there who know me, especially those who are close with me, know me as “the healthy
guy,” that stereotypical LA dude is going to eat
kale, drink a juice, but I never really explained
how I got to this point. So this actually dates all the
way back to November, 2011. I remember it was
Thanksgiving, I was trying to do this Black Friday deals video but had the worst toothache that shot pain into my sinus and up into my eye, so at that point I knew it
was time to see a dentist. From there, I went ahead
and got a root canal, which I was strangely excited for, just to get things fixed
and on the up and up. But good God, that was just the beginning. Two weeks passed and somehow things seemed to have gotten worse. The pain is amplified, my face is swollen, my eye is swollen, and so I go back, get a second root canal, two more weeks pass, and same situation. The dentist, or the endodontist, rather had no idea what was wrong,
or what was going on, just super confused without any answers, so she sent me to an ENT. Naturally, the ENT thought
it was just a sinus infection so all they did was prescribe antibiotics. At this point between the root canals, and the ENT, that quickly
tallied up four courses of antibiotics, and if you could take one thing from this video,
it is please only take antibiotics when you absolutely have to. Question things, do your research because where I was at that point in my life, I really wasn’t in that state of mind, I just wanted to feel better, and that was just the beginning of way
worse problems later to come. So about four months pass, I am miserable, no one has any idea what is wrong with me, or what is going on. After tons of research,
and looking around, I finally found this really
well established oral surgeon and it wasn’t until
then where he discovered that all this time I had a freaking micro-fracture in my tooth. Also, it turns out that the roots of my teeth are really deep. So deep in fact, that they go straight into my sinus cavity, and that is awesome if I got punched in the
face because I’m probably not gonna lose my teeth very easy. But in this case, it is
what ultimately screwed me. Because there was a microfracture, bacteria would constantly
seep through there. So no matter how many root canals, or what was done, it
would never get better. And eventually what ended up
happening, was the infection ate straight through my sinus cavity. That is not something I wish on anybody. I remember on cold days
breathing through my nose, and feeling the air hit
the root of my tooth, and being in excruciating pain. At that point the only
solution was to pull the tooth, which started a completely
new bag of problems. I remember being awake during the process, and seeing how much the dentist struggled to pull the tooth out, I
guess because the roots were so deep, that tooth did not want to come out of my jaw. The positive to that though
is if it got any worse, because it was so deep in my jaw, it could’ve easily infected my bone, and that would’ve not been good. Once the tooth was out, that left a giant hole straight through my sinus, so they had to do a bone
graft, and that would take about a year and a half to fully heal. Jumping back to the antibiotics, because of this surgery, that required two more rounds plus steroids
to keep the inflammation down. The pain from that post surgery was one of the worst things I’ve
ever experienced in my life. Just imagine every single
nerve in your face, and your teeth just
feeling like it’s on fire. Honestly, it got me to a point where I was in a pretty
dark place, pretty down, didn’t really make that many
YouTube videos that year. The pain was so excruciating
and so constant, that I looked forward to being asleep because it didn’t hurt when I was asleep. Through all that though my family, and especially my fiancee, Pearl, was really what kept me going. In some strange way, it was almost this really valuable life lesson where all the electronics
and technology in the world didn’t matter, because what good was it if you didn’t feel good to enjoy things with those that you love. So a couple months passed,
things are getting better with my sinus, I’m making
progress, I’m excited, and then I start to get a really terrible pain
in my lower stomach. The best way I can describe this feeling is if someone took a
razor blade or a knife, and started scratching you from
the inside of your stomach. It had gotten so bad, that the
inflammation from my stomach actually pinched a nerve in my back which in turn caused my leg to go numb. I went back to the doctors, and they really didn’t know what was going on, they thought it might be diverticulitis which seemed weird and went ahead and prescribed me even more antibiotics. Things weren’t getting better, the pain in my stomach was getting worse, my leg was still numb, I ended up seeing chiropractors and doctors, and no one had any idea what was going on. So for the next few
months I said, “screw it, “I’m gonna do some research, I am going “to figure this out on my own.” Everything I learned, everything I read pointed to a yeast infection or candida, which may be a little
embarrassing if you’re a guy, but if you’ve taken major
courses of antibiotics that wipe out your good bacteria, that is a serious possibility. I’ll never forget it, I
went back to the doctor, and told them what I think I had, and he essentially laughed at me, and told me I was crazy,
that it was just allergies, take these, it’s gonna
make you feel better. So I of course believed him. I took the allergy medicine. I remember it was my nephew’s birthday, I ate cake, candy, ice cream
and that destroyed my body. For the next three days, it just felt like my body was lead, I couldn’t think, I remember that Monday taking my fiancee through Starbucks, and there were maybe two cars ahead of us,
and I could not remember the two drinks she was asking me to order to save my life, and at that point I knew something had to change. So after that, I gave
up bread, sugar, dairy, essentially anything that tastes good, and pretty much lived off vegetables, and bone broth for the next few months. Sure and behold, my leg
started getting better, the numbness went away, I
could think more clearly, I had more energy, it was night and day. Now with that, the turn around was not all rainbows and unicorns, there was definitely
some hardship to that. With that, I lost a ton of weight, I remember at one point I
had gotten down to around 145 and people were noticing
it within the videos. The biggest side effect of the
antibiotics, of the steroids, of the heavy doses of ibuprofen,
was the stomach damage. The yeast overgrowth,
when it gets really bad, will actually turn into a fungal form, where’ll it’ll eat through your stomach. That in turn causes toxins and things to leak into your
bloodstream which is not fun, and completely wipes me out. It’s something that I
still battle to this day. But over all, three years strong now, I would not change anything
if I could go back in time. It made me wiser, it made
me appreciate things, I’m not gonna lie, it is definitely a challenge from time to time. Trying to go to a restaurant, and not being able to eat 99% of the things on the menu
is extremely frustrating, especially when you have a fiancee. Bless her heart, she has
been amazing through this, and again, I would not be
here if it weren’t for her. So now you guys have a
little deeper insight of why I am the way I am. It’s definitely tempting to
eat a doughnut or ice cream, or candy, or just give
in every once in a while, but for me, actually feeling good far outweighs that moment of giving in. Because small things
like not paying attention and eating a sauce that has a sugar in it, or even eating too late in the day to where I can’t digest it, those things will knock me on my ass for a couple days to where I am useless. If this inspires or changes
just one person out there, then I am glad I made this video. Hopefully my eye is on the up and up, I am hungry and chomping at the bit to make some videos,
so look out for those. Ending on a positive note,
the t-shirts finally dropped, thank you guys for all the
support and the love on those. If you haven’t checked those out, I’ll drop a link down below. I love all of you guys,
and I’ll catch you later.


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    I just had appendicitis and gone through surgery and I remembered this video when I was in the recovery room… we should always prioritize in eating healthy and be cautious of what we are eating and putting into our body.

  • Reply Noime Tayaban July 21, 2017 at 3:33 am

    This made me love you more… ur struggles are real… i am really sad right now since I am struggling with my career and financially and at the same time with friends and officemates who used to be my kind and chatty with me and all of a sudden kinda ignores me because im nobody so I was trying to work harder to level up my social status and i thought about doing youtube and some stuff because i thought every successful youtuber have the perfect life and now this is a realization…Everybody does have their own battle…i can really feel your pain on what you went through… I feel like my battle is just a dot compare to yours.. Also, Thank you for reminding us to eat healthy coz i dont know what ill do if id experience that kind of pain…

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    I feel you quite a bit. i got fructose and lactose intolerant like 4-5 years ago and im suspecting it was because I had to take antibiotics after I got my wisdom teeth pulled out. (also my roots are super long as well, my dentist was seriously struggling to get them out.) anyways, because of my intolerances its been really difficult eating outside. although many people might think fructose is only in fruits its seemingly everywhere. I used to not be able to eat anything with sugar since common sugar consists of 50% glucose and 50% fructose, many dishes unless it got seasoned only with salt and the list goes on.
    although its gotten better its still very difficult to eat outside and even though ive got quite some experience now, there still are many times when I get problems from the food I thought was safe to eat.
    still im glad you're better now!

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    How could you sleep with pain? One night, i had pain from my teeth and i could not sleep. I thought i die because i was so exhausted. Later i drank warm water and it worked a bit and i could sleep.

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    The only place I've really talked about what I'm about to talk about is Facebook, and mainly musically. But March 19th, 2017, this year, my grandma had passed away from Kidney Cancer, and she had been battling it for 7 years. Long enough that 3 weeks before she past (which felt like 3 years because of everything going on) but the 3 weeks before, Duke Cancer Center had no choice but to stop treating her. But during her time of fighting cancer, she always stayed positive and said "It's just a little bump in the road". She loved traveling and always said that when she gets over her cancer that she'd be on the road going to all different kinds of places. But my main point is that she always stayed positive about everything that went on around her. She stayed positive through ups and downs like you did with your tooth, stomach, eye, and everything else you faced, like you found inspiration or a reason to keep going. And I know you did what most people would not do, and that is not give up. I think that's awesome

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    Reminds me when my fiancé had excruciating migraines where she couldn’t remember anything or move. Took her to the ER 4 times. Every time I took her we waited way too long and I kept pointing out a rash on her back. I told them I thought it was shingles. Nurses and doctors said it was nothing just fungi and pumped her full of dilaudid which is extremely powerful pain medication. As sooon as we were back home the migraines would come back. And I’m not talking regular migraines. If anyone knows shingles, these were beyond excruciating headaches. She couldn’t even sit up let alone stand.

    It wasn’t until the 4th time (after MRIs and everything else) a “clear eyes” commercial esque doctor came in, looked at the rash for 3 seconds and said “she’s got shingles”. Gave her a specific pill and the pain was gone within 2 hours.

    Google gets scary when looking up symptoms but if you know what to sift through it can be invaluable for not being incorrectly diagnosed. The doctors can be pompous sometimes and refuse looking up or going back to the basics.

    You’ll save yourself money too as believe it or not — we were billed thousands for each hospital visit they INCORRECTLY diagnosed her.

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    a small advice if you get that stomach problem again then all you have to do is grab a small piece of ginger and take it like a candy(i mean lick i dont remember the specific word for that). ginger can keep your stomach from harmful bacteria an fungi. it improves your digestive capacity. its hard to do so. but do it until you get used to it.

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    Thanks Jonathan, I'm a doc from the UK and unlike most of my colleagues I do believe in Gut Health especially when it comes to Antibiotics wiping your normal gut flora out. Yeast infections can strive and really dominate your body. Cutting out sugar and introducing probiotic supplements/foods like kimchi/kefir do genuinely help especially with energy levels. Plus you will be healthier in the long run. Keep up your aerobic exercise and mental wellbeing!

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    P.s. I made this on my 18th birthday?

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    improves your karma…

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