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Solving the Mystery of Darwin’s Lifelong Illness

December 5, 2019

[ INTRO ] Charles Darwin’s five-year tour of the Southern
hemisphere on the HMS Beagle let him see the natural world in a new light, helping him
develop his theory of evolution by natural selection. But it didn’t provide any insights into
a much more personal mystery: what made him so ill. Darwin spent his entire life searching for
relief from an endless litany of recurring symptoms. And while his condition improved at least
somewhat towards the end of his life, he never figured out what made him so sick so often. That puzzle has fascinated scientists and
doctors in the decades since. They’ve combed over the symptoms and have
come up with more than 40 different diagnoses. And while there’s still no consensus, there
are a couple plausible answers, including several that suggest he got an unfortunate
genetic hand dealt to him by his mother. Darwin kept extensive health journals, applying
the same meticulous note-taking he used in science to his own health. The detailed documentation of his symptoms
has made diagnosing his condition a common challenge in the medical community. But Darwin suffered from such a wide range
of problems that it seems almost impossible to pinpoint a single, root cause. For example, he was said to have a “weak
stomach” because he was so quick to puke. And he had bouts of fatigue that went way
beyond exhaustion—he’d spend days “most terribly knocked up,” as he phrased it. But at various times in his life, he also
experienced headaches, severe skin conditions, chest pains, trembling and numbness in his
hands, dizziness, shivering, visual disturbances, backaches, psychological symptoms, and more. One of the earliest guesses was that his famous
voyage was to blame, as he may have contracted Chagas disease—a parasitic infection spread
by bug bite. But the idea has been strongly rebutted because
no one else on the HMS Beagle got it, and Darwin didn’t show the classic physical signs
of disease, like an enlarged esophagus or colon, in any of the doctor examinations he
received throughout his life. Also, Darwin experienced some of his symptoms
before he set sail. Other doctors have proposed that his troubles
were psychosomatic: physical symptoms arising from mental illness. He did have anxiety and depression, and some
of his episodes coincided with periods of stress. But many didn’t, and most experts say mental
illness alone can’t explain all of his symptoms, especially given the severity and sheer number
of problems he had. One diagnosis that fits pretty well is a poorly
understood condition called CVS, which stands for a medical condition called , not the pharmacy
chain. This is exactly as unpleasant as it sounds:
sufferers experience periodically recurring bouts of severe nausea and vomiting, which
is definitely something “weak stomached” Darwin was all too familiar with. CVS patients have a higher than normal chance
of anxiety disorders and depression, migraines, and certain nervous system disorders that
might explain Darwin’s mysterious episodes of numbness, partial paralysis, and distorted
vision. They also tend to have severe motion sickness,
which describes Darwin’s experience on the Beagle to a tee. It’s hard to believe the poor guy spent
a year and a half of that five year voyage at sea. Another point in CVS’s favor is the fact
that patients often seek out water during an episode—either drinking it in excess
or spending long periods of time in baths or showers. Doctors aren’t sure why this helps, but
more than half of patients report it eases their symptoms. And Darwin, too, seemed relieved by water:
he noted improvement when treated with a popular remedy at the time called the “water cure,”
which involved cold foot baths, scrubbing with wet towels, and cold compresses. The exact cause of cyclic vomiting syndrome
is unknown, but it has been linked to abnormalities in mitochondrial DNA—which would also explain
why his doctors didn’t diagnose it. Mitochondria produce the universal fuel of
cells. That means mitochondrial diseases can affect
almost any organ in your body and can cause an enormous array of symptoms. But the first mitochondrial disease wasn’t
identified until the 1950s, more than seven decades after Darwin’s death, so his doctors
couldn’t have suspected one might be to blame. And there are unique features to these diseases
make them really hard to diagnose without specific genetic tests. You can’t simply track them in families
unless you know what you’re looking for, for example, because they don’t obey the classical
rules of inheritance. That’s because mitochondria only come from
your biological mother—they’re they’re passed down through eggs. And they have their own genome which encodes
for many of their essential parts, so abnormalities in mitochondrial DNA can cause these cellular
powerhouses to falter. But each cell in your body can have hundreds
to thousands of them, some of which might be normal and some that could be abnormal. Since it’s possible to have different ratios
of sick and healthy mitochondria in different cells, the same disease can produce a wide
range of symptoms in a single person. They can even present differently in identical
twins, let alone different people. If Darwin’s doctors had known about these
conditions, they might have looked to see if any of his family on his mother’s side
exhibited signs. Interestingly enough, Darwin’s mother and
her brother both also suffered from illnesses with long lists of symptoms. And his mother’s youngest sister died when
she was only eight from an illness that strongly resembles another mitochondrial disorder called
MELAS syndrome, which stands for ‘mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like
episodes.’ If mitochondrial diseases did run in the family
on his mother’s side, it would make sense that Darwin could have inherited one. And MELAS might fit the bill even better than
CVS, because the stroke-like episodes in its name would explain the periodic episodes of
partial paralysis, memory loss, and difficulty or inability to speak that Darwin began to
experience in his 50s. MELAS also causes a build-up of lactic acid
in the bloodstream which can cause severe abdominal pain, vomiting, and fatigue, all
of which Darwin frequently experienced. Of course, we may never really solve the mystery
of Darwin’s illness. And it may be that more than one condition
was to blame, which would mean doctors are mistakenly shoehorning too many symptoms into
one diagnosis. The only way to know for sure if any of these
hypotheses is right would be to exhume his body for tests—which seems a bit extreme. Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow,
a Complexly production. If you want to learn more about Darwin’s
transformative theory and how he developed it, you might like the episodes on our sister
channel, Crash Course, on evolution. [ OUTRO ]


  • Reply acegeek April 6, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    Sounds a lot like untreated Hyperparathyroism.

  • Reply jessica b April 7, 2018 at 9:03 am

    B12 deficiency? A majority of those symptoms sound like mine, along with my calcium/vitamin D deficiency /:

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  • Reply Gaurav Manwani April 7, 2018 at 9:20 pm

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  • Reply An Ano April 10, 2018 at 3:02 am

    seems quite obvious to me; ocd and hypochondria induced anxiety, anxiety induced auto-imune conditions.
    "mental illness alone cant explain the severity and sheer number of problems he had" never seen scishow show this much ignorance

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    I have a connective tissue disease called Ehler-Danlos that can cause up to 160 other secondary disease/disorders, almost all of them similar to what Darwin experienced. It is degenerative and is also very often missed by doctors as there are such shifting and nebulous symptoms mix messing up nearly every system with connective tissues.

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