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Solve Embarrassing Health Issues like Blue Tongue & More

August 25, 2019

solve embarrassing health issues like
bluetongue and more at one time or another people will be affected by
embarrassing health problems because they are mortified by the problem they
feel the need to ignore it unfortunately by ignoring even embarrassing medical
problems regardless of how embarrassing it may be it can put you in danger you
should always put your health and fitness above everything else
otherwise you may regret it another reason why people tend to ignore
embarrassing health issues is that they fear they might be overreacting because
of this they don’t seek out health care no one wants to take time off work for a
problem that could be nothing another reason people avoid dealing with
embarrassing medical issues is that they don’t feel comfortable discussing them
with a doctor when it comes to problems with your body it doesn’t matter if it’s
embarrassing or not a problem is a problem and it needs to be dealt with
and treated this video will show you all the top embarrassing health issues that
no one wants to admit they have whether you are suffering from blue tongue or
just plain old fatigue if you have any of these health issues make sure that
you seek out the proper health care before jumping to any conclusions before
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to solve thirteen embarrassing health problems no one likes to admit they have
number 13 blue tongue blue tongue is known as discoloration which occurs on a
person’s tongue and is called cyanosis blue tongue can be caused by lung or
heart issues related to coronary artery disease or even chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease blue tongue can also be caused by a lack of oxygen due to an
obstruction in your airway if you notice that you’re developing a blue tongue it
could mean that you have lung or heart issues
that have gone undiagnosed number 12 it smells down there no woman wants to
admit that she has a weird smell but the sooner they admit there is a weird smell
down there the sooner they can get rid of it it doesn’t mean that the woman is
unclean all it means is that there’s a bacterial imbalance this bacterial
imbalance is called bacterial vaginosis this increases the risk of developing
sti’s miscarriages and infections so if you have this embarrassing health issue
it might just be a bacterial imbalance visit a doctor or healthcare
professional to get the right health tips in a form of treatment number 11
no sexual desire no one ever wants to admit that they are feeling fatigued and
their sexual desire is gone but it does happen and it’s nothing to be
embarrassed about if this happens you might be dealing with hypoactive sexual
desire disorder HSDD for women hormones especially during menopause can make
HSDD more common do you want to know what embarrassing medical issue almost
everyone has that is actually completely normal
most people are embarrassed by this health problem but it’s actually not an
embarrassing medical problem at all keep watching till the very end to find out
what it is number 10 pain when releasing stool if
you’re experiencing pain while releasing stool there is an issue you might think
that this problem is embarrassing to talk to your health care professional
about but your doctor is used to it and chances are they have heard much worse
some of the main reasons behind painful release of stool are irritable bowel
syndrome inflammation correct aisle cancer and constipation next time you
feel pain when you’re releasing stool visit a doctor because it could lead to
a serious problem number 9 sweating too much if you are into health and fitness
but notice that you sweat more than you think is normal you may have health
issues and if you sweat a lot but aren’t really into health and fitness and live
a pretty set in dairy lifestyle it could be a warning sign as well
according to science daily about 2.8 percent of Americans suffer from
excessive sweating it may be embarrassing to admit that you’re
constantly drenched in sweat but your doctor needs to know in many cases
hyperhidrosis is caused by another health condition so it’s essential that
you see a doctor if it often occurs if you notice that you’re sweating a lot
while you’re sleeping or just seem to be sweating for no reason during the day
there might be an underlying health issue that is causing the excessive
sweating try to rule out any underlying health conditions before trying out any
remedies keep watching as we continue to countdown how to solve 12 embarrassing
health problems no one likes to admit they’re having number eight too much
stress no one ever wants to admit that they can’t handle the stress life brings
on them but if the stress becomes unbearable you might want to visit a
doctor chronic stress can lead to several health issues including fatigue
you may experience sleep issues due to your chronic fatigue constant headaches
high blood pressure depression and anxiety you might think that dealing
with the stress on your own is a personal problem you’d be right to think
that but it doesn’t mean you can’t seek help from your doctor your doctor may be
able to help you manage your stress so that you can remain healthy number seven
changes in nipples if you notice a change in your nipples it can be
embarrassing to talk about but it could be a sign of breast cancer if discharge
and change in color are present you need to speak to a doctor immediately
and here’s another health tip that might help you out did you know that breast
implants can possibly interfere with detecting breast cancer it’s true breast
implants can potentially delay a diagnosis of breast cancer this is why
you should be going for regular checkups at a doctor to make sure that you don’t
have breast cancer particularly if you have breast implants
number six constant itching in the nether regions no one ever wants to be
caught scratching their behind but if it’s become a frequent thing you should
seek medical advice constant scratching can be caused by
hemorrhoids yeast infections and intestinal parasites embarrassing health
issues need to be talked about with a professional the reason is that your
doctor needs to diagnose you so they can properly treat you number five
smelly breath are you noticing that people are constantly talking to you
from far away instead of close up chances are you’re having bad breath one
of the main causes of bad breath is that you have an oral infection the best
health tip when it comes to bad breath is just going to see your dentist once
you’ve been treated for your infection try chewing cloves anise seeds or fennel
seeds all of these have antiseptic properties or maybe you just need to lay
off the garlic number four your teeth are stained whether you’re
smoker coffee drinker or wine drinker chances
are that you’ve had stained teeth not everyone has the time or the money to
head to the dentist to have them cleaned or whitened so if you’re embarrassed by
your stained teeth try swishing around oil in your mouth it will help remove
plaque and will restore the natural color of your teeth this is one
embarrassing medical issue that can be easily avoided especially if you are a
smoker number three pimples as an adult as a child and a teenager it was normal
to have acne it meant that your hormones were developing and you were growing but
when you’re an adult having acne can be an embarrassing experience unfortunately
women are more prone to acne because of how often their hormones fluctuate one
of the best health tips to avoid acne as an adult is eliminating anything that
stresses you out you can also maintain a healthy diet that does not include fried
or fast foods if you want to visit a health care professional
there are many prescription medications that can help as well
number two cold sores a cold sore is a blister that sits around your mouth
they’re painful they look hideous and if you try to cover it up it will become
irritated you can let it run its course and it
will eventually go away but if you want to get rid of it quickly you can try
coconut oil coconut oil has antiviral and antibiotic properties that if
applied a few times a day could make the cold sword disappear so now that you’ve
reached the end here’s a way to solve probably one of the most embarrassing
health problems that most people have in reality this health problem isn’t really
a health problem at all and it’s not all that embarrassing actually it’s
perfectly normal and natural but many people around the world feel
embarassed about it want to know what it is well you’ve waited till the end so
here you go number one stretch marks stretch marks can be one of the most
embarrassing medical issues for many people but in all reality stretch marks
aren’t a medical issue at all they’re completely normal
they can be caused by several things weight gain can cause stretch marks as
well as bearing a child investing in aloe vera gel can help it has a large
range of therapeutic properties that can help also it is very gentle on the skin
so you won’t have to worry about irritation unless you’re allergic to the
ingredients so be sure to read the label before applying one thing we feel the
need to repeat again is that stretch marks are completely natural almost
everyone in the world has stretch marks and there is no reason to be ashamed of
them according to Health Line women are more prone to getting stretch marks but
that doesn’t mean men don’t get them either in fact men get stretch marks too
as they grow or gain weight so what do you think have you ever had any of these
embarrassing health problems what are some ways to get rid of some of your
embarrassing medical issues what is your health fitness routine like let us know
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