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Social Media in Medicine

December 28, 2019

K so good afternoon everyone thanks for
joining us at this fabulous panel that we have
assembled We are going to talk about social media
and the web 2.0 and its role in Medicine. This is part
of a CME course that was hosted by the
Cleveland Clinic on April 10 I’ll like the panel to introduce
themselves I myself I’m an Associate Professor of
medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and I am and director of education technology and
I dabble in social media but the panel that is assemble here has helped me learn more about social
media than anyone else so I’ll ask each of them to briefly
introduce themselves and will start left to right based on
how they are on the a little photos that you can see
at the bottom so Ann Marie Cunningham. I’m okay hello I’m over here in Cardiff in
the UK I’m a family doctor and I also work and I work for Cardiff University.
where I am a clinical lecturer and I’m lead for learning there and I am about five or six years ago I started
blogging and tweeting and find out what the different things
and I have learned an awful lot through it that I bring to all aspects of my work
thank you and Doctor Katherine Chretien I am Katherine Chretien. I’m associate
professor medicine at George Washington and a
hospitalist the VA hospital in DC and I also
teach and direct medical students there I
started blogging in 2006 with a personal blog and then created a group blog called
mothers in medicine that still running in 2008. H I do have a research in social media
and and use it frequently tank thank you and Michelle craft I I’m in shock wrapped I’m I have the
senior medical librarian at the Cleveland Clinic I started Joaquin many years ago as a
professional blogger up for lighter and specifically medical
librarians and I’m is social media to stay in touch
with other medical librarians and library s %uh and medical educators to understand
how esta I’m impression doctors thanks
Michelle and that doctor when it Aurora hi
everyone can you hear me OK in K okay great on I am there are a I’m here at the University of Chicago
where I’m an associate professor and I also work in medical education in the
dean’s office object in scholarly concentrations
programs as well as energy and the office integrating residents and quality and
safety I’m passionate about using new media and my medical education which is what
led me to join Twitter in 2010 8 I’m to explore it as a way to interact
with students presents for all over the world and my twitter handles at future docks
and exhorted built up a following on that and got it done a
lot of work on moderating met at chads and a variety of
research as well social media add iced late later after a
few years on Twitter I got enough courage to start a blog
which I blog mark asiana Lisa great thank you so much so you kind of each of you told us briefly why you got
into social media and how your day that but if and you probably get this
question a lot I do someone who has not used Twitter are Google+ are any of the social
network’s osteo as a position or as a medical
professional why should I even try to use this and we’ll just take it
in the same otter maybe two or three quick points that you
think would come when someone why they should dip their toes and this
water Glenn Murray hi a city in is shown Michelle go ahead and
more okay yeah it’s okay it was just a
michelle b show and not me am still I say that the main thing is to
try and decide for it full what it is that you actually want
it connect way because social media all about connection sold
by developing relationships and communities
to May and so I think it’s good to identify who are the people that you would like
to be learning where and learning from and then figure right which are going to be the best tools to
be able to and allow you to connect with them so I think it’s just a bite figuring
that if you figure that alright and you can tell me what it is that you
want today and I can probably try and help pay for crop I pick a white doing now okay so I guess paraphrasing here saying
depending on your needs that bizarre different reason to use
social media for each person and if he talk to an expert they can
help you figured that out yet okay alright are
Catherine well how would you can when someone what
would be a couple things you tell that to try you know I think wanna the power affects its social media certainly the
community you can build and support you can get
from the community and so when I started by Others medicine
I felt very alone and junior faculty mother going through hijinks without having many friends were you seen part
of life and be able to share that so be able to
connect with others who are going to rise going through this very powerful
unhelpful and I’d take finding in tapping into
community of people like you I’m in terms of learning and supporting and as you stock about communities are
people like you are you do you have a way to find these
people how do you go about is this a daunting task of searching for
a needle in a haystack I think it can’t be a little bit
overwhelming when you first start and may be a good tip is just to latch
onto a few people it you know that have connections in
seeing who dey I’m connect to you and putting people
through to an and biting people through cash tax like med community for does medical educators
if you’re interested in that terrific so you’ll find someone that u
think can help you someone who has connections follow the people they follow maybe look
at their less and its fight use a some hash tags that
are related to your specialty your great points Michelle as they are role in the library you
probably get to us all kinds of questions so what
would be the questions you get asked about social media and what do you tell
them I’m good lot of people who ask why are you I like people is not just how
much time does it take you know meet its it took a lot of time it will be on my radar up I think Barney net can take a little at a time
but learning and integrating into your work well so
it doesn’t take any extra time is what this helpful for me I I have twitter up and its in part
apartment just like email and if you got rid of my Twitter
account I just as lost as I got rid of my email
account so it’s for me it is actually no more
time then I mean maybe if I had add it all up thirty-minute extra day but I could
spend the thirty minutes extra day really more email reading the newspaper
internal are call and i cant more out a bit through
the connections with other people out there doing the same thing so you’re saying
that in some way some of the information flow all you divert from email to Twitter and because you can select the people
and Twitter it may become more relevant than
unsolicited emails I’m I know I meanwhile some other time
slots but I get up white gradient different information I
would never have been emailed that I find very helpful that leads me into different ways just
thinkin it also is I’ll tends to be more hmmm on the minute information I can get
the answers pretty quickly whereas for some reason
email people I’ll answer as quickly room yeah now that’s interesting so
there is a different culture 0 how to respond on Twitter maybe okay let’s hold that part because I think you
also alluded to how you manage your time and we’ll circle back to that point so
winning I’ll you work with students colleagues
in Chicago what do they ask you and how do you
respond about social media I love well I think alive the two things that come up almost
I am which what have them Michelle mentioned is how
do you have time to do this at I agree that a lot of it is of about
integrating it into your data on it can be daunting at first and so I
also agree with Tom popper and you know it’s good to start small and I often say it’s like a cocktail
conversation and you’re just have you know stepping into
conversations I’m using hashtags to find out what
you’re interested in but you shouldn’t feel obligated like email linking you need to read your email you don’t
need to read your Twitter stream you know there are days that I don’t check on Twitter if it’s something important
you will rise to the top because everybody will reach me in or somebody
well you know if it’s something that I really
need to know about it has it was something published in my field somebody
will tag me it’s a whole East I and so so you have to have faith
that that right information will come to you
add-on and it’s also helpful you select your
initial the people that your arm you know people
often ask how do you follow so many people are men so I have seen our two thousand
people are something maybe three thousand I follow I’m not
reading through their streams oftentimes I have a list F maybe 50
people that I have like record like my
recommended list they’ve created for medical education fellows that you’re on the list a home for
people that I me a believer high-yield on medical
educators tweeting in that field out west for other things like professional slide easier journals and
so um the ayt LEDs on social media is really
being able to ot not call information and then
prioritize that and I and you don’t need it happy like
you have to check it every day and sell and what they tell people that
he seemed to feel a lot better up because usually its the time an
obligation that they don’t wanna I’ll down on now great points and
actually I’ll one of them at a first that I’ve
used in the past as out for the same question as I say match
in your gonna cam in a desert and there is this
beautiful stream of fresh water flowing past you you’d say I want to
drink at all because I don’t want to let any of it go under use and really you don’t do that
you’re just when you’re thirsty you pick could top
and drink some and if you get comfortable with that I
think it overcome some of the anxiety because
you’re to balance information overload and we are trying not to have too much
but you’re trying to filter it and I think what I heard you say was you
use up following their appropriate people and lasts creating less filter what you wanna say right great so the other team I think both Michelle and when EU alluded to was
how do you manage your time and I A would go out and say that I can post a tweet that anytime in the day or night and and Murray will
respond to that 100 and that is applied with a half hour difference okay how do you do this at
Murray the you drive the people around you
insane how does this work for you what’s your day look like with social
media and it depends what I’m what I’m doing I
mean obviously a a man-made enzymes in patience I’ve got
that kinda day going on then it can’t involve a my social media but
if I was and last night we were chatting when I
was on the trian so I’m just like passing the time pain
and on Hina so I V and looking at more from a passenger in
a car and I’m well my husband’s listening to his music
or something on the radio then I’ll be able to so it kind of goes
in that way all over but very often it’s the cost there something particular
activity going on like a chick tweet China or being at a
conference or getting involved and that discussion
up mean sometimes at the you know you’re
writing a blog posting your thinking about it you’re responding to comments
S&P per se bahot khush so it just depends on on what’s
happening but I’ve got pretty clear I mean I think
sometimes people are a little bit surprised they meet me to think I might
just be on my phone all the time but I’m not rely it’s just that I’m
quite high quite how productive of treats when I’m
engaged yeah yeah know I have to admit that your bring a level of engagement to
Twitter which is very much appreciate it so thank you for
being you up Kathryn Michelle Whitney I’ll how does yard Bay look like are a week maybe you don’t use this every day maybe we’ll
start with you pat Quinn you at like what’s been said before
echoed through spurts so being able to check and be able to do
that and being wild horses now I’m so there might be weaker to
wearing completely not on Twitter and it’s just on certain
other things are going on so I just find it a treat when I can and I find out so much information
connected people when that available but a ride I don’t like I’m missing out to
mention I’m not too bad either them yeah that’s the swim yeah Michelle Winnie I know you both talked
about this but you 10 a expand for their own the nitty gritty of how you use social
media and your day I’m for me I don’t see patients so I’m a little I’m /url on my computer a
little bit more and somebody this ramtane earned patients ok
for me other Twitter is often been a mines to my
screen and someone to make email list minimize
time it’s great so when I do get a tweet it pops up little box and I might glance
at it I might not I’m really engrossed in a search for
somebody but it’s just systematic review or something I am ignoring everything and I will work
on that I’m not Twitter I mean work on that then
that I’m working on I’m I also I’m I can sit up I try Derby days where I’m not trippin at all
weekends I heard lee ever tweet I’m but I do try and connect with up the
people white found network with often through
tweet chance and schedule things like that where the
one that I do this with us medical librarians and we do that every
Thursday night and it’s no pressure I A I do but to Thursday’s mom and sometimes just
because I really want to that subject and other subtext on interest me it’s a
good way to to scan it stayed fresh in keeping up with people up her raid I anything to add to that
Whitney I love you know I can get that I would
say I similar to everyone else I think I can
add is that I’m you know when I look at that news
feeds in the morning I look for articles that you know I find
that article interesting I use that as a litmus test to that post
on Twitter %uh and so attendant we I you know however the morning but it’s kinda when
I’m like you know getting up getting ready looking at stuff I’ll seeing if there’s anything
interesting that happen overnight and then a and then sort of throughout
the day at me obviously depends on what you’re doing I
agree when you’re seeing patients you know mmm using any form of
Technology when you’re focusing on you know hearing about this story in I
you know integrating all of that stuff that you need to an electronic health
record is really difficult are but after I’ll cherish rounds I like
go on to Twitter and find out well you know what’s going on yr I’m and so
it kinda I actually find it as a fun stress reliever way it’s not PL it’s something that it’s
like something i wanna do it means I have a little bit of time in my day got to take time for myself at large and
sell when I’m checking that the hash tag of interest to me I’m
it’s usually like I’m learning something and oftentimes I
find it interesting article or about a new initiative army somebody
that I can then kinda thought you know either advance a topic honor refer to a Cali and so I I view that those are all positive that actually
help me get burned-out avoid burnout because it’s
not it’s not extra pressure that I need to deal it’s
more at indication that I’m actually reaching out to others who are
in our community and I’m trying to advance our work
together great so I’ll I think that the men here if I’m
sensing it arises one that helps you build connections it
helps you stay up to date and that it’s something you choose to do
so you can filter what’s coming to you as opposed to email which often at least half of it is
not what you decide that and its you’re going out to find
information are having it come to you as opposed to
being thrown at you so I we have a group of physicians
watching this live and the question that they would have is what is my risk for doing this are there any particular risks I should
be careful of what can this hurt me and let’s just go around the table and I
think about this from different perspectives because we have and money from Wales and I no the should send sentiment there tends to
be a little bit different so why did you start and should and less
about what the policies are there about using social media corporations it’s
interesting that ye E you favor that is being a little bit
different here am I I think sometimes that people that
look n see that there aren’t more doctors
engaging with patients within social media within discussions in the UK than there are in in the US
much about a hundred percent rate but there are out there are discussions
going on where there’s not it’s not necessary your patience but
there are discussions going backwards and police around issues which i think
is entirely inappropriate good thing sheesh an so much sure that’s what you
mean by the different attitude but mmm so what would be good parents yeah what
what did you guys all what the rest the risks of heart that
you’re not careful about what you do what you say and that you say
something that is inappropriate to much larger audience than you actually intend to take at the
same time you have to say well you know everybody
makes mistakes sometimes and although he said this is always going to be common room for ever and it never go
away actual a it isn’t going to be have that much news
value for a very long week who unless absolutely atrocious and you
should be feeling awful avoid it and you know it’s reflective of much
something much wider and then in general the book make a mistake and
be able to get get past as well so I think that its
really bad if people get paralyzed by thanking I don’t trust myself if you’re you know
you’re competent packs n you will know what’s appropriate
to say and if you don’t fail at the very died
about that than fee-free dissident to stay away but
don’t don’t Satie paralyzed by it I think that in
some ways the overestimate the arrests that’s a great that what you meant by but I would say
is that what you meant I nine-year yes I do. that’s what you
would say I’m not capture and as written and published about their issues
the professionalism and some of our mainstream journals I so Catherine what do you think the opinion are the sentiment in the US
as their friend compared to maybe the UK if you can
comment on that and build our state medical boards have a
different view of what positions though in social media no I’m not really sure and Quays you
compare are the wet we think purses UK I don’t know that that I think one clear
risk is patient privacy and probably the most
serious one that we talk about though I think a lot of people who are
on social media physicians have decided maybe for themselves that I’m not going
to post about individual patient in any kind in detail and i know i
personally followback no if I ever have SAT n and maybe and
lengthy something about a piece in ages the about that you really need to
routine answers now no I think that is a clear ESN agree
that sometimes people are held back by here as make a mistake for the risks at
the Emory said backs I think that we’ve all had so
much awareness about this in snow now how’d it manage this her rationally and responsibly that we can
go forward and experiment and see what we can do you
dad to help patients and hell am our careers are are how just society in general by using social
media so can you expand on that so I think
this gets into the nitty-gritty out those who use social media I would want
to say and I kind of a man that camp that it as
a huge potential doing bro at least the quality of
information that patients can find on the internet for a more credible
sources is that is are there other benefits I what do you tell your students at
they’re going to be the future professionals right I’ll make didn’t yet you are the
future and you were gonna come up with wonderful ways to use social media and you change the basic medicine and so
I want them to you feel comfortable all and about how they are and had a
professional online and Danny about how they’re going to you in body knows values and ideals that it carry anyway as the online space and then take bad and be able to million
in pay and go places that we haven’t even Ghana yet no credit go clower pick up for it
cautiously I think before you post be thoughtful
and try to make a difference okay I Michelle any comments on risks that you feel not necessarily for positions but a from the point of view of are all the
people you interact within the healthcare space well I would say you don’t post anything
that you don’t like a grandma to reach ok if they agree but he retreated maybe
you shouldn’t post it now some people have more liberal
grandmothers than others but its kinda but that’s kinda beer that’s
buying mechanic my barometer um n just like doctors who don’t cost about
patients are Spurs it patients I’m I do i do research for
doctors and I don’t really it which it that
confidentiality also till so I really don’t right specifically about any doctors or nurses
or anybody I’m doing research for so it there’s also a little bit a
confidentiality when you’re doing just stopped looking for information people in general I’m one other things I
also like that tell people it is you can’t be a robot
I’m ap summer my personality does come out
my tweets and sometimes they do now say oh it’s I L it’s absolutely
freezing here something like that and I think sometimes if you let a
little bit of your personality show that helps people understand where
you’re coming from and to follow a little bit more yeah excellent renny any comments and woo I know you have a handle would say
its future docs so maybe tell us how that started and because clearly that seems to imply
medical students and then how would you tell medical students
about the rest I know you there have been incidents we don’t want
to get into but we are all aware of that we have been exposed to and a out what go on yes lol at you know just like everything
you know when I started on Twitter I wasn’t schorr where was going and you know I I I kinda kept it pretty separate from
my professional sphere was an experiment %uh and Dom so I I used my name but I felt like I joined
Twitter very early time when people were not using their name on I’m trying I saw lamar you know on
Twitter handles so then I was like well what should my
twitter handle be so for a long time I worked under a Twitter account that has my name just my name in it and
then finally you know it’s like oh maybe I should
tweet about medical education and you know I looked around for some
Twitter handles and this one was not taken so he decided to choose that of and it gave me a little bit of focus because otherwise it’s me overwhelming
like what are you gonna tweet about having said that you know years go by you don’t know what where how things are
gonna handout or what programs are going to exist in the future and so up now I you know before I would never tell
anybody I was on Twitter at my workplace because they would be like why are you
doing that you know and now people are like ok can you help me and you know I
put it in my e-signature so we’ve evolved and you know even in
medical education which is not necessarily the most stop you know you
don’t bash have innovation always you then even people there are evolving
and you see a lot of medical schools and a residency programs on Twitter so I
venture chief residents Ave run it group Twitter account to try to
promote I recruit Matt and recognition usually use Twitter a POS at of in terms
that professional abscess I think it especially comment away
you’re new to Twitter I think that whence you know Harper experience percent I think they
get a handle up there’s a lot I self-policing make calls
on Twitter at you know even I a minor comments made by celebrities
gonna guess I’ll released and so you see that %uh and
Cesar start to think well you have caused a lot beat or com you
know I have a tweet that I West Allis think business something out feel comfortable
shouting out into the street and got the OK with us up and sometimes the
answer is no I might soften the language that I would use to describe that on add for students I think sometimes
haha at the hardest thing because they go from Facebook having
more up close network of friends who they trust where
their peers to Twitter which is much more public I
mean weekend a locked account and saw them to you up
but they still have an adopted the professional identity thief physician or having I’m cared for a patient at so having like a patient Google them so I
think they still a little bit further removed from that and that’s where you
start to see maybe some other students can’t get into
trouble %uh but I know that there’s a lot of
efforts to teach on students and policy statements many
of the people on this call it developed I somehow those he says and I would say you know in some of those instances
Lottomatica boils down to using good judgement because its this same person who would
tweet something that would have to be offensive if they say that in class or hot you
know shot and the Elm Street you know that still going to you of bring back somehow clash and up and
usually what is happening as it’s not necessarily the case that a
good student just got into trouble on Twitter it’s somebody who has the difficulty
with finding that right boundary and the earlier we can identify that and
have highlight that you know this is a and need for you
that protect your opera fashion all an edge of the better and %ah and so I feel like it’s sort of
like a stress test in some cases our students %uh but by and large I
think most you know we hear about the egregious
cases but if you think about them enough you know the CF all things going on what r you’ll see
that most people are using it for on to all very positive under
promote a positive image have great night say
something please on my god though it one of the things I’m it does
come up not going to like pick over officially scored against but this
i do. protecting your professional image that I actually the important thing is
your MH am I think that’s that’s one of the things that we have to be aware that we are actually
project we are projecting an image when we’re doing this if
something comes back over looks this again in like 20 anne-marie
Cunningham’s a lot more liberal bite this the height what she likes the cut whenever I stay
will be kinda what life and in this way but it’s not just by it the two things are regulator and its
John Medical Council published guidance and social media last
year the two things they say are really important as just as cochran has said do not big
big cock patient confidentiality and as shalit a don’t play RB not do
anything when Eva colleagues in the people you work with safe you’re looking after people other
people if you’re really consigned by the patient and the people
that you work with an other people to come date on Xfire sure not really likely to do anything
not wrong all the other issues on your NH and what it might be an you know how
you might be is a doctor I ring at different heights your life and whatever over a personal choices and
people are going to have different and and a way different ideas but it’s
not so much it’s just you image it’s actually what
you did i think thats that’s important but I
don’t and I think that week we focus a lot on the image that in our students are
actually very starting to get worried that everything will be tracked by M it
was here things it will flag the things I was being
professionalism a chaise I even had students a last week that
they will work has been doing a project talking to solve our
Argentina the younger than students in the US anti-fascist and they
were saying that they were worried and that if they were its seen kinda
haven’t banter discussing a bite maybe oh I’m get this done yet or not they are I’m you know keneally this session or
whatever ash this would be seen as being on professional by their Childress and whenever you know all of
us at times like this we’re all human and and it’s not that you know we talk
but but but it’s just I just sometimes worry that we focus a
little bit too much on their sanity and make and make the
students really me on chess so along those lines i mean you know one of the problems I C
and my biases will start showing I so the administration’s the state boards I wonder how many of
the people who are monitoring the possessions have actually been active in social
media and so you know if you have a judicial
system where you are judged by our peers is this I reasonable there will be so if I had made a mistake
quote and it was that for a few who looked at
it and said yeah neil’s a good guy he probably slept
up because of this and this and it’s really you not intended I think you
could see it differently compared to someone who has not use social media so what should we do to
get is this going to evolve over time are
how do we at a a enable it to evolve faster I think it will evolve over time you
mention state boards and that custom body Harper are are I’ll companies out the clock now are institutions the
hospitals we work done I would venture to say that their com
some people who are responsible for social media and hospitals to are as social media sappy as they should
be for it being in charge it such it a neck out so to speak and so I think I think it’s improving I think it’s
always growing and I think it’ll get I’ll I think we’ll see more acceptance
of it with we already are see more acceptance
up it every day on track I I have a couple
questions from the live audience here and at that team at least from two of the questions as if
you had do use social media in medical
education say you’re I’m creating the iPod article
made me of a group of residents are students and you what’s a next month I’m going to
incorporate this in some way into my teaching because it
seems like it’s got framework to in Peru I social constructivism or whichever
here you subscribe to so how would they practically go-round
setting something up with their residence as a small step to experiment I anyone want to take that it cut us to say something very quickly i’m aware. people I mean American innovator early adopter prepared to try
things I most people most residents most doctors
was jordan’s will not be prepared and why to start
try not not not not thanks unless it break quite quickly say
says something to benefit from that form that for them that’s why you get communities
and things and email s which never actually work nobody
uses them she so if you’re going to do it you gonna have to be lived worked and
just say to not keeping ago and encourage change and responding to people letting them
know that what they’ve said is is useful and you could start of with
I’m a big believer in the network so I kinda think well if you’re going to go to something
that Twitter then use it to help those residents access your networks and other
people says started Twitter Jack our get them to join in
with something that’s already that I so they actually see said the activity and
explain it to them if you want them just to be talking
amongst themselves you could use a good look us communitarian be thinking about identify what are really the issues
arise and what you need to discuss hi can you protect patients without
actually having that conversation within that space and but it’ll take a little bit if
effort to keep that go on and the best thing that you can do if your something they want to try this site is
get a little bit of a feel for yourself and see how much what you get out of it
and then you’ll be able to to be able to choose a platforms and
help support them K I am anyone else any ideas on how you
would start using social media in education I was asked this side question many
years ago on actually Anna at at a panel I did
with Kathy actually at a conference about how I would use Twitter rant I’m
with the students and residents that I know that our local at the time that penetration as an
adoption have these types of technologies is really low and so it I often would say you know it’s gonna be a very huge you know yet
to Suraj a huge activation energy to get people to adopt
not if you’re already interacting with them face to face their taking your
corny you know that there’s other ways to
interact that are popular and let early adopters to come to you and so wanna I started seeing mess
because I’ve been doing this for a long time and now I have students well at residents before they even
arrive here they have found me in there like I’m
excited to meet you doctor I’m coming and then you know that Taliban a nice
achille this year things have changed a little bit add to
what he did pilot in art residency program I running a
Twitter account for the residency I at I agree with Anne Marie it’s like
you need to really populated at me that and so as opposed to having it be one
percent because remember like I you know like you know any one
person do this that’s a good job we have four people that basically group
tweet to the chief residents account bed sheets and I’m and then we set some parameters
what with a tweet about so we are building a new hospital I
we’re gonna have some away rotations as we thought well what
read our conference as the high-yield pearls for that even if you can’t go to
conference you can get those pearls I will do we not recognition and what we
don’t read about what’s gonna be on the lunch that day
people will be excited about coming to lunch add to that during recruitment wheelbase
Flyers wet back to our codes to let people know
that we’re coming to the program follow us on Twitter Follow us on
Facebook I we want to interact with the L and so we really could have had a call
concerted social media strategy are on what our
goal was up and so that’s a very different type
of y’all I’m with a team approach %uh and John I share your benchmarks bad on then like
a one one instructor trying to cut a you know
that more people to join Twitter and Klamath I and so I think that other that there
are these on you know the time is actually right just
start a trying some of these innovative things
as you now have a lot more people that are using social media and meaning it just never used in this
way so we’ve had a lot of residents joined Twitter this year as a result of the fact that that we’ve
started this on et al however we also say you don’t need to
join you know it’s linked to a Facebook account your all on base but in his friend us on Facebook and then
even if you don’t want to do that we embedded that’s where you can do that web page to home page at
the chief resident so even in you everyone goes to that
home page and you can see the tweets there and so
I’m so it’s basically a way to keep people up to date other channels keep them informed and it
doesn’t matter which way they’re getting that information whether it’s an RSS feed of the Twitter
or their I’m engaging with us up but those are the types of things
that we tried also promoting education like quit you know i i her all clinical
hurler question the week just very well as well so I I was a more
skeptical about this before but I think after our experience this year I would say it’s
definitely worth on trying but you need to be committed and
have minutes microchip try to help launch something
well what you’ve been doing now it’s actually
just show and to all of those staff does this trainees
and be calm over here the you weaker fight them you wanna
spend some time make not a bad effort to to keep them
up-to-date know what’s going on I’m not stocks you know that bind to be
appreciated you’ve actually done that their their welcomed and things like that so
you’re building community the community with internal a more than
actually bring in the might to a wider community my pick that up
with a at the benefit but they were but there is to certain i
mean lots a young people at young people I’m not young anymore
spend a lot of time when they feel quite burdened already a and I’m I’d some students is said to me
that they’ve got some this only them missing like Twitter because when I was
at school one of the teachers started and they
would answer questions to Twitter but thats chin already felt they were
spending a lot of time on what’s up they were haven’t a limit their time on
Facebook because this social things clash so I will be in where it where a
starting a new show asking them to engage the new platform
whenever they’re already to certain extent struggling with actually balancing and managing
data destruction so I think that’s that’s just something
to be aware of is maybe if you doing with a small would be back
some you know what do you want to get out of it and all 10 bother then setting a task
where he say we must do this then search so much to
be part of your assessment task or something like that and so yeah play it by ear rape by me I would ECA that deftly take some
planning and to really think about what goals you want to achieve a nerd and platform that fits that goal and
actually had started a reflective writing blog
for medical students and seven years ago and my goal was
really to add reflection into the clerkship and I thought this community a blog the
comment changed during would-be good trip back I bebe and learn
from that experience with that their is this me the
activation energy and for people to you act fine a were an account to share on wit blogger which is what I had with tremendous and was buried heard hurdle to path and so logistics got to be some paint
something else to think about it accessed comme all access and beanies platforms can mate is our firewall its Israel in I F and then it’s also in for me me it
parties to know that you’re doing this on social media what your plans are I think that need %uh it’s probably
should now I’ll just think if they have any input heard
beat disapprove work just to have permission in the blessings
that everyone involved 10 great so switching to clinical areas from medical education and we
talked briefly about the rest I a audience members have asked me about specifically about patience trying
to now that you have a public persona how easy is it to reach you communicate
with you about medical issues outside the normal channels and how do you respond
and has that happened here what are the
liability risks of not responding anybody else wanna go first should you spoke first and we’re not okay I
smoke but no a I’m the person that’s forbidden meet
most tweets are I what’s my name it is me I
don’t know how many well I made a lot of weeks over the
years and if you google my name it’s very easy T
come across lotsa mmm at my presence online and I work
workers in practice for ash and 12 years so if you know all my
patients if they wanted to take a be finding me in connecting that way but
I’d have not encouraged them to do this I have not made a in OC to
say oh they are there’s a card or something and you know follow my tweets
because they’re not or hinted towards patients and more
oriented towards church p but I might work within the University
but I’m aware that they might see them and I there’s nothing inappropriate I a
completely follow catherine’s well that I never say anything about my clinical work even
if I did been that day or a bad day or anything I just keep that that and and itself but I’ve never had a patient contact made through social media now it
might be because I work and a more deprived area with this last levels linkage but they’re still is very
high levels of me and engagement in in our even with the internet whatever so a I
don’t know why but I I have not find it to be a
frightened people are really quite aware of much probably more aware than we
think a 4-iron what’s inappropriate way to contact you
and they they don’t seem to a breach in Essen in my case it at least Nauset yeah that’s all I would K seconding anyone else so quick I’ve not had that issue either
and AB merely because I am a hospital St
inpatient medicine so it’s not like I have a candle in patients you I see regularly but I would say one at the liabilities
would be when you’re interacting with anybody as a position
on social media teacher we’re not giving medical advice and he could be liable for that and giving advice to someone who has a
question who is not your patient and just someone who is online can be problem so it’s a saying very general
bison please go see your doctor for a specific advice but be careful back so have a question on that and it’s not
just the you but anyone on the panel there was this case on Facebook where a
mom posted a picture of a kid with Kawasaki’s disease and it was the be diagnosed as a strep
throat but that a bad eggs were not working and
the first few days are critical to diagnose and treat that’s so if one
of you could die see this you recognize that
this has potential Kawasaki’s you don’t have a professional
relationship would you respond as it and compare that
to you’re walking down the street and
someone collapses and do you respond and how is this
different or is it I think that’s an interesting question
at particularly when you compare it to being a Good Samaritan you know and up airplane emergency
whatever have you up as a physician you know you your duty
as to of are your expertise and respond I am NOT a pediatrician’s I’m not sure
that I would have noticed her second Susie’s but let’s say that I didn’t know I also
think a picture you know it’s not necessarily
the whole story you don’t have the whole history and so you might I’ll I would sell plug try to encourage them to you I’m and if they happen to me on Facebook and
there my friend that’s the only way that I would yet I would probably message them and
say hey you know I don’t up this was brought up this is
not formal medical advice but I encourage you to go to the ER you know
now would be how I would handle it on and that would be pretty much I as a position we’re all faced with these
questions from friends and family you know I I
have family in India at like that often I’m weighing in on that case
and I’m like ira I don’t have the record I’ve not bear I can’t take history up but you know everything right that’s all you know I more I a caveat to
say yes you’re a few suggestions I’ll have
you talked to your doctors about the suggestion because there’s no substitute for arm a
formal evaluation by I by a position especially if their
child is very sick and they need to be and antibiotics or
were aren’t working that seems like something you would want to let them know that
they need to seek help for on so I don’t think that that would get
you in trouble per se on but obviously there are a lot of gray
areas on and I’m you know I grew tapping you
don’t want to end up in that border at like giving medical advice but
at the same time you want to encourage people to you it’s
like saying getting a flu shot you know i i would say all time to get
your flu shot please get your flu shot a maximum of public health message and I
would say for this on you know child another you’re trying
to you plug them into their community and make sure they’re accessing medical
care correctly great yeah I agree I mean there’s some
of these things are there’s no good answers and I think
over time but cultures gonna decide are maybe at some point what your
reality and I reali pro-gun a large so on that note
I’m goto give each of you may be amended its
we’ve got about five minutes left so if you had to just they’ll the audience who a few things in a
minute or less about social media medicine and I what would you say and a anyone can go
first whoever’s ready nobody okay I’m gonna go first then okay
still I would say fact I would say that is it’s very much
about learning and it’s about connecting with community
and it’s not a bike just trying to get tell people things all the time although
that could be useful they might be things that you want
people to know quite a few written something am and also to asking questions so M people will know how to engage with you
a if you getting some posts by me asking them questions if that’s what you want today and but
the best thing is just to go like that and have a go and try it out and then you get a feel for it but
because it’s kinda quite hard to imagine we’re talking but I guess it is not had much experience so dip your toes in
the water and then a good judgment okay I think up one way he could dip your
toes in the water obviously start small if you’re reluctant to start see how can
be used professionally try something that is a past nine years
that might be hopping man you can follow and that way you
don’t feel the pressure I’ll keeping up to date on all the time
I or really trying to integrate into your
workflow if it’s just a hobby you come and go with that as a hobby
that might be a way to slowly integrated and you might see how me is
elsewhere great on bathroom are when Inc there in addition to those with great chapter I would say to be fined eighty nature or 23rd as we promptly and cleaner and my 20
week many you ok I had no idea how Twitter
works and I was pretty lucky makers got on and I she was one that I latched onto YouTube your outlook well
what do you do with all that and and we following anyone resisted and that was really helpful to have someone
that could help guide me hey I my biggest at take away its it’s okay to lurk and decide non on this thought you know kind of theirs
these param and savage engagement and social media and some
people are just gonna be spectators and they might never want to be a creator and post
things on now create up you know I’m you know
videos are blogs and that’s okay I’m and so you know if you’re a spectator and
you’re just there to learn and watch there’s no nothing wrong with that and
you don’t need to feel pressured to do anything and snow I’m SL I would say it’s
curiosity here that really I kills the cat and drives up for it and
so I did I’ll urge for a long time and wondered
about this and asks a lot of questions I also had a
traitor mentor I and I on and that was their her that i
cud I was like you know when I was sitting with her
learning more about it I was ready to take the plunge and so on and that you’re asking
handicapped dry driving me Marin up but there are
things like even for just spitting in my first I’m
chat it was a health care social media
chatter was before we have met a chat and I was still like is this something I
wanna do I’m gonna clear my Twitter feed with all these Chad it’s having things harm and that you know again I works for on the chapter the first time and then
the next time I joined okay let’s see how this goes so you
really can on just observe and you know and then
decide what what is the right level up
participation for you rate that white so I’m just going to
summarize these excellent points aren’t so we said you don’t need to
necessarily start by being an actor maybe lark and watch and then learn maybe start with something that is not
your profession but your hobby find that mentor to help you and then once you get and remember it’s
not just about it’s about communication and engaging
and asking questions and just imagine yourself face to face
enough grodin I you don’t just keep talking right so I think about social media also has a
two way street or in many ways tree so on that note I’m going to and this
the broadcast thank you so much for a fascinating discussion hopefully we can do this again sometime
yet thank you to the audience for the great questions thank you are thank
you very much yeah care by I by

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