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Snooki & JWoww Get You Ready For Flu Season ? | Moms with Attitude | MTV

November 14, 2019

– Hey guys, welcome back. – So today, Nicole and
I are gonna be Dr. Moms, because that’s what we are
when our kids get sick. – Basically. – We diagnose. – From Google.
– WebMD. Jenni is so holistic, one
time she had an ear ache, and she put a garlic in
her ear, and it got stuck, like a huge garlic clove. She had to go to the hospital
and get it surgically removed. – I did. So like Melani said, we are
gonna make chicken noodle soup, and we’re gonna make
it in the Instant Pot, which I’m pretty excited for,
– Yes! ’cause I’ve heard about this thing. So we’re kinda like pressurized cooking, so what takes hours is now minutes. – This soup will probably
take like 20 minutes to make, which is so my style. – So we have to put it on saute low, and add olive oil. You are going to have the chicken cut. – Gonna add carrots. – There’s two carrots.
– Two celeries. Now the onion, and this is Italian seasoning. – [Nicole] That already smells so good. – That’s stinky. – That’s stinky. – I feel like this cleans up your sinuses. – That’s probably the point
– Or I’m just fat. of chicken noodle soup. Way back in the day when
I was in high school, we’re dinosaurs, we’re
still on this earth. I won a soup competition. I did, I went to like state finals. This is like my glory days in high school.
– Oh my god. – Mommy was in a soup competition. – I was, and I won. Okay, so now we’re
gonna add all the broth. – Oh look, it looks like a pee-pee. – No. – Just do it far away
so it doesn’t splash. – There you go.
– Okay. – Now, we seal it and let it cook. – Seal it, and it’s game time. All right, so while the soup is cooking, we’re gonna test our knowledge, then we have to name not the disease is, but what the cold is. All right, the symptoms are a barking cough, a fever,
and a hoarse voice. – Croup? – Yes.
– Oh, I got it. Good job, so my kids
have had croup before, and it’s scary. – Yeah, it literally
sounds like a barking dog. – Like a dying wolf,
– Yeah. that’s what it sounds like. Good job.
– Thank you. – Appreciate it. (yelling) – Burned my tongue so bad just now. – Let me diagnose. Ah! – My god. – Fever, chills, and a headache. – A fever? – I’d go with the flu. The flu. – That’s like what my kids have every day. Coughing, vomiting, apnea. – Sounds like a Tuesday night
at the Jersey Shore House. – Yeah, it sounds like me hungover. – Whooping Cough.
– Whooping Cough. – All right, so now we’re gonna
do some DIY first aid hacks, and the first one is a DIY heating pad. So Jennifer here, has
a sleeve from a shirt. – Yeah, it’s super glued on one side, and then we’re gonna fill it with rice. – Some rice. – Then hot glue the other side. – I gotta fix our soup, so
I’m gonna turn the valve off. – I’m gonna use this.
(screaming) Don’t do that when I have a hot glue gun! I almost took out my finger. – Oh my god. This thing’s dramatic, I
don’t know if I like it. – I’m gonna pop this in
the microwave for a minute. – Is it hot? Ooh. – Yeah, actually I like it. – Wow. Stinks though.
– Yeah, it has like a. Smells like a fart. – I don’t know if it was
like an armpit sleeve of a old shirt. – All right, so next hack we’re gonna do is the DIY re-hydration drink. Jenni, I feel, is gonna love this, ’cause she loves coconut water. So you need 500 milliliters
of coconut water. You need one fourth teaspoon of the salt. Three tablespoons of honey, and then we have three
tablespoons of lemon here. You could also add some extra stuff, like mints, pomegranates,
ooh pomegranates, I hate pomegranates, but they look pretty. Just gonna taste like a butt (beep). – You’re the worst. It’s not awful. – It’s not that bad. I’d rather throw some Vodka in there. – I mean this would taste really good with like cucumber Vodka. So you’re getting the
hydration and the replenishing. – Maybe we won’t get
hangovers if we do that. – Get drunk but yet hydrated. – Drunk but healthy. All right, so we’re gonna try our soupy. I’m so excited, ’cause I love soup. I’m scared, is it gonna like? – I’ve never dealt with
one of these before. No, I think all the pressure is out. – Nope. (Instant Pot beeping) That sounds like a video game. – Yeah, it’s a little weird. – Oh, it looks so good. – [Jenni] I just don’t know what to do. – This is crazy how it
like, 20 minutes it’s done. How long was it? – Yeah, it takes like 10
minutes to pressurize, and then it four minutes.
– Holy (beep) it looks amazing Now we know where our
kids get it from, us. – This stuff is bomb diggity. Oh my god. The carrots are already like soft. – Hot.
– Cool, you burned your tongue Yep. – Oh my god, I’m burning the back now. (laughing) Even the chicken is cooked, how is this possible?
– I don’t know. My god. – I feel like we did a really good job with the doctor hacks. – Honestly, I think today was amazing. We killed it on everything. The soup’s amazing. – I feel like we should be doctors. – Totally. – So subscribe, and until next time. – Stay healthy. I just bit my (beep) cheek. Not even kidding. I hate myself.


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