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SMI Adviser – A Clinical Support System for Serious Mental Illness

December 18, 2019

As a mental health provider, when it comes
to serious mental illness – or SMI – you need to know how advances in science change
standards of care. With complex patients and little time to spare,
it is a challenge to keep up your medical knowledge and apply it in your practice. Let SMI Adviser help you find the answers
you need. SMI Adviser focuses on three mental health
conditions that are commonly associated with SMI. Bipolar disorder
Major depressive disorder Schizophrenia SMI Adviser helps you implement evidence-based
practices for these conditions. This helps you manage and support patients in the best
possible ways. It improves efficiency in your practice and
leads to better outcomes for patients. SMI Adviser offers education, tools, data,
and consultations from national experts in many disciplines. They can answer questions you have about SMI
and help translate evidence-based guidelines into your everyday practice. Our mission is to help you advance the use
of a person-centered approach to care. This ensures that people who have SMI find the
treatment and support they need. Learn more about this APA and SAMHSA initiative

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