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SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus

December 13, 2019

Glitchy Boi and SMG4 intro time 😛 A normal day in the Mushroom Kingdom… Oh, boi. AYYY! I’m-a got a 🅱️ O N E R. -Eh! Ima got a boner *merio song* I W A N T T O D I E.
(KCG: SAME TOAD…) *meanwhile, two weegee dolls are making some sexes.* LUIGI: Heeeehhh? *luigi gibberish* Hmmm…. *le t-posing begins* OMG WTF HAPPEN TO SHROOMY LUIGI: *moar italian gibberish* Ooohh… *SMG4 goes to check on Shroomy.* LUIGI: Mama mia. *Weegee gibberish* Marioo? MALLEO: WHAT IS IT!? MAMAF*CKER! *grunt* No! *Glitchy is approaching the T-Posed Shroomy, spoopy…* (GV: Very) (KCG: Much) WEEGEE: *cries like a man-baby because he is one* Luigi: ooohhhhh… MARIO: Woah! *positive gibberish* LUIGI: WHAT?! OMG THEY’RE LOOKING AH! OH, GOD! WHAT THE F*CK?! They’re coming for the booty.
(KCG: Damn, that’s creepy) MARIO: Oh, no. *🅱️ANG X1* *🅱️ANG X2* *🅱️ANG X3* *Weegee freaking out while the 🅱️anging continues* MARIOOOO! Halp! Halp! Halp! Naahh, it’s probably nothin’. *luigi”s fear* WAAHH! HOLY SHIT! *panic* AAH! AAH! Oh! I got it! AAH! AAH! Oh! I got it! MARIO: FOR THE MOTHALANDS! TOAD: AAAH! JESUS CHRIST! Toad: AAAH! JESUS CHRIST! *yelling* Super Toadie Grenade! Super Toadie Grenade! AAAAAAAᴀᴀᴀᴀᴀᴀᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃ Hasta la vista, toadetta. (GV:Great joke) *mario takes his time to celebrate* DEFEATED NOW, 🅱️ I T C H?! *merio fear shriek* *FINAL 🅱️ANG* AND THEY REKT SHREK TOO?! *panic noises* Run, Bitch! RRUUNN!!!! MARIO: RUN, 🅱️ITCH! RUUUUUN!!! LUIGI: *screams* GET YO ASSES UP DEM STAIRS NOW! *Meanwhile, on the 3rd floor, Garbage, Inky Gal and that aquatic piece of shit known as Fishy Boopkins have a happy game of Yu-Gi-Oh* Nerd: Ha-ha! Looks like you’ve activated my trap card, Meggy! *meggy is confusion* Geek: I use my… Trap Hole, to destroy Exodia, the Forbidden One! *worried woomy gibberish* *Jesus, and I thought Mario was stupid…* *you dare insult le Meggy?* wHaT? oH, i ThOuGhT wE wErE pLaYiNg PoKeR, lOl. *mass woomy* Mistake: No, guys! We’re playing Yu-Gi-Oh!
Boopkins: No, guys! We’re playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Boopkins: No, guys! We’re playing Yu-Gi-Oh! MARIO, LUIGI: *panic and screaming* Mamma mia! Mario: Mamma Mia! *inkling relief* MALLEO: RUUUUUN! *yelling* *Meggy is confusion 2: crash-t-posing* *y’all don’t mind if we T-Pose?* (GV: I’ve never seen a more horrific sight)
KCG: I agree…) MEGGY: *shocked woomy* BOB: wHaT tHe TiTs? wHaT’s GoInG oN? BOOP-KUN: Oh, hey, guys! Did you come to play Yu-Gi-Oh with us? *nope, we came assert our dominance on you* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Bishy Foopkins: Oh, you guys here to see my Yu-Gi-Oh collection? Here’s Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier! He’s my rarest card right now! *boopkins run!* I’m out of names: Oh, are you guys really that interested? Here’s my binder! I’ve been collecting for a who- BOOP: AAAAH, NO! STOOOP! MOOOOOM!!! *scared and worried Woomy* FISHY BOOPKINS IS NO MORE! FROM THE ASHES RISES… T-POSE BOOPKINS! *more inkling gibberish* hAhA, nOpE, lOl! i’M wItH tHe BoIs! sEe YoU, MeGgY. *dissapointed followed by confident inkling gibberish* *oof* *hey can i assert my dominance on u pls* *lmao dodged* CoNcRet Sleb FAK OFF! FALCON! *ow my goddamn ballsack balls* *badass one liner* *STRIKE* *meggy’s celebrations* LOOK OUT, MEGGY! DA ZOMBIES ARE COMING BACK TO LIFE! *shocked woomy* *luigi continues to freak tf out* MAAAARIO! WAAAAA! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE. 😀 lEt’S sEt ThIs PlAcE oN fIrE! bUrN tHe T-pOsInG bItChEs To ThE gRoUnD! LUIGI: WAAA! NO! *le weegee fears* No problem! Meggy number one! YIPPEE! *you sure she ain’t robbie rotten himself?* *excited mario noises* YEET 😂 AAAAAAH! BOB: DoEs ThIs MeAn We GeT tO sEt ThE pLaCe On FiRe? *scared gibberish from weegee and the fat italian* *big ass ni🅱️🅱️as gon get the yeet on 😂* *ikr? this is so sad… alexa, play despacito.* A S S E R T, A S S E R T *weegee strength 100* uH… uM… sHiT, i’M gOiNg To ThE rOoF. No! *malleo talk* oH dEaR lOrD, lEt ThEsE tWo GeT iNtO hEaVeN; tHeY wErE cOoL, i GuEsS, aNd NoW tHeY’rE gOiNg To DiE. rEsT iN sPaGhEtTi. pEaCe OuT, bItChEs! *a n g e r y m a r i o* You son of a bitch! *shit, they got in* *more panic noises* *Blam* *panic noises continue* AAAH! MAMMA MIAAAAAA! aH, tHeRe We Go. nOw I wIlL bE dA lAsT tO dA lIfE, aNd ThEn AlL oF tHe BiTcHeS wIlL hAvE tO rEpRoDuCe WiTh Me. bOb, YoU aRe A fReAkInG gEnIus. nOw It’S tImE tO- *scary noise* (There goes bob’s dream) pIsS. HAHAHAHAAAA! WAAAAAAOOOO! *panic continues* *Waasshooop* HELP! *grunts* Mama mia! WAAA! *oof* WAAAAHAHAHAHA! LUIGI, YOU LITTLE SHIT! HELP, NOW! Wah! Okay… *mario and luigi continue their efforts to force the door open* *mario gibberish* uH, yOu DoN’t WaNnA cOmE uP hErE. tOo MaNy T-pOsE zOmBiEs. WAAAH! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIEEEE! jEeZ, gUyS, cOuLd YoU pLeAsE dIe qUieTeR? i’M tRyInG tO rEaD. ANGERY MARIO: GRRRRR… *HOMER SIMPSON STRIKER – MARIO EDITION* *crash* BOB: oH, sHiT! Whoa! I did it… I did it! LUIGI! I DID IT! I DID IT! LUIGI I DID IT!!!! I DID IIT *weegee laughter* Oh, yeah! Hey, that’s-a pretty good! *taken 4: weegee’s t-pose* MARIOOOOO! LUIGI! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! MARIOOOOOO!!! *luigi being asserted* *nsfw mode activated* LUIGIIIIIII!!!! *RIP luigi, 1985 – 2018* gReAt, NoW tHe T-pOsE aSsHoLeS aRe Up HeRe. hOw CaN tHe WoRlD sUrViVe If I dIe? YOU KILLED-A MY BROTHER!! YOU SONS OF-A 🅱️ITCHES!!!! *ATTACCCC!* oW, mY oVaRiEs! aW, sHiT! hEy, WhY’d YoU dO tHaT? iT wAs JuSt A pRaNk, BrO. i DiDn’T mEaN tO gEt YoU gUyS kIlLeD oR– *malleo ain’t having dat shit* hOlY sHiT, cHiLl OuT, bRo! pLeAsE, i StIlL hAvE sO mAnY bItChEs To LoVe AnD mOnEy To EaRn! FAK YOUUUUUUU! HOO! bUrY mE iN wOmEn…. *splat* 🅱️IATCH! *mario gibberish* D’oh! *scared mario noise* MAMMA MIAAAAAA! *more scared mario noises* AAAAAH! *shit, there’s a lot of them* *mario gibberish* The hell was that?
(La Cucaracha) PEACH: *cute laughter* Oh no! Mario! WHAT?! *pew pew pew pew pew pew* MARIO: MAMMA MIAAAAAAAA! DIE, 🅱️ITCH! *power up* *bowser is confusion* I’m ready! TACTICAL NUKE! INCOMING! *beeping* *KA-BLAM* HORI SHITO! *bombs continue dropping everywhere* PEACH: This is fun! *master hand gibberish* I LIIIIIIIIVE! *inkling noises* Mario! Oh dear, I can’t believe it! OHH! *mario gibberish again* *peach gibberish* Get it together! I’m a superstar! I am the princess! Oh, yay for me! WHAT IS THIS?! WHAT IS THIS?! *Everyone looks at Shroomy almost like the look in T-Pose form* *chuckles* Uhh… I think it happened this morning… *Flashback* *Shroomy merrily sings while walking around the forest* Oh what a wonderful day! The sun is shinin’, the birds are chirpin’, and… Oh, there’s an ominous lookin’ figure in the distance! *oh damn… it’s our lord and saviour.* Oh, it’s just you, Waluigi! How’s it goin’ there, bud? Oh, nice wand you got there, too! *angery waluigi noise* *regular waluigi noises* Okey dokey! Oh, uh… What’s this? Eat it. Dewit. Hmmm…. Strange man in the forest tellin’ me to eat a mushroom? Yeah, I don’t see anythin’ wrong with that! om nom nom nom.. MM! Delicious! Y E E E E A A A A A A S S S S S S s s s s s s s… Well, golly gee, I don’t think I was very good scout today… Sorry about that, fellas! *weegee gibberish* *bowser gibberish* *inkling gibberish* *mario gibberish* BOOPKINS: Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Now that THAT’S all over, who wants to check out my Yu-Gi-Oh collection? MARIO: ‘Ey, stinky! How ’bout NO? *everyone cheers in agreement* *helicopter takes off with everyone still cheering* Oh, okay…. The end. Thanks for watching, lads! Captions made by: Mr. Nut, River Macdougall, ImaLegendaryWeirdo, Some Stingy, and fixed and remade by Angel on the internet and FK03 edits to captions made by Gaming view. Extra edits and updates by: KingCobraGaming Thank you, sponsors! See you next time!


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