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Smart Dust is inside of all of us – Viruses Falling From the Sky – Vaccines In Our Air, Water, Food

November 24, 2019

see nano-cells are real small a thousand
times smaller than these dust particulars you and Haley they go to
work replicating spreading like a virus multiplying an exponential six months
time I could have a hundred million people converted ditch diggers porn
stars and presidents not one would be the wiser a hundred million people will
buy what I want them to buy six hundred strains of an aerosolized
thought-control vaccine already tested on humans deployed via air food and
water we’re in trouble guys we’re in big trouble nano-scale whether machines some barely
visible to the human eye keeping track of troops in Iraq the
military is already using some type of GPS on some soldiers but what more can
be done CNN’s Brian Todd takes a look in this
week’s tech effect a relentless search for two missing American soldiers in
Iraq good tracking devices placed on their bodies have helped to find them
faster that kind of technology does exist obviously it’s not down to find
microchips at this point but it does exist and is used in this theater by
certain forces when they’re conducted into specialized technicians even
without definitive proof cloud seeding continues to be practiced in over 34
countries worldwide but silver iodide and dry ice nuclei are stone-age
technologies compared to today’s higher tech particle payloads the most amazing
of these belong to a family of weather mod devices that are so small you might
not see one even if it was floating in your eye ranging from the ultra tiny to
the nearly invisible these are the revolutionary micro machines that will
be the workhorses of any world weather control system their MEMS micro
electromechanical sensors there are approximately 2,000 weather balloons
launched globally worldwide every day those balloons play a huge role in
helping us predict and potentially control our weather
but what if we could launch 10,000 weather balloons a day or 10 million
that’s exactly the theory behind gems gems are global environmental MEMS
sensors a concept that we have come up with that deals with a massive wireless
network of airborne probes the idea is to release 10,000 or more of these dust
size probes every day from airplanes stratospheric platforms or satellites like weather balloons the probes would
monitor weather information over every kilometer of the Earth’s surface at a
resolution that is today unheard of we envision that the Jemez probe itself
would have a bio-inspired design something like a maple seed or a
dandelion seed that actually incorporates the constructs of nature to
achieve aerodynamics and buoyancy with an ongoing stream of millions of
measurements the accuracy of our picture of the atmosphere could improve 1,000
times over has every reason to be optimistic that simply having more
measurements of the answer will lead to improve forecasts it’s also possible
that the gems themselves could be made to play an active role in cloud dynamics
in effect cloud seeding with a million microscopic computers we could
potentially use these very small devices either as cloud condensation nuclei to
seed clouds the way that current weather modification is done or potentially
something even more futuristic would be to actually have the devices be active
where they could introduce some perturbation into Peete parts of the
atmosphere to actually modify the weather but if gems are heavier than air
what will happen when these millions of probes finally fall to earth when the
Jemez probes land on the surface either in the water or on the land they would
continue potentially to provide surface observations but what about the ones
that end up on your picnic table or in your hair at the sizes we’re talking
about if you actually inhaled one or got one in your mouth or one in your I would
probably no different than say a speck of dust or
of a particular particle in the atmosphere that you would get in you
probably sneeze it out or cough it up useful as nanotechnology will be to
weather observation and prediction there’s no question that it will also
play a significant role in military weather operations but in the future
every square inch of every city will be alive with intelligence because every
street and every building will have a network of micro computers built right
into them dr. crisp Easter calls it smart dust a smart dust particle or mote
is a wireless sensor with sensing computation communication and power in
one package these all-in-one micro computers will be small very small the
size of a mote today is about the size of a grain of rice and we’ve shown that
we can make the circuitry small enough and light enough that eventually it will
be possible to make things that are on a sub millimeter size scale tiny specs of
computer smart dust will form a vast invisible network that can help manage
the infrastructure of even the largest city smart cities in the future we’ll
take this slope our inexpensive small technology and basically distributed
everywhere these tiny computers record information
about their surroundings information they can send to other computers have
come down from the environment now we know of one case for sure where the the
chemtrail fibers were found and you could maybe put it together okay but but
there are chemtrails everywhere all the time correct and they could have other
chemicals in it but one key that what I’m calling the smart dust what smart
dust is a very very small particle at nano size that has a specific function
this looks like if you look at certain times of the day and you see dust but
it’s not dust it’s like an iridescent glitter very specifically different than
regular household dust you know and this would be in areas where we have seen
that you know a doctor what we I got one of those 10 million watts of spotlights
you go out at night and point it up to the sky and you can’t believe what’s
floating in the air I mean it’s it’s really disgusting right and if you’re
seeing this iridescent which looks like just like glitter that is a engineered
dust or smart dust type material versus regular household duster that does not
reflect back so here comes the conspiracy theory if if more gel owns
and Morgellons is related to chemtrails and it’s coming out of the spray from
airplanes is there some grand plan to get this stuff into human beings well it
I don’t know if it was a plan or anything but I will say that all of us
have been exposed all animals all life-forms on this planet it’s just a
matter of what our genetic makeup is what we have been chemically poisoned
with as an industry meaning working in industry versus living in certain
polluted areas that is allowing this to manifest more rapidly in individuals
than ourselves the first public nice detailed public
description was in the book of Carlos and Luis Farrelly the son 3 where she
says that there are hollow fibers sprayed self-replicating hollow fibers
that are there to kind of read out the light fingerprint of your DNA transform
it into an electromagnetic radio signal that is detectable via satellite and
ground stations this is what we found out by analyzing information dealt with
the chemtrail communities in the United States she never mentioned the name
Morgellons in a book but if you look at these Morgellons who had heard about the
Morgellons disease half of you okay let’s just have a look at them
nice creatures this is a German tomato that got some German rain on top of
itself that is real time is now watch the
morgue Ellen what he does he loves us he’s getting excited and he’s trying to
get close I don’t know exactly what they react on maybe an infrared radiation so
these are basically its mausoleum of a certain type of fungus and this fungus
is first if you want to look at it it’s airborne it’s not a single fiber here
and there it is glowing under UV light so if you take a UV lamp at night you
can see those fibers airborne and that billions of them not every night but
every new thing you can see them fly around and these fibers this fungus is
infecting the human body and with 95% or 99% of the people nothing special
happens they are just embedded somewhere and you your biology is keeping the the
fungus population low in your body they just function as a plasmonic antenna to
send out a signal but he don’t get sick from it you don’t get you know visible
symptoms so we would guess hundred percent of the population in Europe is
infected it’s not a big deal it’s not dangerous
as long as if the body can handle these things some of the people cannot handle
it and then the the Mesilla may startin to grow within the body and starting to
multiply and at a certain point they are extracted via the skin and you can see
that they have these ability to collect colors you have blue
Morgellons and you have red Morgellons and nobody knows where these colors come
from because they are of technical origin it’s not a natural substance so
you can see them when the skin is opening you can see them under the
microscope if you make a blood analysis you can see that the blood is infected
and you can let them grow artificially in a Pedro’s petri dish and if you look
at them you see there are a little bit more complex than a simple fungus they
have kind kind of organs inside they have little red stem cells of an unknown
species that are self-replicating as well and apparently they produce other
structure this looks like a sparring body it’s like like the unit where the
the the Mesilla at a certain point is forming a mushroom a fruiting body and
then from the fruiting body you would expect this pause for the next
generation if this is a mushroom atlases of fungus so this seems to be the the
containment for this pause because if you put this into the petri dish you can
see the next generation growing and other things you find now it’s getting
fringe it’s really getting friend is fragments of insect skin being extracted
from a Mogollon victim so something makes these something from
this disease is making insect parts or insects grow within the human body hehe said it had been tested in the last
Iraq war this was the war was only done for the purpose of testing the system yes yeah they sprayed that in Iraq and
they sprayed it it in Iraq and we had single news for example that they fought
back with Iraqi army by utilizing microwave weapons that gave them the
feeling that the skin burns this was in public media and mainstream media and
this is not because of the microwave weapon had the intensity to make it burn
this is what because the RNA was triggered to create the sensation of
burning so this had a kind of agent within the bodies of the Iraqi army the
test is all other aspects of it and from from the text he says you have the
psychotronic weapons making them give up making them fall in love with the
American soldiers whatever a long list of psychotronic functions and you can
make people sick you can make them die of cancer after one year you can make
them die in six minutes and you can make them die in six seconds if you want to
this is what he listed and but the most most interesting thing from from this
paper is that he said that they spent 10 billion US and one no half a year I
think was half a year to optimize the cluster topology and this is something
it sounds just like science fiction if you say it like this but if you really
think about it if it is only about infecting humans within virus like
synthetic RNA you could give a damn about cluster topology cluster topology
starts to become an interesting topic this RNA clusters supposed to carry a
soul only when its soul or an artificial intelligence or whatever an RNA so this
is kind of the the first time that I had an an input and idea of how do they turn
people into bio robots you have the RNA cluster within the air spray it in the
air with a defined distance from RNA to RNA and within the human body the same
RNA cluster is prolonged within the cells and now whatever is carried by
these clusters the artificial intelligent or a program or a soul
whatever this is can travel from the dust into the human being the smartest
and this is what they call smartest and now this is all kind of grabbed theory
if you take the Mogollon topic Mogollon topic is you find it described as a
transhumanist ik technology to extract light from the human body turn it into a
radio signal to read out what happens within the human and opposite way to
insert light not write a frequency to the human to make him feel whatever you
want to make him feel if you take this Mogollon concept if you take the nano
crystals another crystal concept and if you take all the other things and then
you look into some internal papers of the Naza this is something that went
online I don’t know when mm maybe or a little bit earlier it wasn’t meant to be
published it was an internal lecture in the NASA facilities in the United States
somewhere you say NASA not just your thick German accent are you putting his
head in there intentionally no it was not intentionally but it is like this
and and they they kind of inform each other about future strategic issues for
warfare projecting to the 2025 with a subtitle big subtitle the
future is now and if you look through it you find the concept of some sensor
swarm smartest you find nano text which is identical with the Mogollon function
and you find co-op that insects so somewhere in the American in the
American intelligence community which seems to be black magic inspired sometimes I would say it looks like
definitely the intelligent the the army base intelligence community especially
whatever was founded by the Tavistock Institute which is CIA and the Office of
Naval Intelligence those are definitely Blackmagic intensity achievements from
the origin going back to the Tavistock I mean this is Carol’s part more than mine
as an interview I guess of her online but NASA knows all the components and it
is interlocked in the United States if you go to Silicon Valley three big
buildings one is singularity University with a founder a quartz vein who is
dreaming about it their interviews out there were Coatesville is dreaming about
sending nanobots to other planets to harvest energy and matter to multiply
the over in overall intelligence of the human machine civilization original his
words and then he asked himself if if there’s a god that exists and he says
not yet yeah this is records were now next building from singularity
University transfer humanistic man headquarters is Google headquarters
where he now is head developer same records file and on the other side of
the trail of the of the university is now as I headquarters the one who is
certifying the plane to spray I caught according to Karen’s
normal so all these members of this black Brotherhood even sit in the same
street as neighbors and I think it’s it’s kind of about she feel fairly safe
looks like but that’s because people don’t understand the consequences or are
they high programmed already some people do understand the consequences the
Russians did understand the consequences of spraying the military compounds which
would have meant looting the harvest and falling under Monsanto and they decided
to stop spraying and the NSA realized I guess that the CIA is a black metric
unit and the NSA at least parts of it is still into American interests and the
American yes whatever so the answer on or no not the answer maybe in a reaction
to realizing that whatever is happening there with following demonic or our own
interests the NSA down evergreen international they down the
CIA spraying airline and and the kind of little shakedown it to they shut it down
yes NSA has one option this is cutting money flow if the CIA wants the Congress
to send troops to Iran to start World War three and they are blackmailing
members of the Congress sending millions to them to vote for the interests the
NSA is blocking the money flow this is the only option they actually have if
they don’t want to enter this war and but the logic of that situation is that
the United States is losing control of itself yes because the information I got
recently was this massive war maybe this alien war let’s either side
the other frequency shall we say within six years United States gonna be
completely destroyed and maybe parts of them are regaining control at the moment
which would be nice I mean look look look at the position of
veterans today in the united states of being a big round without recently yeah
and look how the NSA exits some of them are still in their minds i would say and
worst-case scenario would be a civil war between Pentagon and CIA Homeland
Security Alliance and this is maybe why the prognosis on number of surviving
Americans within the next years is pretty harsh and what you mean by that
the prognosis health there’s one one website that is kind of giving out
numbers of how many people will live in which country during the next day next
next decades and for United States they gave out numbers of twenty percent
survive so we know they spray the skies they spraying all the time and there’s
things called moving fibers oh there you go
that exists they grow from what they spray some people call Morgellons some
call it more moving fibers there’s been people who went before Congress with
samples of it they found on bushes and shrubs and stuff like that so these
responds to us all the scissors on my dresser that’s a peacock feather a
little thing on it and there’s nothing there’s no windows or anything and
there’s nothing around so here is these fibers and they respond to us I don’t
know what it is in us that they respond to but let’s see what happens fucked up huh I’m not gonna lie I’m a little
fascinated by it but at the same time I know that it’s fucking deadly because
moving fibers really just aren’t a good luck man I mean so this shit is dumped
from the plains and then it just grows it grows from the nanotechnology and an
old BOTS whatever the fuck you want to call it but I don’t even understand man
it’s just crazy whoa see Wow huh see what happens if I move it right I mean if the chemicals in the sky don’t
alarm you that much maybe fucking moving fibers will do it for ya huh you have to
understand what they’re using what the technology is what is how advanced it is
people this is a fucking hair on a drew a little dust bunny I found but because
I know what the shit is because I kept seeing it and then I didn’t understand
then I started moving and that was a while ago I posted many videos on it
look at this I don’t even understand you know they were talking about climate
change yesterday and now we’re learning that scientists and researchers are
looking at how to change the weather on purpose that’s right lasers now could
one day manipulate rain and lightning CBS this morning contributor Michio Kaku
is a physics professor at City College of New York professor nice to see you
extraordinary seeing Al Gore and Bill Clinton there together with Charlie
wasn’t it that’s right yeah they did not get into this discussion but it is
fascinating I mean lasers really to change the weather that’s right well as
Mark Twain once famously said everyone complains about the weather but no one
ever does anything about it well instead of doing a rain dance we physicists are
firing trillion watt lasers into the sky to actually
precipitate rain clouds and actually bring down lightning bolts this is
potentially a game-changer but this is experimental it’s experimental however
in the laboratory so far it works when you have water vapor and you have dust
particles or ice crystals you can precipitate rain it condenses around the
seeds these seeds can also be created by laser beams by firing chili watt lasers
you rip apart the electrons creating what I call ions and these ions act like
seeds like dust particles bringing down rain and even lightning any good well I
this is fascinates me in part because – I remember reading the stories that
China had used this during the Olympics that the USSR had used this after
Chernobyl to create rain clouds I mean what did those really work them
we have some of these capabilities now inconclusive even in a 60 the CIA used
this to bring down mine students during the Vietnam War to wash out the Vietcong
government’s had been alleged to allege – right yeah now we realized that for
decades now these governments have been alleged to have experimented with
weather control but nothing conclusive this time we’re begging in the laws of
physics rather than simply waving our hands and uttering mumbo jumbo we’re
actually using trillion watt laser is now and in the laboratory sure enough
they precipitate rain out of water vapor sure enough you can actually bring down
electricity down down the beam so what does it mean for drought areas that need
to have rain for crops and if they don’t have him
there’s the consequences of famine well the bad news is if it’s a clear blue sky
it’s not going to do anything at all because it only takes water vapour
that’s already in the air and condenses it however for floods for agriculture
farmers for people planning waiting parties football games you name it
outdoor events in agriculture and flooding and even hurricanes all of them
could be subject to weather modification incredibly interesting professor Michio
Kaku thank you so much well it’s not just the general public who who don’t
really understand it the scientists who have produced it have absolutely no idea
of the mathematics of the wave form that it’s going to produce all that it is
producing we know that is is in the generally it’s in the gigahertz range
now I’ll explain that but what is what it’s the problems are is that first
there are like that like its predecessors there are no safety checks
at all Kara dealt on five key there are no safety tests at all carried out or on
anything to do with 5g it is known that the gigahertz range in other words the
wave form the the waves that come out it is known that they are in the same
frequency as some of our cellular processes in our body some of ourselves
it is known they can interfere with the cellular processes of the body there are
several different waveforms for 5g it isn’t just one wave already I do know
that the 40 leading group of 40 leading groups of scientists in 40 countries
leading scientists in 40 countries have warned that the waveforms from 5g can be
particularly harmful not just to humans but to all living species and I can tell
you as a military man that one of the top waveforms for a 5g is incredibly
close in in terms of electronic waveforms
there really isn’t much difference from the new microwave weapon called active
denial the is now in use for crowd control to
subdue and bring bring down crowds and that is known or reputed to cause a
visual disturbances certainly neurological disturbances heart
disturbances all sorts of things now that is the the new Active Denial which
can be also released from aircraft or beamed from aircraft that is incredibly
close to one of the frequencies on 5g and as I said that there are no the
waveform is so mathematically complex that nobody can really tell you how it’s
going to react other than it makes a damn good weapon and we are now
producing this and handing it to toddlers and you said to me I’ll never
forget it you said Richie as it stands you said low level wireless radio
frequency that’s low level wireless radio frequency this is back now six
seven years ago and when we’re exposed to that it can disrupt cell metabolism
it can reduce melatonin which of course controls you’re sleeping and you’re
waking cycles it’s like your immune system and your immune and you said
it’ll it’ll disrupt brain glucose metabolism and it’ll mess around with
the blood-brain barrier that was low level wireless radio frequency and you
were wrong to be right so this is something different entirely berry for
the layperson what’s it like is it like turning 4G up to you know from from from
seven up to a thousand on the on the dial on the radio what is it the simple
answer of course is yes and no each each particular frequency kind of affect diff
different parts of the body you you have in an adult body you have around four
and a half thousand biological structures
and every part of your body every single part of your body is in communication
with every other part every single cell in your body produces its own electric
and magnetic field and they all it’s like a constant chatter that goes on in
your body all the time but they all have their own different resonant psyche
electronic and circadian frequencies now when I was talking to spies and studying
this during the Cold War it was realized that different frequencies could cause
different things to happen in the body there’s a frequency that can cause the
bell to collapse the eyes to go funny the heart to collapse and so on and
there are four and a half thousand different structures in the body that
can be known to be affected so as you run through the 2g 3G 4G then you can
affect different ones the when I was talking to spies and my list the list
that I made I suppose I had a list an active list of networks then that used
between the forty and sixty different frequencies that could cause up to
around a hundred and neurological and physiological conditions the latest list
that I have I’ve seen one of 600 the latest list I’ve seen or heard of is now
750 different frequencies that can cause neurological physiological harm but it
isn’t 750 where you get this one or this one or this one
mathematically it is 750 factorial which means you can get the effects of 1 x 2 x
3 up to 750 now 5g is going to encompass a lot of what all
of the other Jews have and introduced its own as well and this is why the top
scientists in 40 countries have actually signed a petition saying you know you
you cannot do this but like every all of the other jeezum the industry and the
government scientists are choosing to ignore the entire scientific body
throughout the world and just plod on regardless because they are actually
above the law you know they can buy the law the industry I had a symposium here
not too many months ago with there were 11 professors and research doctors here
for 4 days discussing all of this and turning it into a DVD and they were just
absolutely horrified that nobody is being listened to and the producer of
this he said well I’ve researched this industry and it is now estimated at 17
trillion dollars 17:17 trillion and when do you have that much money you know you
can buy governments you can buy countries and it’s not it’s not
difficult to buy scientists it really isn’t that we’ll do an experiment which
is legitimate but not accurate and it will cause confusion and this is what
they’re doing and they’re going to get away with it because they are above the
law let me ask you this will we again gone back to when we first began talking
we talked about the effects of radiation on the smallest creatures in the world
not the smallest creatures but you know the smallest creatures that we come into
contact with every day boards of course and bees and and
insects yeah are we going to see you know cuz we talked about how back in the
early 2000s we saw incidences of birds falling out of the sky boards abandon
abandoning their nests all sorts of issues that we saw back then are these
issues are we going to see more of this in the next to 24 years it’s going to
get worse in my paper which I wrote three years ago now why fire solidified
in the making I predicted for the human race that and David Icke picked this up
and published it and I predicted well I didn’t predict I proved using government
figures World Health Organization figures secret figures I proved that in
just three generations 60 years of human life only of the exposed populations
only one in eight children after three generations could be born healthy now
that has been people picked that up and ran with experiments which I’m very
pleased of and oddly enough I read just a few days ago and that experiments show
that entire species of animals entire species can be extinct in five
generations now that would match my prediction because if you’ve got only
one in eight roughly after three you you then don’t have enough population of
anything to sustain a workable population so it’s been published I read
it just a few days ago that they are now showing that after five generations for
some animals they could become extinct except and this is interesting
except bacteria and viruses they seemed who proliferate and grow and become more
deadly in microwaves well it’s one is destroying and the biological makeup are
creatures of mammals of of marsupials of human beings it actually increases the
potency of viruses in some bacteria that’s extraordinary
oh yeah and it was a because this came up in our conversation and I can tell
you he wouldn’t mind me he’s published it
it was Professor Mascola who is the senior professor of Vienna University
and I mentioned this and he said oh yes and he came out with with the proteins
on the bacterium and that but it’s known and it is published that bacterium when
they’re exposed to microwaves they can reproduce so rapidly that they have a
defensive mechanism well of course they are the oldest living beings on the
planet they’ve developed a defensive mechanism
and they reproduce more rapidly and they become immune to antibiotics that they
sort of turn into sort of a super bacterium there’s a couple of quotes I
wanna I want to just read out here from learned men and women
this is Olga Sheehan she’s a former employee of the World Health
Organization and she wrote a book called no safe place you might be aware with
Olga Barry August yeah yeah yeah August says the plans to be highly
penetrative 5g Miller wave radiation a dose from space must surely be one of
the greatest follies ever conceived off by mankind there will be nowhere safe to
live and as well as not hearing Barrie Trower on BBC television or radio we
don’t hear people like Olga Sheen that’s you know everybody in the world should
hear that they want to dismiss it out of hand or
whether they want to investigate it the greatest Follies ever conceived both way
mankind there will be nowhere safe to leave
Murray with with these microwaves and it is known that there are twenty thirty
thousand research papers with microwaves we do know that every living thing on
the planet it accepts bacterium and virus every living thing trees
everything plants every single thing birds fish and everything is affected by
microwaves now with with us when they’re beaming these down from satellites you
have nowhere to go no you have absolutely no etiquette but
you do have a choice at the moment not to be vaccinated you have a choice not
to eat certain food you do there is a little choice that you can have it may
be living away from the general population which some people would quite
like but you have a choice not to do those there is no choice with microwaves laser jamming please join me in
welcoming to the National Press Club Federal Communications Commission
Chairman Tom wheeler it’s an honor to be here at the National
Press Club the first generation wireless 1g was
voice the second generation 2g allowed both talk and text the third generation
3G the Internet in a limited way and today’s technology 4G completed that
digital migration but if anyone tells you that they know the details of what
5g is going to become run the other way this video is brought to you by the
number five and the letter G and pretty soon everything else will be too I have
to tell people 5 cheses hello I’m mocking anybody who hasn’t heard me and
what the system is head-up display expert leading experts in the world I’ve
actually brought one relation to this reason I became an expert wants to
invent them what I’m going to see you today
do not believe a single word I see it not one I want you to do your research
clarifying this 5 to you love is a weapon system I’ve got to let Elmo
certain a good mix I know about what the system is more than anything all that in
Britain in a place in the north of England called Gateshead a scientist
there called mark steel has been very publicly and actively warning people
about the effects of LED streetlights which he says in Gateshead are emitting
now 5g I’ve just come to work with these kids it talks of it as about the Pearson
assay this translates that of causing harm
assault in the community this is an existential threat to the economy to the
environment and humanity of these transmitters are everywhere then
everyone’s it was true there’s a lot of confusion about what
five years the G stands for generation so you started off with the first
transmitter system back in the nineteen eighty and then yet easily s we have one
G then you had to G in as the generations moved on we started to see
more complex signal systems cleverer pieces of you know antenna designs etc
etc so the wulfing became more data quicker data quicker downloads etc etc
however 5g is something completely different right let’s get a break though
let’s tell the people what this really is this is the 5g transmission device
that’s a hell of a beef start isn’t it these are the uninsurable transmitters
just get a good look at that guys because obviously I know there’s quite a
few experts who want to see more detail about the transmitters and the chip sets
have a good look boys this is the control management system masseria
there’s no antenna there you see that what is this
phears two rear antenna here what’s up this is for ps3 all right as you’ll see
it’s got a driver that’s got some chip pegs one chip with a chipset on this
this is a disturbing world or did this water get it comes up said I’ll tell you
what I think the Vela sent some of these educated fools back to school
what’d you send them to prison which I was the easiest I think prisons probably
better that’s 5j guys that’s 5g holy you must
consider the whole part played by electricity in nature human beings
cannot go on developing in the same way in an atmosphere permeated on all sides
by electric currents and radiations it has an influence on the whole
development of man this life of men in the midst of electricity notably radiant
electricity will presently affect them in such a way that they will no longer
be able to understand the news which they received so rapidly the effect is
to damp down their intelligence such effects are already seen today even
today you can notice how people understand the things that come to them
with far greater difficulty than they did a few decades ago Rudolf Steiner
1924 Rudolf Steiner noted that in 1924 since then our atmosphere has become far
more permeated with electric waves of widely diverse types there’s no doubt
now that electric waves electromagnetic forces cause direct biological effects
there’s thousands of peer-reviewed papers on this subject there’s no doubt
about it but what are these effects how are they affecting us what can we do
about it we’re now at a stage where we’re putting in what’s called 5g which
is a special type of broadcast for high density information transfers and it
turns out that this is the same frequency bands that are used in crowd
dispersal weapon five T first and foremost is
densification so it’s significantly more transmitters at close proximity to a
human and it is also a sophisticated illegal unlawful transmitter what I mean
by that is it is a high gear dielectric lens antenna then what our allowance 5g
transmitters to do is the 3d map its environment in your home the age 68
megahertz frequency is specific for battlefield interrogation systems so so
gigahertz that allows the signal to travel through concrete brick work with
ease and it can actually data gather it is a tall bird the choir and system
fails the rear is busy period off the battlefield it is extremely good that
identifying targets and being a lock on the tolerance and not only that it can
specifically target you as an individual so any judge said no no an interesting
case let’s say any lawyer and he barrister anybody doing any work on his
potentially controversial your life could be a threat so the antenna design
that you currently have non-stop of these LED streetlights muscarine as a
contour management system it basically Barfield interrogation equipment
the first fears the rear unit was actually called Mahmut
used by the Germans during the Second World War to identify Allied aircraft
obviously things moved on significantly since then well I joined the Royal Navy in 1960 and
I specialized in microwave warfare radar obviously which uses microwave but they
don’t just teach you radar they teach you all about microwaves and other uses
so I understood about microwave warfare and how it can damage people how it can
harm people microwaves then were used as weapons as they are today it is a
perfect stealth weapon and when governments don’t like a group of people
for instance that the ladies who protest at Greenham common in England about the
American missile base they can’t they were microwaved we might grow both
Catholics in Northern Ireland to make them sick it goes on all over the world
and it’s a weapon that you don’t know you’re being targeted because the dose
is very very low which is actually more dangerous than a
high dose it’s very very low and it may take a year or two but you can you can
cause neurological damage and cancers with low level microwaves and you can
make all your opponents sick it it’s a perfect weapon for a government
our impulses are being redirected we are living in an artificially induced state
of consciousness that resembles sleep their intention to rule rests with the
annihilation of consciousness we have been lonely with friends they have made
us indifferent to ourselves to others we are focused only on please understand
they are safe as long as they keep us asleep keep us selfish
keep us today almost immediately I had neighbors knocking on the door talking
about children bleeding from the nose I have images posted on Facebook the more
neighbor in particular killed my door and mentioned the fact but since the LED
street lighting had been installed she was bleeding from the nose every single
night I thought was unbelievable however spoke to another neighbor who
lived not far from the first lady who mentioned this and she also confirmed
that since the LED streetlight had been installed she also had started to
develop nosebleeds and never have nosebleeds before in her life that then
put me on a journey to investigate a measured microwave radiation levels from
the transmitters on top of the LED streetlights the basic 868 megahertz
it was significantly higher than the current comes through 1815 resolution
which is a maximum of 600 millivolts of measure doctors over 3,000 millivolts
five times five to six times higher than the than the guidelines significantly
higher than than the current council Europe guillotine 15 resolution which
states that 200 millivolts should be the maximum that by your initiative report
states that it should be significantly less than that so we’ve got a country
Europe that’s you know the the the the International Criminal Court or spear
nut you know the learner have said that 200 millivolts and are
measuring in bedrooms and get set minimum minimum 600 in all the 4000 does
this mean that in 2020 2021 when 5g is destined to roll out globally that
you’re going to get those kind of readings everywhere all the time
everywhere all it’s worse than that worse enough yes 5g will connect the
internet of everything if something can be connected it will be connected in the
5g world hundreds of billions of microchips connected in products from
pill bottles to plant waterers requiring massive deployment of small cells we
won’t wait for the standards now to make this work five the 5g build out is going
to be very infrastructure intensive we must reject the notion that the 5g
future will be the sole province of urban areas the 5g revolution will touch
all corners and that’s damn important the interconnected world of the future
will be the result of decisions we must make today the main issue before us today is Senate
bill 637 and Senate bill 894 the former by Senator Hugh in the latter by Senator
nobs we’re gonna invite the first four witnesses in support of the legislation
and that would be John Jones with Sprint David Lewis and Andy Emerson with AT&T
Neal Creve with Verizon and Frank out committee jr. with t-mobile so be
straight with me is it true it could be practice these
words in front of the mirror although we are constantly exploring the subject
currently there is no direct evidence that links cell phone usage to brain
cancer you speak I’m Sharon Goldberg I’m an
internal medicine physician I’ve practiced medicine for 21 years and my
background is mostly academic internal medicine Hospital based clinical
research and medical education I am going to skip many of the things I
wanted to say because I didn’t realize it was only five minutes Wireless
radiation has biological effects period this is no longer a subject for debate
when you look at PubMed in the peer-reviewed literature these effects
are seen in all life forms plants animals insects microbes in humans we
have clear evidence of cancer now there is no question we have it evidence of
DNA damage cardiomyopathy which is the precursor of congestive heart failure
neuropsychiatric effects so 5g is not a conversation about whether or not these
biological effects exist they clearly do 5g is a conversation about unsustainable
healthcare expenditures why do I say this we’ve been sitting on the evidence
for EMR and chronic disease for decades and now we are seeing all these
epidemics appearing so diabetes is the first epidemic I think most of you know
the statistic they’re very scary one in three American
children will become diabetic in their lifetime and if they’re Hispanic females
the number is one in two so what does this have to do with wireless radiation
Wireless radiation and other electromagnetic fields such as magnetic
fields and dirty electricity have been clearly associated with elevated blood
sugar and diabetes that is what the peer-reviewed literature says it is not
opinion the closer you live to a cell tower the higher your blood glucose that
is based on hemoglobin a1c measurements so the idea with small cells of putting
the cells closer to people’s homes and bedrooms scientifically is very
dangerous and from an economic perspective it’s dangerous and you may
not know this I was shocked to find this out but the way you create a diabetic
diet in rats in the lab is by exposing them to 2.4 gigahertz and this is not
for long-term exposure so I don’t have time to talk about the costs but the
huge problem with diabetes really is chronic kidney disease and stage renal
disease the worst complication of diabetes leads to hemodialysis
hemodialysis is an automatic qualification for Medicare and if you
don’t qualify for Medicare we still have to dialyze the patient and the state
ends up paying in many different instances so renal failure is 1 percent
of Medicare but it takes up 7% of all Medicare expenditures I don’t have time
to talk about this anymore but once again we have so the other epidemics
that clearly linked from the science with electromagnetic radiation are
related to mental health and this is this is straight from PubMed this isn’t
my opinion this is science those of us who aren’t physicians what
is PubMed I’m sorry it’s just the it’s our National Library
of Medicine this is where you would go this is just the peer-reviewed
literature so we have three epidemics that clearly they’re essentially one
epidemic we have deterioration of mental health in the United States and if you
look really at the science what does it show
Alecto and these epidemics are our suicide epidemic epidemics in violent
cough shootings and the opioid epidemic and I don’t have five minutes is not the
time to talk about this this is in the peer-reviewed literature I have a file
to submit for the record but these are facts these aren’t and these are things
that have just been glossed over by the wireless industry and I really don’t
have time to talk about them in five minutes I wish I did
but we need to examine our epidemics in the context of our EMF exposures what
does that mean that means that the CDC tracking these epidemics needs just we
need to start measuring how much radiation our people being exposed to
and before we roll out 5g and this means rate there are four kinds of
electromagnetic fields that we know are harmful to human health
so radio frequency radiation magnetic fields dirty electricity and electric
fields okay our exposure any given person and all humans are affected by
EMFs are given exposure has nothing to do with the research that that my
colleagues are going to cite with the national toxicology program that is an
assessment of the risk of one cellphone in the near field okay
what is our exposure and in a day it’s not one cellphone it’s cellphones it’s
multiple wireless networks it’s smart meters its cell towers it’s this
sandwich and it all adds up and this is a this is a serious problem for
occupational health Public Safety and personal safety and I feel that it’s
irresponsible to be even talking about the Internet of Things in rolling out a
new untested technology when we’re not even measuring what are our current
exposures from the current networks I appreciate your testimony would you
again provide us with your credentials you said at the beginning yes I’m an MD
I’m board-certified in internal medicine I’ve been an assistant professor at
different medical schools mostly in New York
most recently the University of Miami and I got interested in electromagnetic
fields after my administrator at the University of Miami gave me a new iPhone
I used it for 20 minutes on speaker and my my finger was burning at the end of
the call so that was years ago I started reading about the science and connecting
with other scientists and and really my expertise I’ve taken care of a lot of
patients with chronic disease so when I talk about diabetes and for instance
heart failure that you know the the National Toxicology program shows clear
evidence of cardiomyopathy in that study in other words that’s a precursor to
congestive heart failure and I want to just read one thing if you’ll allow me
this is from the United States renal data system healthcare expenditures for
persons with chronic kidney disease so over half of the 2015 Medicare spending
for beneficiaries aged 65 and older was for those who had diagnosis of CKD
diabetes mellitus or heart failure all three of these conditions when you
look as an independent scientist not someone who’s funded by Wireless all of
those three conditions are linked so diabetes and heart failure are linked
with EMF exposures there it’s very clear doctor what what are your trained
medical professional yes we don’t have one on the panel what are we to make
with of the American Cancer Society for example telling us there’s no evidence
of harmful prod well at this point there’s a there’s an
internet a national and international 5g appeal but I don’t know how many
thousands of people have signed but the point is that many of these
organizations have conflicts of interest and I can’t speak to I don’t know who’s
on their board who made these decisions I my testimony comes from I’ve been
reading this literature for years and really I got interested in it because I
spent my career taking care of so many patients who were sick in the hospital
that when I found out about the links I was just shocked I couldn’t believe it
so I’ve read these articles myself and the experts who don’t work for telecom
and who are in their independent research everyone comes to the same
conclusion this isn’t the we’ve we’re not in a place where we should be
debating this anymore this is exactly what happened with tobacco it’s the
exact same thing and really right now the only people protecting the only the
only people who are able to protect Americans are our legislators because we
don’t have any any relevant regulatory guidelines to protect human health the
FCC guidelines were developed for short-term exposures six minutes thirty
minutes depending on it’s a phone or an outdoor exposure and they have
absolutely no connection to the biological effects that have been very
clearly summarized in the bio initiative that’s a huge document generated all the
you know all the the summaries are there I’ve got it here for you if anyone wants
to read it I have very concise summaries and abstracts documenting everything
that I’m saying so I know there are plenty of people here that are probably
rolling their eyes but you know in academic medicine we have a name for
what’s happening now with 5g this is called and what has happened with
wireless communication this is called you know 5g is an untested application
of a technology that we know is harmful we know it from the side
this is in academics this is called human subjects research human subjects
research is very tightly regulated you can’t just roll out some type of a
research project on human beings unless a you have their informed consent so
they understand the risks and benefits and be you have the approval like
someone is actually you know examine the literature inside okay this research
project we believe that it’s safe there’s no evidence in the science to
indicate that it would not be safe we have decades of evidence to show that it
is not safe thank you very briefly if you can what you
definite what do you mean by conflict of interest I mean that sort of taught one
of the things that I taught in medical school is evidence based medicines are
teaching medical students and residents how to critically evaluate the
literature of the science and one of the first things that you teach residents is
that you always have to look at the funding so and you can read about it
Marsha angled the editor of New England Journal just wrote a great op-ed in The
New York Times about about researchers who are funded by private industry the
results of their research are much more likely to support their the whatever it
is that is being funded that’s that’s a question yes morning doctor just one
question what is the normal arm of that individual could be exposed to and if
these small cells are installed what is the prediction of how much RMF the human
body would experience and then the second question would be if we know it
is if we know that RMF is a issue do we limit the amount of exposure
that somebody would cardio issues in the hospitals whether they’re going through
a cat scan or so are we limiting that because we know that just small cells
alone it’s not the issue it’s you know as you talked about earlier it’s the
sandwich so give me the normal levels with the prediction prediction is that
the human body would experience moving forward well I’m so glad that you’re
asking that question and the answer is that well no one no one’s measuring and
and that is the problem that’s the problem because we have and I the way I
think about this is in in an occupational health perspective I think
about because we people go to work and we so for instance your exposure will
depend on where like what you do in a given day so if one cellphone causes
cancer clear evidence of cancer DNA damage heart damage what happens if you
work at an airport well what happens if you work in a stadium where there are a
hundred thousand people coming to watch a football game and everyone’s using
their phone at the same time and so the problem is that we have a very very
systematic clear empirical way to measure these exposures and it’s a
discipline called building biology and we actually have someone here trained in
building biology and I asked him to bring the meters if anyone after this
meeting is interested I I can show anyone exactly how we measure okay but
that is the problem that we don’t measure and there are certain situations
relevant to public safety where we really do need to be measuring with
firefighters with airline pilots because when you activate microwave radiation
inside an enclosed metal space you get you get amplification you have increased
power density so think about an airplane everyone’s with their devices every
device is emitting radiation and the what the access point is right next to
the cockpit usually so what is the student pilots what is this do to
firefighters we already have a submission to the FCC from Susan foster
about firefighters that were unable to function in the line of duty this is
from 2013 after after exposure to a cell tower that was put up near there near
their station and they they also have written two-way communication devices
that they wear so we have to measure these exposures that is the the start
and not go ahead and roll out a whole bunch of internet of things with more
like more devices that we’re not even measuring what we’re exposed to now
doctor thanks for your testimony thank you
600 strains of an aerosolized thought-control vaccine already tested
on humans deployed via air food and water
we’re in trouble guys we’re in big trouble
according to the document you’re about to see for the last eight years
government scientists have actively engineered viral vaccines designed to
alter thoughts and beliefs by infecting the brain and suppressing genetic
expression of neurological cells dispersal of these vaccines has been
tested via high-altitude aerosolized spray highway vehicles the water supply
and even the food system as you’ll see in the document video below the vaccine
was intended from the start to be deployed against civilian populations
and 600 strains of infectious viruses were tested on human subjects one of the
transmission vectors documented in the testing exploited at an influenza strain
to spread the mine infecting virus as a pandemic the point of all of this is to
infect the minds of the population and transform people into what the
government calls normal from the government’s point of view of core
normal means obedient and mindless gotta admit it what are we seeing in the
majority of the American people kind of obedient mindless drones walking around
this is all described in a video in n/a a document that surfaced several years
ago but which are only now beginning to connect the dots as the medical police
state in America accelerates to insane levels of aggression against the
population and you can see the recent stories of the medical kidnapping in
Arkansas a CPS kidnapping of children in Arizona Medical kidnapping in
Connecticut go to medical kidnapping I believe it’s dot-com and you’ll read
all of the wonderful medical kidnappings that are taking place in the country
this is very real we’re living this this isn’t a conspiracy theory this is fact
so using aerosolized stealth vaccines as tools of behavioural control and mind
alteration this YouTube video which is embedded in the article right here described as a leaked pentagon video
features a Bill Gates sounding scientist explaining in cold calculating language
how engineered vaccines can eliminate behavior that’s considered undesirable
by the government starting at the three minute mark you can hear the scientists
explaining how a vaccine can turn a fanatic into a normal person and you can
read the transcript of the presentation which is it’s so I I don’t even I can’t
even get to understand these brains inside this body these are such
profoundly sick people but here’s the transcript so this
scientist says and that would have the effect which is to essentially turn a
fanatic into a normal person an audience member asks how would you suggest that
this is going to be dispersed via aerosol scientists the present plan and
the tests that we’ve done done so far have used respiratory viruses such as
flu or Breno viruses and we believe that’s a satisfactory way to get the
exposure of the largest part of the population and we’re quite confident
this would be a very successful approach what’s the name of this proposal the
scientist says the name is fun vex fun VAX the vaccine for religious
fundamentalism the proposal has just been submitted and I think the data that
I have shown you today would support the development of this project and we think
it has great promise it is stunning so designed to infect brain cells and
alter beliefs and behavior this document at want to know dot info appears to
explain and you can click on the blue lettering and get to the document it
appears to explain the design and intent of the virus in a summary entitled
quarterly fun vex review the document says the objective of this phase of
project ID 49 a-z to is to prepare a viral vector that will inhibit decrease
the expression of v met to within a human population the design allows the
virus to infect the respiratory tract where said o lick set of licked ik
infection occurs and then subsequent diffusion across the blood-brain barrier
to infect brain cells the document goes on to say that there will be
coordination between the research clinical and manufacturing groups taking
place in 2007 I think this has been going on this
clearly spells out intent to take this project from the research phase
manufacturing and deployment you may wonder therefore against whom these
weaponized mind-control vaccines might be deployed the answers you dispersal
via air water supply highway vehicles and insects according to the document
link below or linked above I’m sorry the dispersal of the brain modifying viral
vaccine was tested in six different ways six methods of virus dispersal were
tested high altitude release water supply release insect transmission
diffusion by a ground-level object such as a car diffusion from a stationary
objects such as bottle and infection of food supply such as cattle or produce
can you believe what I’m reading it if anybody actually believes that they’re
not trying to kill us off and not trying to mind-control us and not trying to
change us and control us in every aspect of our life I don’t know what to tell
you but as you take in the paragraph you
just read consider that now nearly eight years later we are witnessing the
release of genetically engineered mosquitoes combined with outbreaks of
bizarre neurological conditions across the United States in schoolchildren and
mysterious health conditions all over the world the high-altitude release of
this mind-altering viral vaccine has no doubt already been achieved through the
aerosol eyes spraying of cities in crisscross patterns of aerosol eyes
dispersal at altitude often labeled as chemtrails suicide jeans field testing
and future experiments the same document cited above goes on to summarize a
research group meeting that apparently took
place on March 21st 2007 in which the following topics were discussed proposal
for a suicide gene dispersal methods testing efficiency in the field
inhibitors that may target a specific population a monkey knock down progress
future experiments other directives in the documents say things like all 600
strains of vsv should be retested on human subjects future experiments of vsv
287 should allow the subject to breathe in the virus rather than being injected
with it the use of fun VAX could see an immediate effect within the
targeted zones the results of mass inoculation should be proportionate to
the rate of infection behavioral indicators decreased in armed resistance
increase in communications that expressed discontent with religion or
God hmm fully intended to be deployed against civilian populations it’s clear
from the document that this mind-altering brain infecting vaccine
was intended from the start to be deployed against civilian populations in
fact the document discusses plans for covertly taking biological symptoms samples from dead civilians in order to
determine the effectiveness of the aerosol eyes dispersal effort a blood
sample of militant casualties or deceased civilian would provide the most
accurate estimate of the rate of vaccination biological snaptun
Wow biological samples from living subjects may be covertly taken the tests
that should be repeated using the vs v 287 are high atmospheric tests what do
you think they’re spraying do you really think that it’s just Oh
non-toxic it’s fine they’re just doing this to save the planet an airborne
virus would be the preferred route of infection bus train named vsv 287 has
been designed to spread via air only human trials can determine vsv 287 s
effect on religiosity and spirituality high atmospheric disposal or disposal by
a ground-level moving object appears to be the most practical the government has
a history of using aircraft to disburse vaccines the air dropping of vaccines
unto large populations isn’t new by the way as I reported here on natural news
in 2012 the Texas government air dropped 1.8 million rabies vaccines onto the
wild animal populations as part of a government-run scheme to vaccinate
wildlife yes even wild coyotes and rabbits are not safe from the vaccine
zealots no animal on the planet is considered safe by health authorities
unless it is first infected with a virus or to the Department of Defense plan is
far more elaborate however using Airlines dispersal with
high-altitude aircraft or even dumping viral vaccines into the water supplies
of large cities such an action would be considered an act of domestic terrorism
if you or I did it of course but when the government proposes it suddenly it’s
okay as a mind-altering vaccine already been released over the United States
cities all this brings up the obvious question has this mind-altering vaccine
already been deployed over US cities it’s a legitimate question because the
high-altitude deployment of this vaccine against civilian populations was clearly
the intent of the program a mass dumbing down vaccine lobotomy would sure explain
a lot of what’s going in America these days such as how
certain people still haven’t figured out that every statement uttered by
President Obama is a calculated lie I can’t wait to watch the upcoming
theatrical comedy show called the State of the Union address I’ve also been
wondering why we’re seeing Hotel abandonment of morality and ethics
across the Western world these days and it’s not an outlandish idea of inquiry
to wonder if entire cities of people have been intentionally exposed to a
virus that infects their brains just as described by the scientists in the video
above I know it sounds like the actions of a Batman movie villain but then again
we already know the vaccine industry is largely staffed by mad scientist with
villainous intent remember this is the same group of disreputable scientists
who knowingly committed scientific fraud by covering up the confession of a CDC
scientist who admitted the agency manipulated data to eliminate any
apparent link between vaccines and autism it’s no stretch at all to realize
these same people would gladly deploy vaccines to dumb people down if that
made them more compliant and docile the greatest enemy of the vaccine industry
of course is anyone who can still think for themselves we also know that
vaccines are being deployed right now to covertly sterilize women using
sterilization chemicals secretly mixed into the vaccines themselves we also
know there is still toxic mercury and flu shots even though the establishment
ridiculously claims flu shots are 100% safe to give to pregnant women infants
toddlers senior citizens and everyone else it’s not true and anyone who
believes this please please do the research on these vaccines before you go
and get them this is an industry that actually seems to enjoy the power trip
of causing widespread health harm vaccine induced sea
and comas autism and even death deploying vaccines at high altitude to
invisibly fall onto large cities where they are inhaled by millions of people
is an almost erotic fantasy come true for these anti human vaccine zealots who
despise life and openly advocate for human depopulation good sometimes you
know I read and I just can’t believe what I’m reading can good nutrition
protect you from aerosol eyes vaccine weapons of mass mental destruction when
I look around America today and witnessed the total abandonment of
rational thought the criminality of the medical system the corruption at every
level of government and the twisted insanity infecting the minds of the
masses I can only wonder if the population has been covertly but
deliberately exposed to something nefarious perhaps some of us are immune
people like you and I while others fall victim to the virus because they live in
states of weakened immunity perhaps people who eat the most nutritious foods
and super foods have the best defenses against covert vaccine schemes and are
therefore the only ones to emerge with their minds and awareness fully intact I
don’t think it’s just food I think there’s a lot of factors at play and why
some people get controlled and why others don’t and just some of those
factors who the person is their psychological development their level of
consciousness their do they take life seriously genuinely do they honor truth
authentically kind of is it in their core their I you know it’s not just food
but perhaps were already five years into a massive war against human
consciousness and III would say that we are it’s not a matter of perhaps we are
in a war against human consciousness that’s being waged every day
every level from the droning idiots on the cable news networks to the brain
destroying medications dosed out to nearly every person who steps foot in a
doctor’s office combined aerosolized weaponized vaccines with the
mind-numbing effects of fluoride TV sitcoms chemical food additives and mass
media social engineering and you end up with a nation of sleepwalking zombies
who are only capable of obedience not independent thought through these
aerosol eyes vaccines in other words the hilariously depicted zombie apocalypse
may already have begun and perhaps the so called mindless masses are actually
just victims of a nefarious government-run behavioral modification
program designed to turn a human breath into an unintended vaccination event to
thoughts that I just want to share with you one if this is actually going on
knocking out people’s you know the thoughts and beliefs about religion well
that certainly is a good way to institute a one-world religion and the
other thing that came to mind is why has the Pentagon allowed this video to exist
on YouTube for many many years it’s a leaked Pentagon video that they
have not taken down from YouTube why is that now I don’t believe that it’s just
a PSYOP I actually believe that they’re doing this but why leave the video up
here it begs a lot of questions and a couple of things come to mind one they
don’t care they know they got a majority of the population and they’re done we’re
seeing it we’re seeing a majority Americans incapable of thinking they
think their opinion is as has just as much weight as a fact I’ve had people
adults who were educated college-educated say to me well effect
to you may not be a fact to somebody else no a fact is actually a fact we
have adult Americans who are behaving like children they can’t engage in adult
conversation they don’t even act like adults we have
adults who cannot handle serious matters it’s stunning what is happening the lies
are so in our face and we have Americans who simply do not care or won’t believe
that it’s a lie we have the obvious spraying of toxic chemicals and metals
and biologicals and all this crap in the sky and we have so many Americans who
just refused refused to become aware of it and those who are they simply say oh
it’s it’s fine they’re just saving planet Earth what is going on something
is drastically wrong with the American people see nano cells are real small a
thousand times smaller than these dust particularly
you inhaling they go to work replicating spreading like a virus multiplying and
Exponential’s six months time I could have a hundred million people converted
ditch-diggers porn stars and presidents not one would be the wiser 100 million
people who buy what I want them to buy do pretty much damn well anything I
figure they ought to do people are breaking down really breaking down
chemtrail illness now I’m not going to go through all of the symptoms it’s a
long long long list but for most common serious illnesses associated with
chemtrails aneurysms components of chemtrails are believed to block
arteries and weakened arterial walls leading to aneurysms and eventually to
deadly strokes strokes nano particular that particle aluminum builds up and
capillaries causing blockages eventually leading to aneurysms and strokes heart
attacks barium dramatically lowers potassium in
mammals leading to heart fib relations relations fib relations is that correct
okay well I’ve said it before I’m going to say it again you know I I don’t know
what’s going on with my brain but when I try to pronounce words or spell words
nothing seems to be sounding right or looking right these days and yes I am
noticing as I read the comments Oh many of you are putting in the wrong
words and I know that you meant to write the right word but it didn’t come out
that way we are experiencing an awful lot of symptoms and even for those who
are well as they leave the comments I can see that something is is not quite
right but barium yes it does affect us in very adverse ways
barium is used in animal testing to artificially induce heart attacks now if
you don’t know all of the toxic spraying that is taking place barium is one of
the main ingredients that they are spraying into our atmosphere that we get
to breathe and cancer most of the components of chemtrails suppress the
immune system when the immune system is suppressed for extended periods cancer
grows and thrives the other symptoms fatigue headache sinus pain muscle pain
joint pain frequently cracking joints depression asthma asthmatic bronchitis
panic attacks anxiety hyperactivity insomnia tooth decay and yes I have
heard from just recently subscribers your teeth are decaying rapidly and many
or I shouldn’t say many but enough that concerns me having heard from
subscribers whose teeth are falling out yes
very concerning but anxiety anger issues inability to focus or concentrate
looping thoughts or songs salty metallic taste to the air a chemical taste to the
air swelling inflammation Morgellons disease the itchy skin sores and other
symptoms ringing in the ears changes in eyesight near or farsightedness upper
respiratory infections elevated blood pressure accelerated heartbeat heart
pain heart fibrillation heart attack shortness of breath lost
balance dark circles under the eyes stomach pain nausea frequent illness
shallow unrestful sleep vivid or restless
dreams rapid premature aging I posted a video on Kaka Winston world that was
about the rapid aging syndrome and frankly I feel like I have rapidly aged
just in the last couple of years and yep I’ve heard from some of you who also
feel like you are rapidly aging you should not be feeling the way that you
are feeling or looking the way that you are looking at the age that you are
vivid Restless dreams I said that but rapid premature aging nosebleeds tulane
to lean mercury mole skin rashes mercury mercury okay that is concerning isn’t it
I did not know the chemtrails contain mercury I will link below to this one
page here on global oh it is sorry global sky watch so the mercury
apocalypse chemtrails contain mercury now there are a lot of links here so I
hope that you click on the link below to this page and find out contamination of
the biosphere with Mercury another potential comes consequence of ongoing
climate manipulation using aerosolized cold fly ash and this this was published
January 11 2017 so this work of that study it was a joint effort between the
authors that is a part of an ongoing collaboration aimed at providing
scientific medical public health implications and an evidence related to
the near-daily near global covert geo engineering at
and here are a lot of articles links related to the Mercury June 25 2014
Arizona’s senator Kelly Ward held a public hearing dealing with the subject
of chemical aerosols chemtrails and this woman exposes the mercury and Senator
Tom Harkin’s office put out a General Accounting Office report in Iowa in 2006
because it was a family and Iowa who after seeing many of these trails over
their house the next day the rain came there was pink glittering solution
covering the ground on the dash of the car on the roof they picked it up and
they analyzed it senator Harkins office came out and analyzed it and what they
discovered what is what it was was military grade chest which consists they
have some that have lead base they have some that is aluminum base and then they
have glass fiber glass particles that are very small ranging from 2 microns
all the way up to 2 inches that are coated in aluminum this is what they
determined was the substance on the ground and within that substance they
found naturally-occurring viruses and so forth and fungi but they also found that
it contains nine separate chemicals including
acetylcholine chloride our snake both mercury silver uranium zinc foreign
barium aluminum and also six different kinds of bacteria naturally occurring
most likely for fungi viruses – cancers vaccines and sedatives which if you
lived or any have a septic tank whatever you put in your body that is aspirated
that eventually comes out into your property so they determine that gets
there was problem the neighbor being sprayed seven days a week that will
hours a day we are breathing all of those chemicals in nano particulates
cross the blood-brain barrier numerous rain water and dust tests contain
mercury rain water tests showing mercury in the air and rainwater rain water now
has higher amounts of aluminum barium lead mercury and other exotic and highly
toxic medical metals some chemtrail types present symptoms identical to
mercury poisoning ringing in ears oily skin sweating wandering mind focusing
becomes difficult fatigue headache tingling in the hands and feet muscle
twitching dizziness muscle tightness especially in the neck and back joint
pain cracking joints anxiety depression the dark circles under Beyonc and much
more and I will say outside of the oily skin and the sweating I have every one
of these I’ve been experiencing rather severe pain neck and back and it’s
muscle tightness and I have been now chronically
or like the last two months so trying to use coal burning power planets not the
source of why it’s very mercury coal ash and chemtrails a toxic toxic source of
mercury and we’re not talking just ordinary people writing that oh my god
there’s mercury as well in the chemtrails that they’re spraying these
are studies done by experts so how do you you’ve got to keep up detoxing do
the research find out how you can detox mercury you know you have mercury in
your dental fillings which I do it is known that the mercury leaks out and
gets into your bloodstream from those dental fillings we know Mercury’s and
vaccines my god it has become so obvious now that they
are killing us off lithium in tap water may cut dementia okay
BBC mainstream media article about this study that was conducted and and
published in JAMA psychiatry janeth Journal of the American Medical
Association psychiatry psychiatry has nothing to do with medicine
psychiatrists are not doctors all of this has been deliberate to make people
think wow psychiatrists are just like medical doctors there is no science
supporting virtually all claims made by psychiatry people don’t understand that
these journals science has been taken were corrupted and the science today is
so so obviously false it is so dangerous that we have the majority of peoples in
our respective countries unable to critically think anymore
lithium is is a toxic metal and I’m going to get into the spraying of
lithium in these chemtrails but here the study showed moderate lithium levels
increased the risk of dementia by 22% and highest the highest lithium levels
had reduced the risk by 17% if you have ever taken lithium you will
know no doubt that it comes with an awful lot of adverse effects and one of
those adverse effects is on memory the higher dose of lithium that you take the
more at risk you are of short-term memory loss and here they’re saying that
drinking water with the highest lithium levels reduced the risk of dementia lithium is known to have an effect on
the brain and is used as a treatment in bipolar disorder the element alters a
wide range of biological processes in the brain don’t you think people reading
this article would be really alarmed that they might be considering putting
lithium in the tap water trillions upon trillions of viruses fall from the sky
each day New York Times posted April 13 2018 isn’t it interesting that
scientists scientists are just now figuring this out trillions upon
trillions of viruses fall from the sky each day and it just so happens that
scientists are now figuring this out after decades of increased spraying of
chemicals heavy metals biologicals viruses bacteria fungi oh all sorts of
things how did they calculate trillions upon trillions scientists have surmised
there is a stream of viruses circling the planet above the planets weather
systems but below the level of airline travel these viruses I read an article a
couple of weeks ago how these viruses they were coming in from Africa they
were coming in dust storms or I don’t alright so if they’re above the weather
system how are they getting there and how is it that scientists are just now
discovering this see nano cells are real small a thousand times smaller than
these dust particularly you inhaling they go to work replicating spreading
like a virus multiplying and Exponential’s six months time I could
have a hundred million people converted its diggers porn stars and presidents
not one would be the wiser 100 million people who buy what I want them to buy
do pretty much damn well anything I figure they ought to do yeah it’s very
important we we we communicate what we’re doing to the public
we’re very interested in making sure everyone knows what we’re doing we’re
not we’re civilian Space Agency dedicated to science and research and so
on so we’re very very keen to make sure that the taxpayers know we’re doing and
everything so well you know when the when the article came out in the major
newspapers including The Huffington Post there was no mention of lithium not one
not one mention of with him until I heard the recording of the actual I
listened to it I listened to the rockets go off I had no idea there was going to
be a lithium dispersed until I heard payload lifia disburse indicators of
chemical deploys and lithium on carrying for drying had been deployed okay RSO
TDE OSS request to declare the area clear and release the roadblocks so you
can you report out that they do see it selective trials trials allow them to
look at the winds and that the of the finest fear and these winds are believed
to be well make sure everyone knows that we see the lithium from the airplane
Roger that what you just heard was an excerpt of a telephone call that Madison
star moon made to NASA asking NASA about the chemtrails and lithium being sprayed
they admit that they are spraying with him and lithium appears at night red
pink colors in our sky what I want to ask all of you is the video that you
will see of mine in a few minutes do you see this color in your skies
because I see it often here and I absolutely do believe that they are
spraying lithium quite often into our atmosphere and this is a very very
dangerous soft metal that they are spraying but
here on NASA on their own site microdust weaponry a mechanical analog to bio
micron-sized mechanized dust which is distributed as an aerosol and inhaled
into the lungs dust mechanically bores into lung tissue and execute various
pathological missions a wholly new class of weaponry which is legal on NASA site
you know a lot of people will say oh well it’s legal so they can they have
the right to do this you are breathing in this dust legal does not mean it’s
right does not mean it is moral our entire environment has become weaponized
against us but I guess an awful lot of people just believe well if Congress has
legislated this to be legal okay what what you go along with it when they’re
using this against you as a weapon they’re killing you and it’s fine
because it’s legal Wow all right I posted a video lithium and tap water
lithium Kentrell spraying highly flammable and causes many symptoms I
included in that video this article lithium and the experiment
over argan which was posted in 2015 and if you want to know about the experiment
over Argand click on the link below and watch that video what I want to get to
is the symptoms of lithium it does not take much actually a small amount can
affect people fetuses everybody having their own constitution there are people
who are allergic to lithium very small dose
can have severe adverse effects on them but lithium is a metal the softest of
all metals relatively inexpensive to mine lithium refined is highly reactive
inflammable lithium will ignite and burn in oxygen when exposed to water or water
vapors it is highly conductive of both heat and electricity and this is why it
is now being widely used in geoengineering to increase electric
conductivity as a desiccant a drying agent and to increase volatility in
forest fire so when you hear mainstream media and fire fighters those reporters
the firefighters talking about how these fires are just they suddenly are out of
control they can’t seem to fight them anymore you hear Jerry Brown saying this
is the new normal because of climate change this is the new normal because
they are making everything highly flammable with the spraying of these
heavy metals lithium spraying it into the atmosphere it falls down upon
everything on trees and Boon symptoms of lithium exposure very small doses it
causes birth defects lithium passes through breast milk and can harm the
baby for some individuals even the smallest dose of lithium as a drug can
be highly debilitating and some people react allergic Li and there is no
antidote for lithium overdose lethargy you feel heavy and drugged thirst you
become quickly dehydrated especially if overheated you crave soft stomach
distress diarrhea constipation sudden weight gain muscle joint pain
twitching of hands and head sometimes the whole body loss of appetite you
can’t taste your food slurred speech blurred vision confusion hallucinations
imitation goiter looks like thyroid malfunction impotence
and Ropin disruption causing severe menstruation periods stomach can swell
up as if you’re pregnant kidney pain acne severe skin rashes sunburn hair
loss so tell me are you seeing this in your sky are you experiencing any of the
symptoms that I just read because I sure AM so look at all of that nice pink
stuff and those bizarre what are they clouds really oh wow so this I see often
here that pink stuff floating around up there in our atmosphere falling down
that we are breathing in and you can see all of the microwave frequencies right
there the microwave frequencies also dry out the atmosphere dry up life wasn’t
sure what that was so I zoomed in it kind of looked like a odd scary monster
in the sky but look at all of it I’m quite sure that that is lithium you need to detox you need to detox an
awful lot it’s imperative to get these metals chemicals out of our system I
don’t see how we can possibly survive without detoxing every day every day at
this point so yeah please leave comments below are you seeing this are they
spraying an awful lot of lithium into the atmosphere that we are breathing and
getting sick from there really are no words to describe what this world has
become spared formation of news totally Gold Coast up the new phantom City
points broad i-69 came 7th of June let’s draw a little peak in wine you make up in one’s bed this one Oh Yanis listen to this stuff Mosab here comes the dusted spies some
part is true the scientists of the state of California had called it smartass
the Pentagon the finest the strategic technology of the next year
one date will change our lives nowadays it’s already changing the way of making
war and can publish be tested in ela the intelligent specs of dust are composed
of merits of microscopic computers each one measured less than a cubic
millimeter but incorporate electronic sensors with capacity to communicate by
radio waves software and batteries captain future or is that his mother
very good we are near to the object I am basically untouchable perhaps made
of artificial intelligence we can allege itself in the surrounding universe feed
sound format you can be diffused over huge territory to look like an an
unusual precision no other science soldier is stuck to them unknowingly to
approach chemical and nuclear waste communication information dr. added is this machine Honda the production is made by a firm from
Silicon Valley that demonstrates already some of the properties of the model even
if we shall never know the most important abilities example suppose the
revolution microsensors diffusion environment will be the primary source
of the armament system the chapter is well declares from the Dark Horse
website that’s way to unfold I use firmly a remote sensors to
recognize and controls about a piece corner we’re on the doctor okay three two one go chemtrails in Afghanistan information is
not being confirmed from the funds a scientist in California got no doubt
smart ask a Sonics for separation over real battlefield in Afghanistan where
USA is spread clouds away the own roads and mountainous probably it was new
souls in Iraq the dust will be spread from the sky to the deserts and pink
elephants with it waiting for enemy troops artillery or Skutnik current age we have 60% of my – Charles
River nanotechnology could appear also inside
a new Marine combat suit Pentagon has paid 700 million dollars for this
project to produce a light suit we buy new materials pitch together condition
with intelligent sensors in its people Allied armor fitori climates able to
stop versions of the chemical weapons and two military soldiers here as
opposed to these attacks electronic sensors are visible by infrared so that
us eight strokes to not kill each other in the night by transit fire automata
very well we are at the zoo Martinoli severely Marta’s has been
creating not just for war speck of dust or my television show to use for
peaceful purposes rather on the forests of California is the century against
pollution entire thanks to its ability it can work individually for the
resources of it in the salon permanent taxi convey from the
a few laughter by an evil to control tower yes shift
over Oh Linette the control tower informer –
in the new rule excellent captain future Cornett is sitting on the other there on
route Oh excellent maneuver yes Louis let’s go
this should accomplish it captain teacher these are opening stages of what will be
a broad and concerted campaign on my orders coalition forces have began
striking selected targets of military importance to undermine Saddam Hussein’s
ability to wage war well spraying all tn my tanks on here while I sing this
song there’s too many of you that’s what I’ve been told you’re off to
meet your maker inside can drill-down proud
what careless ball fan about we take off
all my sprayer bodies and me during all God’s grace on you’ll never see me yes son cowboy Brown don’t give birth be far
fuck about you I get told me cheap there’s nothing on
my back more and the city by the pool with a nice cold beer staring
fine mind
terrible things I’ve done once you
no way yes son em drill can
Brown what a small fan
don’t fuck about you bud and drill cowboy spray don’t give 95 wetland mission solo and I’m not
Evon store maybe then I’ll realize where I went wrong before there’s too many fifteen zarf above what I’d tell the
devil and he recruited that I was only doing my job
yes son I can’t tell cowboy proud of what I do
gasps for family fuck about you
I can’t drive cowboy spray don’t care about Levi yeah see nano cells are real small a thousand
times smaller than these does particular you inhaling they go to work replicating
spreading like a virus multiplying and Exponential’s six months time I could
have a hundred million people converted ditch-diggers porn stars and presidents
not one would be the wiser 100 million people who buy what I want him to buy do
pretty much damn well anything I figure they ought to do


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    This video explains SO much about what I am feeling and what I'm seeing, I hardly know where to begin. I'm sorry I didn't take notes but must rely on my diminishing memory.

    Several things occurred to me when you talked about why some are immune to the brain deadening that so many experience. These are some thoughts: 1) Years ago — 50 yrs or so — I prayed for what I felt was the most important thing I could think of — wisdom. 2) I began to try to eat healthy about the same time, but of course that was subject to disinformation that was common at the time such as eat vegetable oils, stay away from butter, etc. But still, I did not drink pop or piles of chips or eat candy; and I cooked mostly from scratch. Organics were impossible to find in the 70's and 80's, particularly isolated from farm country as I am here in SE Alaska. To this day I avoid GM foods and eat as much organics as I can. 3) I have been avoiding any "shots" in the doctor's office as I do not really know what all is in them besides what they tell you is in them. 4) I also REFUSE TO TAKE ANY of big pharma's concoctions that so many my age are on such as for blood pressure and cholesterol medication. 5) Even though we have very pure water here, the city puts both chlorine and fluoride in the water, so I have a Berkey water filter system including the quite expensive fluoride and heavy metal removing filter besides the carbon and ceramic filters it comes with. I use this water for both drinking and cooking. 6) I do not have a TV, nor do I watch it at someone else's place. 7) I do not have a cell phone, but do rely on my old land line. 8) I am far away from any city — The largest one close to me is Juneau, Alaska with just under 33,000 people and is separated from me by 90 miles of mountains and water. Sitka has less than 9000 people. I can only hope its smallness helps some in the amount of radio effects or the attention by the sprayers because of our size and isolation. 9) I read a lot to keep my mind sharp. So who knows if any or all of this helps explain why my mind is still open.

    Having said all that, there ARE several symptoms I do have.
    1) I would have never thought of teeth problems as one if you hadn't pointed it out. I worked for years as a dental assistant and took very good care of my teeth, although I was leery of fluoride even then. In the last two years, pieces of four of my teeth have simply fallen out! Pieces on the backs of my two upper canines and pieces from the sides of two molars.
    2) I have had more difficulty remembering words or names. This in the last few years and is quite creepy to me.
    3) I have (apparently) some false memories that have me totally freaked out. I am not alone with these memories. To see what I mean, look at Mandela effect. a) airplane engines are in the wrong place b) my King Tut plate has changed and now his death mask headdress has two figures in the front instead of the one (snake) that I remember c) in Henry VIII's portrait he no longer holds a turkey drumstick. Weird stuff like that, but as I say, I am not alone with these false memories. If it were not for other people on the internet noticing the same changes, I would have believed that I had lost my mind. This one symptom is the hardest to take, and I have to fight the fear (frustration, anger?) it causes me.
    4) I have many of the other symptoms, but figured much is due to my greatly reduced activity since I retired from work, and/or my aging. I sit and read for hours, so am not surprised by aches and pains, etc.

    This comment has gotten big enough. There is more, but mostly just agreeing with much of what you have observed. I do fear for my world and my family, but "they" are too powerful for us to combat, whoever they are. With most of the people numb to what is around them, we will never be able to convince them. Something like "Matrix," isn't it.

  • Reply Billy D. Jacks July 29, 2019 at 12:45 am

    Just get a bright Lazer light and watch the nanoparticles shine in the dark

  • Reply theicediamond7 July 29, 2019 at 1:10 am

    this last lung crap was hard to beat dowm

  • Reply Element July 29, 2019 at 1:33 am

    For those interested to clean their bodies from metals and chemicals… I recommend Zeolite! Search about it…and also, don't take it in liquid form(internal use) , you can find ,for external use also as cream….exceptional! I am absolutely grateful that I found this remedy and I want to share it with you!
    Blessings to all!

  • Reply John Jordan July 29, 2019 at 1:40 am

    All of this stuff is very bad for mankind but here's what really captured my attention. The part where it was surprisingly noticed how viruses gained health and did very well to microwaves.
    Now, combine that with,…. Wealthy people having the financial influence to override law and buy out governments. Thus, keeping the gas pedal to the floor in making 5g fully operational.
    Suggests the following,….the virus contains one or more gens that belongs to a foreign being. A being that can not survive in our current atmosphere. To say that our atmosphere is being transformed to accommodate a different life form is within logic.
    As far as humanity is concerned. It appears as though many of us will not survive this transformation. Where as, many will endure a DNA alteration and live through the unknown.
    If ever there were gonna be an uprising,….it needs to happen pretty damn quick.
    Peace !

  • Reply Anthony Heade July 29, 2019 at 2:57 am

    Contrails or Geothermal Engineering? Hrrrrmm. Thanks youtube footnotes

  • Reply Payge July 29, 2019 at 3:19 am

    It’s funny u say about the comments.. I was just telling my mum how I can always tell if I’m chatting to an American in a live chat because of all the spelling mistakes and just wrong words being used…
    even here in Australia my teeth are doing the same thing, in the last 3-4 years I’ve lost three teeth for the first time in my life. I’ve never even had a filling before but lately I’m loosing bits everywhere.
    I also have felt like I’ve aged in the last 5 years way too much, I went from walking everywhere (not even owning a car) to having so much pain in my right leg especially that I can hardly stand up some days..

  • Reply clive harding July 29, 2019 at 11:59 am

    The torch test at night is the only way of getting the truth into people's heads! It's a No Brainer, pardon the pun, Lol.
    Smart dust is fucking everywhere!! Beware and protect yourselves. The shit is hitting the fan big time. Conduit closed-+-×-+-

  • Reply Face value? July 29, 2019 at 9:32 pm

    We need to stand together. Let’s use this as a medium to communicate together across the earth. It’s not just about human life it’s about the whole earth life. I promise a week ago I took photos in Cape Town South Africa early morning of the sky over Cape Town there were chem trails all over the sky. One day later every person I knew was sick. And guess what!!! They all said it’s the weather. I have the pictures to prove it. Our immune systems are collateral world wide. It’s going to get worse. What can we do? I’m so tired of this. It seams it’s hopeless. My children get sick and the mental fog is seriously bad.

  • Reply paul worth July 30, 2019 at 2:14 am

    The question is , if this is true. Then surely those who order this to be carried out must be immune or have a cure for these effects. Surely they would be exterminating themselves as well. In saying that, my local GP tried to get too have a flu shot this year. I asked if he had his. No was the reply. When I challenged him to, he refused????

  • Reply Richard Llewellyn July 30, 2019 at 9:06 am

    Madmen are in control and its all going to end in tears.

  • Reply Richard Llewellyn July 30, 2019 at 9:40 am

    They say the Rwanda genocide was a CIA-MI6 NATO GLADIO Operation testing a microwave insanity device that was on a CIA Plane and broadcast as the Radio broadcast Tootsie hate speech with media propaganda and psyops. Half a million hacked to death and floated down the Congo suggests the test worked.

  • Reply Jason Jackson-Wright July 30, 2019 at 7:05 pm


  • Reply Jason Jackson-Wright July 30, 2019 at 8:18 pm

    Lithium is used in everything as to calm your motor functions; which would be misfiring and noticeable and to calm/sedate you're natural reactions to being poisoned.

  • Reply Real Conspiracy Wow! July 31, 2019 at 6:49 am

    How many people ready for Demons Operation Soul Catcher ……They will be released to feed 2025 The Nightmare will begin.

  • Reply Ron B July 31, 2019 at 11:40 am

    I think there must be a solution to counter act those harmful frequencies. It must be possible to cancel out a frequency on the same wavelenght in the opposite direction. So the dark people must have a similar working device to protect themselves. It is a shame that Barry Thrower does not know anything about a useful solution to counter act this harmful attack to the population. Hope he is not a shill.

  • Reply lillian cenci July 31, 2019 at 9:01 pm

    I know this to be true and it really scares me as I am unable to do anything about it. The thought of getting Alzheimers or any of the other debilitating illnesses caused by it worries me. I don't even like going out now as I just picture myself inhaling even more of the nanoparticles being sprayed upon us hourly. I just wish that there were something we could all do collectively to stop it.

  • Reply sl44er August 3, 2019 at 5:42 pm

    Google YouTube censoring video with 480P and posting the Encyclopedia Britannica BS on contrails.

  • Reply Erica Johnny August 12, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    Unfortunately it's happening all over the world. I love to travel and I have seen everywhere the chemtrails. In England , Europe .
    It's too bad that not all the people realise how BAD it is.
    I talk to a lot of people about our world, about the reality and they just don't care. They are busy with their busy lives. It is really scary . Look at GMO food , vaccines, chemtrails, diseases, surveillance programs , artificial intelligence and more.
    We , the ordinary people, are just numbers for them. They manipulated and still do, to become 100% cattle…

  • Reply Mike Hunt August 19, 2019 at 11:44 pm

    Thank god encyclopedia britanica told me the truth about contrails…. I almost freaked out…

  • Reply Mike Hunt August 19, 2019 at 11:51 pm

    Thank god I'll sneeze or cough these things out, I wouldnt want them in my body….

  • Reply Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission August 22, 2019 at 5:31 am

    I didn't think they were just spreading good cheer throughout the land.

  • Reply Swiss Knight August 23, 2019 at 8:56 pm

    Thank you father God for the COMFORTER in your Son's name. THANK YOU!

  • Reply Swiss Knight August 23, 2019 at 9:19 pm

    God bless you. Thank you for your time with this upload!

  • Reply Real Conspiracy Wow! August 28, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    It's to the point where I can't even open my window because I here planes ,helicopters flying over all the building where I live ,I know there spraying something ,and there are more Homosexual Transgender Baphomet ass cheek boys walking around with women bodies everywhere. The spraying is bad ,and when I finally open my window I become so tired I can barley get out the bed or off the couch.

  • Reply Sarah Zitzmann September 5, 2019 at 4:04 am

    Don’t touch it! Get that shit out of your house! I know it’s everywhere though. Bless u for spreading awareness?

  • Reply Hoje Dias October 5, 2019 at 1:36 am

    That was the best documentary about the subject I've seen so far, great work and I loved the song at the end. Portuguese sky is often odd shades of red, purple and we have the strangest clouds.

  • Reply Hoje Dias October 5, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    Downloading as I am watching this NaTuber

  • Reply Erica Johnny October 17, 2019 at 8:29 pm

    They are testing in Romania as well. I saw it with my own eyes. So sad …

  • Reply XxTHE-ONExX October 20, 2019 at 8:36 pm

    From putting things together from many sites than5G is the remote controls for humans and can change our thoughts and behaviour and likely kill if they wanted. They are Illuminati aka Rothchilds allegedly with an agenda to rid halp of the population due to overpopulation and lack of resources. Look at the planet now, protests and race and political wars everywhere. California I have a guess that it may be modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah as PG&Eis owned by Rothchilds and told not to use ham radios, Why? I think it is so the few people who have them cannot reach anyone to tell them what is really going on. As well have a feeling from everything I have been viewing that World War 3 is coming. Brexit view TedTalks Facebook's role in Brexit and believe all this readying the world for ww3 . But there are Aliens here to prevent it and that is why all the new sightings and space force.

  • Reply Daniel Smith October 23, 2019 at 6:14 am

    The "Supercriminals- that be" have been spraying "Aerial Pharma-copia" and nano-synthetic biological agents and particles for well-over 50 years to-date and it's still going on. "Diet, injections and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable. And any serious criticism of the powers-that-be will become psychologically impossible." — Bertrand Russell, (The Impact of Science on Society).

  • Reply Rob Orlov October 28, 2019 at 3:26 pm

    Chemtrails Across Adelaides Skies Again today….??

  • Reply seeDiersoil crossrowds November 2, 2019 at 8:17 pm

    If you ever find these fibers in your home just put it in a jar and close the lid. Then you have the proof and it can not grow anymore.

  • Reply Bari Duncan November 4, 2019 at 8:55 pm

    I watched this the first time you uploaded it and watching again. It is the most complex info I've ever seen, thank you

  • Reply Stop Invasion Of Privacy November 8, 2019 at 2:15 am

    The ONE thinking entity that exists in most people's brains and control them is a virus and a stable part of the air we breath. It likes to mimic Real humans through the corpses it controls and has turned us into an energy source for the dead corpses it controls. Yes. It is the all seeing eye. You don't know REAL TRUTH about anything, aliens, nano technology or micro chips or who really rules us till you go through my channel! This is not a promotion. I mean it and I prove it in my Gang Stalking videos!

  • Reply Stop Invasion Of Privacy November 8, 2019 at 3:03 am

    A lot of videos out there are trying to hide truth. Some people are micro-chipped and their microchips control the wind, people and insects around them. It's not NSA or a human invention. I can prove that 99% of the people in any circle are all mind controlled by one entity which makes those people soulless! And the real aliens and robots in our society. They vampire us by creating unnecessary noise and motion. Pacing back and forth, talking loud, constant coughing etc… All this is designed to strip a human out of his energy and to be used as a BATTERY (remember the movie "the matrix"?) everywhere he goes!

  • Reply JAMKR K November 9, 2019 at 9:13 am

    Those bright lights are cameras and recorders.

  • Reply JAMKR K November 9, 2019 at 10:00 am

    With 12G will they will control us completely.

  • Reply JAMKR K November 9, 2019 at 10:04 am

    Remember Jesus Christ is Greater than all this evil. Keep an eye out for the Noah Hide Laws be enacted upon us soon. Antichrist is setting up. Get Saved People! AI is scary.

  • Reply JAMKR K November 9, 2019 at 10:05 am

    How do we kill this nano crap that is in us? Does Borax work? Is Trump apart of this ad I heard and saw him sign a paper pushing it to be put in faster.

  • Reply MrPJFurey November 12, 2019 at 3:34 pm

    Our scriptures tell us if Jesus were not to return there would be no flesh left…Is it any wonder that is the true case when we see before us all life is literally actively being targeted and destroyed/manipulated in an extremely well funded campaign of sorts. Clearly not originally human motives here, clearly the work of something inspired by something far more sinister. FYI The UN was founded on spiritually satanic/luciferin doctrines (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was a Russian occultist, philosopher, and author who co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875), this comes as no suprise to me today.

  • Reply Pantelis Lazarou November 15, 2019 at 8:56 am

    Humana are the worst enemy to themselves, scientists as far as I am concerned for the sake of money are slowly destroying their sourse of life, other fellow humans, instead of keeping quiet about their discoveries and sit and thought the implications of they are doing they should actually put a gun on their heads and blow their brains out. These degenerated scumbags and Sociopaths of scientists you can see when they speak that actually having an orgasm of what they have accomplished ????

  • Reply Jason Newstead November 19, 2019 at 5:22 pm

    I think of videos like these, when people call topics like this "conspiracy theoryies" even though it's clearly being admitted by all the mainstream and 'reputable' sources that they are all so enamored with. FFS

  • Reply SIR NATURALLYDIVINE November 20, 2019 at 5:14 pm

    Yoooo this is sooo outta control I don’t even worry about it or care about it they’re going to keep on doing it so I don’t see the point of talking about it lol

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