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Skin Infections: Causes And Treatments

October 18, 2019

if you love watching Glamrs videos and would like to be notified every time we drop a new one please bash that bell icon below. I would like to tell you all a little bit briefly about fungal infections A-it is caused by a fungus obviously it loves heat and humidity so anywhere in the body wherever there are folds and when you are sweating and perspiring a lot and when there is heat so folds are common and in the feet in between the toes so that is also very common and if you’ve got that fungal infection on the face then as I said treat yourself by applying the creams but if it is at a lot of places you definitely need to see a dermatologist and oral anti fungal tablets have to be given to cure it completely because just a cream will just treat it under surface and here I would like to give a word of caution do not I repeat do not apply steroid creams to that. These creams will just facilitate the growth of that fungus if the steroid creams just say yes yes fungus come on and go on expanding and that’s how it increases and that’s how the epidemic starts. I get fungal infections quite often on the left of my face can you please suggest some ways I can avoid it and what should be done if I get it also what causes them? Fungal infection on the face it’s very common on the feet in the groin but on the face it’s not very common unless you are meaning it
what we call as PT Riis’s alpha you know there are those white spots which
children get and those white spots come up in summer when they’ve been out in
the Sun so you have not been very clear whether you are getting those white
spots on the cheek or you’re getting fungal infection that is ringworm you
know the typical pattern warm on the face that is relatively rare
if you think she has that ring one thing okay if you feel you have ringworm it’s
a ring pattern then definitely an antifungal cream you can apply
antifungal creams which contain clotrimazole which contain Lully Kaunas
all those creams can be applied but I want to tell you all at this stage that
a fungal infection any I can talk about in Bombay since I’m practicing in Bombay
in Mumbai sorry there is an epidemic how to prevent it now I’d like to say
that see whenever we go barefoot especially in the swimming pools or when
we sorry around the swimming pools when we are walking please wear your
flip-flops because somebody who’s got a fungal infection we call it athlete’s
foot that scaling or just dead skin coming out between the web spaces the
person who’s got infected is just dropping the fungus all around the pool
you walk barefoot you are going to get that fungus in your skin in your between
your toes and we all have microscopic cuts on our skin at the feet so the
fungus enters inside and it has anyway heat humidity if you are one of those
executives or if you are one of those working women wearing shoes all the time
so because of the heat that fungus is going to spread and of course nowadays
as I mentioned earlier vitamin D deficiency is there so if any you have
any deficiencies the fungus just had up has a party and it starts growing in
your feet so whenever you go anywhere please wear your flip-flops when you go
to the garden please wear your Footwear and if you have it anywhere else please
make sure that you take treatment by a dermatologist and one last thing is that
anyone who’s got a fungal infection or ringworm please please soak your clothes
in boiling water because of fungus dies only at a temperature of above 60
degrees centigrade and our washing machines in India do not have the
facility of hot water it’s only abroad that they have so in India we have only
water that’s it so if anyone has a fungal infection soak their clothes in
boiling water above 60 degrees centigrade the fungus gets killed
secondly very important iron your clothes on the unders
reverse your clothes and then on the seams you iron it because it’s the hot
iron which will kill the fungus thank you I hope that he owes you alright
thank you so much dr. financing so many questions today thank you pleasure
having you see you next week until then stay tuned and stay glamorous


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