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March 9, 2020

-When you usually get this movement on a minibus … … if you do it without saying “a student” to the front … + While waiting in the subway, anywhere …
-… you can influence the person behind you. Look, no no no no … Or there is. -Istanbul card. -Hop, you threw it in the air. + Hello everyone, I’m Kıvanç … -… I’m Burak. + We are here with the first of the “Cool Movements” series! -The second one is going to be this, right? + It will be the third, it will be four, it will be five! -Members are now in Antalya, we have a show here of a corporate company. -When we came to the show, we wanted something like Vlog here, – both of the ‘We teach’ section … -In fact, the concept of ‘The Life of the Wizard’ is like this, but … We’ll show you cool moves. -So, your charisma will jump out in the environment! -You will stop, you will make a ‘roof’ movement … -… you will have everyone there now. It may seem difficult to do, but you will do it very comfortably … Because these are so cool! – The cool moves section is starting! What the hell is that? What is that? Now this thing … -… There was Mehmet Ali … + Pass it, it’s not there. He’s gone, it’s over. + Find yourself a new move. Shall I show you one new move? + No. Hello to you guys from -Deli Is Ne? -It was different, it was another video … You looked right, I think you couldn’t find it! -I looked right, I couldn’t find it. Where are you? + Here, friends have an importance, + We are now at the emergency assembly point. -Yeah, we’re in the emergency gathering area. We will show you the Coin Roll. + Our first cool move … + … don’t turn money on our finger. I’m showing it right away. Shall we do it first? Do you see? -Event. -When you usually get this movement on a minibus … -… “If you do it without a student” at the front … -… you can influence the person behind you. For example, you are waiting at the bus stop. Translate, let everyone look. + If you find out later, look like this, + do it like this. + You can do whatever you want. -You do it! + You can also do that. + We leave it to you. Wait a minute, the car is passing. + Respect! Our respect for passing cars is endless. -There is a little sound, we’re going over there. -We came elsewhere, there was a voice. Sorry, we split it. -Yes, Kivanc! Yes guys, look! + Of course you need a coin to make this game. You can make it easier with it, as +1 lira is larger. + It happens with small coins, but it is more difficult to do. + We will use 1 lira in the first place. Now we are doing, This is how we put the +1 lira on our thumb. + Then we punch our hand. We squeeze the +1 lira between our thumb and forefinger. It’s going steep like this. + Then, lifting our thumb up, We leave 1 pound on our + index finger. + Now we will make the piston system. + One finger will go up, The other will go down, while the other will push it up. So it looks like this; + look, my middle finger got up, + I stepped on the money, + this time I lifted my index finger upwards like a piston. + He transferred the money to the other side. + We make the same system for all fingers. This is downloading, the other finger comes up when it gets up. + When you lower the index finger, the money goes down. + So money goes down, after landing … + … we open our fingers. + Holding the money by the edge of our thumb and holding the edge … We open our index finger and get the money. + … we drag it from our entire place and bring it back to the top. So I show it like this; I held + and … + … I brought it up. Back to top again. And start this slowly, very slowly … + … then we do it by speeding up. + This wants some training … + … but after sitting, believe it happens spontaneously like a reflex. + You don’t have to do anything. It happens spontaneously. + If the money falls somewhere in the middle, for example, too much here … + … you can deal with it again without giving it a mess. -Exactly. Try this for a week or so, believe me, it will really sit. + You can even combine both hands after working hard enough. + So you can transfer to each other. Here comes here. + You go from here to here, you give it here again. This can go on like this forever. You can do that, too, friends. + Easy but wants some work. + We sit very fast after working. + What are you doing when I’m telling? -What? + Why are you getting your attention from my focus? -I do repeat from there. -You did it with right hand, and I did with left hand. -Maybe I said, let’s do it left-handed because we have left-handed friends. + I’ll say something, shall we make a miseen of it? For example, you are at the metrobus stop, you are a blonde chick … -So? + … I came there too, university student. + By doing this, your attention … -University student? + Yes. Why not? -Is it OK? -White beard. + Is that a blond chick? Let’s get it to life.
– Are we in the Metrobus? – We’re in Metrobus, are you doing this, brother? I’m doing this to you.
OK, let’s do it. You’re waiting now. -I am here. – Where is the Metrobus gate? Isn’t this here? + Exactly. I’m going, I’m going. -Do you have an Istanbul card?
+ Var. + Son, we are at the stop. -What are we at?
Yes, we are at the stop. – Excuse me. OK, so we’ll get on again.
+ Exactly. + I’m coming. No such coming! Stop, I’m coming again, no stop! + I came quite like this. + I couldn’t take my eye.
– I’m acting in vain here! + I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Again. + I’m coming. Excuse me, do you have a watch? -There is. How many? -How do not !. Ahahaha. -Iyy! It was so bad right? + If you are a chick … + … you have no expense! Time is 13:46 now Thank you. – Do you feed those beards? -Where are you looking at, in the aquarium? + Where your dad is looking at you. -Oh my God! -If this kid turns this money like this … Excuse me, where did you learn to turn that money? What is it to you? We Smoke Weed Everyday ♫ -Very charismatic! -I was very impressed. -It turns money well and pushed me with the back of his hand. He refused. -Oh my God, I must run after this man! + Do you want to learn? -Yes. + Then enter our channel and subscribe … -I am a man, you are a woman. -I am not a man? – What are you doing, dear? -You do very good things. + Animal! Go away, dog! -Our friends’ rehearsal time has come. We’re going to rehearsal. Let’s go together. -Then continue cool moves. -There is Erkan today and we will introduce you to them. -I guess it’s the biggest scene we’ve ever done. There is a huge led screen, there are 1700 people here today. -2-day event. -Now, we’re going to be on stage. – On the side, there is Onur and Doğan as a presenter today. -You know them from AkburCubur. Doğan: Look, new grooms have arrived! Doğan: It is bad luck to see the bride! -We were going to have circumcision! Doğan: See you. I love it, it’s so weird. Doğan: Now, for example, let me close the door with Okus Pokus. Doğan: How do you do these? Let’s present the scene to two beautiful people, sir. Let’s go two men, two more guys come. Huge applause with Turkey’s most important, most fun … … the most handsome and sympathetic illusionists … … Kivanc & Burak! your applause. +2014 Got Talent in the year we have introduced to Turkey and there have been champion. Can those who remember us from there raise their hands? + Raise your hands. + SMS senders? + Hands down. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Kıvanç. -… I’m Burak. See you again. Watch out for yourself. Now like this … Our followers now say, for example, to us in general. -… “Why don’t you give your entire show?” -But we have reason to not give. -Because if we give the show, our show with tickets has no meaning. -We want to make a trick for him so that our friends watch. Onur: I wish we could trick you out, but nothing … -But your little trick was nice. Towel trick. I was amazed at him. Honor: I keep them. Onur: If anything happens to you, I will go out. – Brother brought a very special tool, Kıvanç. Whatever you think ?! + Whatever you think it is. Look … + … you take this handkerchief into your palm, okay? You fill it up like this, you push it well into it. I think it will disappear and when I shake my hand, the handkerchief disappears. + Not there, but going back to my pocket. + Open your hand. Close your hand. + Whatever you want it to turn into now, I want you to think it will turn into it. + Think through it, what will it turn into?
Onur: I hope I will not get out of the palm of your hand! What would it turn into? Doğan: Grater. + Render to? Okay, concentrate. Focus, hold your hand like this. Do it like this. + Forget the grater, not the grater. Think of something else, don’t say it. Doğan: Okay, I did not say it. Have you thought? Doğan: I thought. Honor: You don’t think what I’m thinking, do you? Let’s see what has turned into? + Open your hand. + Would you show honor? Let everyone see what it turns into. Onur: Brother officially turned into a pink handkerchief. Onur: Brother if I don’t open it? Onur: Why do you think such things my son? Onur: Why do you think such things? Honor: This is not mine, it’s God. Honor: Not me! Honor: This is not for me. Whose is this? Onur: Who are you cheating with me? Doğan: If there is such a person, I would like to meet him. Dogan: Thank you very much, bro, for teasing me to thousands of followers! + Your imagination is very good, brother. Doğan: If I think of chickpeas and this is happening, I would not think of anything else. -Thank you very much. Chickpeas, frost doesn’t matter. Doğan: Yes yes, it was incredible. Doğan: So what’s going on in my subconscious mind? By the way, these two people … … … to follow the channel of these two valuable people … + … we also put it over there. Where? There. Onur: You can also follow AburCubur TV. Onur: There is no illusion there, there are conversations and jokes. Meanwhile, Onur and Doğan … -… they watched our first show when we went on stage together. Thank you! + When we were the first duo live performance on stage, 1.5 hours … How the folks get bored like this! But it is not so. + It was a bit of the first time. Onur: They have never improved themselves. They do the same. Dogan: Then they were fun, now they are too much fun! Honor: If our follower number reaches 7 million, they will fly Onur. Onur: By the way, there is snow in your head. Doğan: Today we are in a very profitable business. -Let’s talk about friends Erkan. – Our dear life is our lungs. He’s not coming to the show with us these days, but … Why don’t you come? Erkan: You are not calling. “There is no budget,” says Erkan. -When we first started this journey, Erkan also helped us a lot. – Light and so on …
+ Light, sound did everything we did, thanks. -You taught us, brother. Erkan: Estağfurullah brother. Erkan: I also learned with you. Erkan: I was also turning on and off the light of a single room. -What do you say about the show today? Erkan: It was a great show.
The -Vallah? Did you say it was good? Erkan: It was very good. Erkan: You are concentrating on the stage, of course … Erkan: … I watch the audience a little bit like this … Erkan: … there were roughly 1700 people, right? Erkan: There were 1700 people, all 1700 people had very good reactions. The -Vallah? Erkan: Yes, it was a super show. Erkan: I think if you quit right now, if you quit again, if you do the same games … Erkan: … you will react in the same way. It was so beautiful. -Come on dear? -Vallahi now my butt is in the air. + I bought the gas, I’m going to the stage. Friends now it’s time for another very cool move. -What is the name of this movement? I’ll show you right away, but first. OK, show me. Look, no no no no … Or there is. -Istanbul card. -You threw it into the air … Or you held it, + It went. And he came. + Now we will learn this. + You will actually be able to do many effects with a single movement. Now we’ll show it to you guys. I’m showing it right away. The man who found this is called Tenkai. + The name of the movement is also known as Tenkai. The movement is actually very simple. You hold the card like this, put it in your palm like this … + … and you support your finger here. + The card will stand here like this. + Now there are some points we need to pay attention to, I say it immediately; Of course, I hold my hand so that it does not appear from the other side. + 1- We are not lowering our hands. It should also be natural like this. + Natural. As if your fingers are comfortable. + Your thumb will burn this from here just like this … + … and you’ll be comfortable this way. So how do we get to this position? So how do we do this? I show it right away. Now our first thing is; + We grabbed it, after holding it, we curl the card with our middle finger … + … and then by doing the twisting motion that will bring it to that position … + … we put it in the right recess in our palm. + And then we catch the card with our thumb. + And we open our fingers. I’m showing it again very fast. I held it, I turned it, + and I opened my fingers. + This one. + The second move is this; You hold the card between these two fingers, While holding it as if it were going to lose + … you put it together, put your thumb and open your fingers. + He will look like this, + You kept, You opened and went. + Your fingers are comfortable here, friends. + Don’t be afraid. Comfortable, natural. + You held it, you came, you threw it. + The third important point; In doing so, we will throw it across as if friends. I’ll throw the card now, you bring it Burak. Look, I’m holding the card … I’m throwing … How natural. Because I really threw the card. Can you give me the card? + I held the card, I will do the same, but only this time I will keep the card in Tenkai. But in the same way my direction … I’ll look that way, turn my head to that side. So I got it … I threw it away. However, it did not go. + I put it here. + It is necessary to do this by working a little. + It will be much more comfortable after doing. + Let me show it, I held it … + … gone. -Of course, we can take this out of the mouth, if you want to show it. + It is as follows; Do it with him. -Because not everyone can use cards. -You can do this with a credit card, as we said, -You can do it with your school card. -You can do it with anything you catch, guys. + I teach it immediately, my friends are as follows; It’s the same. The technique is the same, only positions change. + I held the card … + … let me do it first, see how it happened. It will look like this. + I got it. So what have we done here? + Before we held it, we pretended we were getting this card with our other hand … + … and then we headed towards our hand. + While doing this … + … when I hold it, I pretend the card is like it grasps like this. When I pretend to be grasping, I get to Tenkai + I take it to Tenkai, when I touch my hand, I go … + … and I’m automatically looking at my hand here. So that everyone can look there. I held, looked. And he went here. Now we are in this position. + All our focus is here right now. So what are we doing? + We have a moment when we can open this hand completely, and these friends are; + We held it, after hitting it, I rest my hand on my chest cage over there … + … and I hold the card between these two, between my chest and my hand … + … and I open all my fingers. This time I give the image that nothing really happened. I held it, pretended it was taking it … + … I hit my hand, it’s gone. + I opened my hand, all my hand was empty. Nothing. + It’s very comfortable. + After that I get the card back to tenkai … + … and I raise my hand upwards. + I grab the corner of the card with my mouth and open my hands. So this is supposed to be … + … I’m showing it for the last time. I held it, pretended it was taking, + I pushed it with my hand, I’m looking here. + I lost it, leaned it on my chest. + I brought my hand up looking at the other side. + I held the corner to my mouth and lowered my hands. -For example, you have done this movement, let’s say it is now visible … -… we call it ‘giving Flash’ in the illusion. -In order not to give a flash, you have to meet the people you will make. For example, if there are 4-5 people, don’t try this movement. -You can also work in the mirror to adjust the full focus … – how you can do better. + We’re here at the end of our friends video. Thank you very much for watching, we taught great games. + More to come, stay tuned. Thank you very much for watching. – Do these cool moves and throw us off Instagram. Is not it? + Yes. – Throw it, we’ll watch them. Let’s see if you can. + Bye, be careful.
-See you!


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