Silent Letter: How to Pronounce the Letters KN (knight), PN (pneumonia), GN (gnat), N (night), NN

November 11, 2019

hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech
with your reading tip we’re gonna continue today talking about spelling
and how we read words based on how they are spelled to get the correct
pronunciation we have a lot of silent letters in English today and today we’re
actually going to talk about a sound that nnn the n sound and the end sound
is made by placing the tip of your tongue behind the back of your top front
teeth and the air is going to move out of your nose nnn this sound can be
spelled many ways and often involves a silent letter so let’s go ahead and take
a look at all of these variations of how to spell the end sound so these are the
letters that spell the end sound in that we pronounce we see G n in the word gnat and no G just the N for gnat we see KN in the word knight knight KN in knight is
pronounced as the N in night so we have a situation where we have two words
spelled differently but pronounced the same way so knight and night
we have PN in the word pneumonia again no P sound just the N sound in
pneumonia and then lastly we have a double n letter combination and that is
pronounced with one n in the name Ann so again only the n sound gnat knight -night
pneumonia Ann give it a try I know people are going to notice the
difference if you found this video helpful please give us a like and share
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