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Signs You Are Pregnant Right After Conception

September 8, 2019

What are the signs you are pregnant right
after conception? You have that nagging feeling you should have
used contraception. Technically, the sperm is still swimming to
meet the egg at that point. Your morning after hangover lasts a couple
weeks. That would be morning sickness. But I did
no think it started right after conception. The nausea and food aversions often start
as soon as the embryo implants and starts generating hormone. I’ve heard of food aversions during pregnancy.
You get women who get sick at the sight of meat. If you go out for a steak dinner a week after
your last date and the gourmet meal is suddenly nausea inducing, you might be pregnant. Or they used expired meat. Pregnancy can heighten sensitivity to smell
before food aversions kick in. So if you know that someone put a spoonful of cinnamon in
the chili, or a coworker had tuna fish sandwiches for lunch two hours ago, you might be pregnant. Or hypersensitive. If you’ve always been sensitive to various
smells, that might not chance except the smell of meat and fish now making you ill. Unless you’re a vegetarian. But if your new-found super sense of smell
kicks in, a baby may be to blame. I hope that goes away before I have the baby. It usually goes away in the second trimester
of pregnancy. For some unfortunate women, though, the nausea lasts all nine months. So if I have a stomach bug that won’t go
away, I might be pregnant. Yes, and if it is really bad, you are statistically
more likely to have a girl. If I were vegetarian, I’d be more likely
to have a girl too. The surest sign you are pregnant right after
conception is an early pregnancy test. Do it too early, and you’ll get false negatives. Some of the more advanced digital tests give
you a question mark if there is not enough pregnancy hormone to give a definite positive
result. The last thing I thought anyone could do is
flunk a pregnancy test. There’s a reason they sell early pregnancy
tests in bulk. That’s in sets of three and five. If you
need more tests than that to tell you that you’re pregnant, you probably are not. If in doubt, try the test again tomorrow.
If you’re pregnant, the hormones should be twenty five to fifty percent higher than
yesterday. And if I wait long enough, I’ll have a sure
answer due to a delayed period. In case you’re anxious about getting pregnant
to the point the stress interferes with your fertility. But wait a few months, and everyone
will know.


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