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Signs Candida Is Going Away

August 18, 2019

Greetings. Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. Good to see you back. I’m author of Candida Crusher and I’m the
formulator of the CanXida range of supplements. Right. We’re going to talk about how do you know
when Candida is finally going away. What are the telltale signs? How can you tell when things are starting
to get better? This is something I’ve spoken about many times
with many, many patients over the years as you can imagine. Most people over time will improve. Some will improve faster. Some will improve slower. Some may only improve as quick as they like,
but generally, when the right steps are taken and the correct protocol is in place, a person
is going to get better. But getter better for one person can be four
to six weeks. It could be three to four years for somebody
else. There is no particular timeframe when I can
say this is how long it’s going to take for you to get better. The telltale signs of getting better are when
other people start noticing things or saying things. This is an interesting one you may not be
aware of, but when somebody will say to you, “Oh, you’re looking like you’ve got a bit
more energy lately,” or “you’re looking happier,” “you look different, have you had a haircut
done. Have you got makeup on? Have your hair done or something like that?” If it’s a female. You’re not going to say that to guys of course. But for a guy, they’re going to say, “You
look more energetic. You look a bit happier.” Generally, when someone else notices something
in you, it can be quite subtle and it can be something you’re not aware of yourself. But this very often happens, so pay particular
attention after several months what other people are saying. For yourself, start looking how easier it
is for you to get out of bed and to achieve things in your life. To do different things. How easier it is for you to sleep, to get
a better night’s sleep. Pay also attention to your moods to see if
your mood is improving. What you’re like when you get up in the morning. Do you feel happy? Is it a sunny day? Do you feel inspired to do something? Or do you feel down in the dumps? Look at different signs and symptoms that
you’ve developed over the preceding several years. Are you starting to notice changes in your
digestion? Are you getting hungrier? Are you losing weight more easily? Is your skin looking better? Is your breath not quite so strong smelling? Is your tongue clearing up? Are your bowel motions changing? That’s a big one. A sign of a well-functioning gut is usually
a good well-formed bowel motion. One to two bowel motions per day, minimal
gas or bloating, preferably no bloating at all and very minimal gas. You should have no sensations of the gut at
all. There should be no headaches. There should be no aches and pains. There should be no sensations of anything
going on in here. That’s a really good sign. What we’re looking for is a shift. We’re looking for a change. In the early stages of recovery, you may find
that feeling good may only last for half a day or several hours of the day. It may last a whole day, but then the door
shuts. I’ve written about this extensively in Candida
Crusher. In the introduction, you can read about how
people think they’re going to recover, which I called “fantasy land” and how they really
recover, which I called “reality check.” Things always happen differently than you
anticipate. Things always take longer. Have you noticed? It takes a long time to pay off a mortgage. It takes a long time to wait for that vacation
that you’d planned. It takes a long time for the teenagers to
move out of the house. Finally give you the space you’re looking
for. Everything takes longer than anticipated. Nothing comes really quick and easy. And as I taught my kids, anything in life
really worthwhile takes time and commitment. It’s the same with you for recovery. Time and commitment. Give yourself plenty of time to recover. Try and follow some of the advice I’ve put
down in some of my videos, particularly relating to lifestyle. Lifestyle, to me, is the key for recovery
from Candida. Food is important, but lifestyle is critical. Most other websites or books or doctors or
whoever you talk to about this condition they forego lifestyle. It’s all about food, food, food. What can I eat? What can I eat? I’ve got about 20 Candida books here and they
all focus on diet. There’s a very small little section in there
about yoga or exercise and that’s it. When I wrote Candida Crusher in 2013, I made
sure to put a large section about lifestyle in there. Interesting now, I’m noticing more people
are writing about lifestyle and adrenal fatigue and about stress and things like that. Because this is the sticking point, folks. This is why you’re not recovering. You may have the perfect diet, but you may
not be recovering at the speed you want because your lifestyle is not in line with your diet. Does that make sense? Remember, if lifestyle incorporated firmly
with diet and some quality supplements, recovery will come faster, will come sooner. It’s really up to you. Think about that for a minute what I said. If your lifestyle is in line with your diet
and you followed some of the advice I’ve given you, recovery will come a lot faster and sooner. Then you will know you are recovering because
you will be feeling better inside. You feel happier about your life and that
makes a big difference. When you’re happy, people around you are happy. When people around you are happy, you’re even
happier and that accelerates recovery faster. Who cares what kind of an organic particular
cookie you’ve got in your hand. Does it make any difference if you’re yelling
or you’re screaming at your partner at the time you’re eating? Think about stress in your life. It’s a big, big hindrance towards recovery. Sunny disposition. Happy person. Big sign of recovery. I hope that gives you a bit of food for thought. Thanks for tuning in. Thank you.


  • Reply With Expectancy September 18, 2017 at 1:13 am

    Great info!

  • Reply Rachael Morrow September 18, 2017 at 3:55 am

    Hello doc! What are your thoughts on pyroluria? Your channel is great!

  • Reply Paiiin In The Butt September 18, 2017 at 4:09 am

    Hi Sir, I'm from NZ. I've had so many problems over the past few years. Really enjoying your videos.

  • Reply Andrea Ivins September 18, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    Never really looked at it this way. I guess I am getting better! Thank you!!

  • Reply Popeye September 21, 2017 at 11:38 pm

    Will drinking apple cider vinegar get rid of candida?

  • Reply Dilettante September 23, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    I'm so glad you're back. I missed new content from you Mr. Bakker. Thanks for this video and the highly useful information.

  • Reply Nicole Christian October 8, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Please can you give me a good brand name for probiotics that I can have delivery to Sweden? Thanks

  • Reply rebecca w November 21, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    thank you so much, I have battled this for 8 months and it has been hard! I felt like I would never get better this morning and I watched this and it made me realize how much better I truly am…..thank you for giving me a boost.

  • Reply pratik rane November 26, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Hi Doc. A big thank you!

    I was searching for getting rid of my jock itch for which I was trying to treat it externally. Used all sort of ointments but to no relief. Then came across your video telling that this might be gut infection which needs to get cleared up.
    More of your videos and started to link all my other problems together.
    1. Brain fog
    2. Constant bloating, burping and acidity
    3. Dry skin
    4. Sinus infection that won't go away
    5. White tongue
    6. bowel movements which had gone worse than they used to be

    Bloating and brain fog were biggest discoveries. I never thought I had that. It was astonishing to see that your bad gut health can creep to other areas of health and cause so much damage. This happens so slowly that you forget how it felt when you were normal. These problems are thought of as new normal and part of aging process.

    Couple of weeks into good diet and lifestyle and I start getting this feel good windows which were felt in morning. It was like I started seeing things in 1080p video quality which were earlier 240p quality.Its been a month of eliminating sugar, taking coconut oil, garlic, clove(antifungal foods). Reducing Carbs is bit difficult in Indian diet but processed food is almost eliminated. Probiotics are taken everyday and vegetables intake increased. I was already doing exercise twice a week for a long time now(4-5 years and I though I was healthy)
    Changes that occurred:

    1. Waking up at around same time in morning. Sleep is regenerative. Don't feel sleepy/out of energy throughout the day
    2. Good bowel movement in morning
    3. Haven't had bloating but a bit of gas is still there. (I guess that's normal)
    4. Sinuses cleared up. For couple of day's I could literally feel sinus clearing up after 2 weeks into anti-candida lifestyle

    Things on which still working:
    1. Sneezing and clogged nose in the morning.( I used to have this during my late teens which was gone away but now reappearing. Not sure if this is related to Candida)
    2. White coating on tongue at back. It's grown to be patchy. Hoping complete pink tongue.
    3. I still don't know how much more to expect. But will stick with this for 6 months to see what happens
    4. I have fear that my candida will adapt to antifungals and again take over as I have few lapses in diet/lifestyle some days.

    It just feels good. I have new energy to handle life.

    Sorry for Long email but all of your videos were spot on in terms of what to expect when when following this lifestyle and diet.
    Once again thank you for sharing this information on such open platform. I am now reading more about how diet and lifestyle affects you Mental and physical health.

    I started sharing this information with others but I generally got disbelief and weird reactions. Now I have learned that only "you" can help "yourself" and all the information is already available when searched seriously.

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    When you said feeling good may last for several hours of the day or half a day or the whole is that normal because I am fighting candida and I felt good yesterday and today I don't in in the early stages?

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    Hi doc, i dont drink nor smoke. I quit having soft drinks.. my yeast infection seems fade away but come back again.. im not fat.. i quit having suger like i used to. Please suggest me fr early releif

  • Reply Anton Samokat - World March 2, 2018 at 5:24 am

    Thank you for video!

  • Reply Bill Ritter March 9, 2018 at 9:00 pm

    Dr. Candida Crusher:

    I have every candida symptom. My spit test is awful about 1/4 of sand on bottom and I tested positive for the blood work for candidas first one 2.0 and second 1.6 does that mean its getting better, I feel awful, headaches daily, head burns and sinuses painful and a dripping feeling that no one else seems to have. I so appreciate all your videos I learned more from them than the 30 plus drs I have seen who don't believe in candidas. Keep up the great work on educating and help others you are a Godsend. Blessings ~ Donnalee, Lebanon, PA

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    Does this happen to any of you??
    You have a feeling of clear headed, normal, happy and energized for a few minutes if hours, then the sluggishness comes back. And your sorta back and forth periodically…

    I started experiencing this yesterday and now today again.
    I hope this may mean I'm getting closer

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    Could you please explain in more details the following symptom: "Are you getting hungrier?" Hunger is good sign? I'm on the candida cure diet and I'm always feel myself hungry because of the restrictions in food.

  • Reply Anton Samokat April 25, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    And this one: "Are you losing weight more easily?" Is my understanding correct that this is about fat person? For fat person this will be good sign. But for thin person losing the weight is a bad sign.

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    3 to 4 years lmao, just do a month bone broth and you wll look better and feel better

  • Reply samantha swan June 17, 2018 at 11:39 am

    I got candida I believe from a dying dog that passed on a parasite called Giardia. The one thing that is most important is very strict diet. If I hadn't been a Marine for 6 years and had the discipline to eat right no telling where I'd be.

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    I am terrified that this may take me years to fix.

    Ive tried some probiotic foods and supplements but i think they have caused me paranoia, panic attacks and depression. Has anyone else experienced this? Does this mean my case is bad?

    Once those symptoms die down i get very tired and pretty calm. Has anyone experienced that as well?

    I am seeing a holistic doctor about leaky gut this week and i really hope it helps.

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    This videos will save my life.
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