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October 20, 2019

When your child is not feeling well it
is probably one of the worst situations to be in as a parent and I think most of
us can agree to that. My son actually just got over hand foot and mouth
disease, so I can definitely vouch for that and he has had his fair share of
illnesses over the past 20 months of his life I have a son named, Suleiman. If you’re new here welcome my name is Sara I’m going to take you guys through some tips and tricks to get through a cold flu fever – and hand foot and mouth, why not
let’s go through it. This does not replace the advice of your medical professional. Please seek help if your child is sick. Especially under the age of three months. These are just some extra things that you can do to, kind of, relieve some of the pain that they might be going through or discomfort and to also help you out a little bit. If you’re interested in that and would like to have some quick tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the past few illnesses
that my sons had stay tuned. Problem number one your child has a runny nose.
What do you do? My first tip is to run the shower at a hot temperature. You’re not going to take your baby inside You’re just gonna create some steam and
take your baby into the washroom. Where there is steam. They just need to be in
there for about two to three minutes max even less if they’re young child
if they’re under the age of six months I would say no longer than thirty seconds
– and it is more than enough. After that, I would also take a couple drops from a
saline dropper, which I will show here. It’s very effective in getting rid of
dried snot. You’ll want to use a bit of saline and then use a nasal aspirator.
I like the type that where you can suction – not the bulbous (ones), because those tend to cause some issues and people go a little bit too deep with those. the next thing I would do if they have a runny nose is to elevate the area where they sleep. You
use it under the mattress this is just to slightly create an incline ,so that
they’re not getting stuffy at night when they’re sleeping. It can be very
uncomfortable for them to sleep when they’re flat on their back and they have
congestion and I highly recommend that. You just slightly elevate their crib or
bassinet from under the mattress or even under the whole crib by just a little
bit it doesn’t take much to do so and speak to your doctor before doing so – for
younger children especially Another thing that you can do at night is to pop
a humidifier in their room or as I do I use an essential oil diffuser and I like
to use lavender, because it’s relaxing for my son but it’s also antimicrobial
so it will help hopefully help disinfect the area eucalyptus is another really great one – and lemon or sweet orange work as well. Now if your baby doesn’t have a runny nose It’s alright if they do that’s fine too,
but if they are sick, generally you want to keep them as hydrated as possible –
and under the age of six months it’s strictly breast milk and formula – I think
some people even introduce food at four months but just stick with breast milk
and formula when your baby’s sick. If they’re over six months of age, then you
can speak to your doctor about the allotted amount of water that they’re allowed to
consume my son when he was sick around seven months? I wanna say. We were giving
him coconut water, which he preferred to Pedialyte. Pedialyte is a great way to
hydrate your child, but if your child is absolutely refusing it and you’re doing
the whole syringe thing and it’s become absolutely just draining trying to get
that Pedialyte into them – try coconut water Coconut water is delicious it’s
filled with electrolytes. I’m not one of those homeopathic people I do have some homeopathic remedies in here, but I will never tell you guys about anything that replaces medication or the medical advice of your doctor. They might have a sore throat. If they have a sore throat one of the time old things to make for
your child is a bone broth I like to make chicken bone broth which is chicken
noodle soup buying the store raw stuff is not the same – I’m sorry and it’s very
simple to make and I’ll show you guys a quick recipe of that making bone broth is great, because it’s
filled with amino acids and so in terms of immunity bone broth contains cysteine, histidine, l-glutamine and glycine – which are all
great amino acids in helping with your babies and immunity functions bone broth
specifically has is iron and I like to add a little bit of lemon into my
broth to also help with the absorption of the iron vitamin C helps absorb iron.
If you’d like to make something soothing for your child over the age of
six months then you can make a bone broth and it’s a great form of electrolytes as well -one of the things that happens when your child is sick is they get hungry. The next thing that I’d like to talk about are
medications what can you give your kid when they’re sick – in the case of a viral
infection there’s not much you can do, to be honest, other than pain management
and reducing their fever. Still talk to your doctor about it regardless if they confirm they have a virus then you can manage their pain with Tylenol or Advil.
The most important thing is to have a very accurate thermometer and there are
also different measurements of fever depending on where you take your baby’s
temperature. Usually the most accurate form of measuring a baby’s temperature is rectal temperature. I will leave a chart down below for those
interested in knowing the differences in temperature, because yes, there is a
difference in fever range based on where you take your baby’s temperature. After
medication the most important thing I find to help your baby get well fast
is to disinfect everything and I don’t joke around with disinfecting I
literally do everything in my house the very first thing: I wash are all the toys
toddlers especially and young babies who are putting things in their mouth all
the time. These things tend to collect a lot of germs. Viruses and bacteria
alike. I make a solution I use sterile hot water and then I add vinegar, dish
soap, baking soda and lavender essential oil just a couple drops, because it’s
anti-microbial again and I like to wash everything and make sure it’s really
well disinfected and then I give it a quick rinse and I let it dry. If your
baby has hand foot and mouth disease, specifically, you need to add two
spoons of bleach per one gallon of water In the case of hand foot and mouth
disease there are two strains of the virus and bleach is the only thing that
kills them. Disinfecting again, I highly recommend that you wash their sheets
wash their sheets and then spray their mattress down with the same type of
solution whichever you’re using the one with bleach or
without your choice depending on what your child has and spray their crib
rails everything and anything that they come into contact with needs to be
disinfected and I do say this because that’s how quickly bacteria and viruses
can spread back to your child because what happens more often than not is
they’re just reinfecting themselves. So if you’ve ever seen a kid that seems always
sick – this is likely a culprit of that along with their diet, but disinfecting
everything is very very important. I recommend doing it all, even the couch.
I took the couch apart and I took all the covers off of it and ran it through a
hot cycle in my laundry. One of the quick ways that I recommend helping your
child if they have hand foot and mouth or a rash, just general sickness, is a good
bath. I like to do a lukewarm water and then what I do is I take a mixture
of salt. I use the sea salt you can use Epsom as well and I use sea salt specifically
to kill bacteria and then I also add to that honey, coconut oil, lavender
essential oil, baking soda and sweet orange essential oil Now why do I add these particular ingredients? Each one plays a function. Coconut oil is mainly
to moisturize. It’s just in the bath to act as a bath oil. Honey which is an
antibacterial and antimicrobial as well. The salt does the same thing as
well as disinfecting and cleaning the Lavender as well – so it’s just kind of
like all these things together. They are not going to cure your child.
The virus will run its course. It will help at least reduce some of the symptoms. In my son’s condition, yes he had a virus, but it did reduce the itching If there is anything on the surface of skin that (the bath) is helping him heal and hopefully
giving his skin a chance to rehydrate itself because the more dry it is as
well the more likely it is to be itchy and that spreads infection, especially if
the spot has any type of filling to it. If they pop it, it is super contagious. The last thing I recommend is making the dishwasher your best friend. Run everything through the dishwasher. Run their bottles run their sippy cups run their entire highchair through the dishwasher, if you wish. The more you
sterilize things the more likely, again, they will not be reinfecting or
reintroducing whatever they had in their system back into it over and over and
over again and hopefully not contaminating anybody else who might be
exposed to them during that time – including yourself. I also kept a spray
bottle. Which had the same solution that I used to disinfect his toys with.
I would spray the cupboards. I would spray the floor. I did disinfect the
floors of this well I went I felt like I’m telling you guys. I go 110% and I made
sure that I was washing all of his clothes in a hot cycle. My laundry (machine), specifically, we have something called the sanitary and baby sanitary
cycle. You just basically want to run a hot cycle and I know this is a little
bit damaging to some clothes, but you gotta kill the bacteria. Now if your baby
is not willing to eat, because maybe they have some type of painful sore in their
mouth like my son did. You can also opt for cold foods. My son really likes cold
bananas those are a great snack . Definitely recommend some cold foods. Try to avoid sugary sweets. Those don’t really help your child. In terms of
processed foods – I know they are such an easy crutch when your baby is sick, but
it will actually only prolong their sickness if their diet is not up to par.
This is definitely a time that you want to try to focus on getting some
nutrients into them. Now the last bit of advice and it seems like common sense. Wash your hands. Wash them as often as possible especially, especially after
diaper changes usually bacteria and viruses tend to
last longer in stool than they do anywhere else. So, make sure that you are
washing your hands as often as you can. Definitely, definitely wash your hands
wear gloves and make sure that you’re staying on top of basic hygiene. I know
it’s so tough when you’re tired and you’ve done all this cleaning that I’ve
talked about and you’re making soups and stocks – who has time for that, right?
I promise you, you will have time for it. Everything all-in-all took less than
a couple hours, which is really not a big deal Considering, I basically cut his
illness time in half so if you would to do that (too). I hope that this video
inspires you and gives you some kind of an idea of what to do when your child is
sick and I wish you all the best. I hope your child gets well soon. If you like this video, please be sure to hit that like button Subscribe for more videos. I do
upload regularly. Please be sure to have your notification bel turned on so you
can be notified when I do upload and if you have more ideas on what you’d like
to see, please leave it in the comments below I want to hear from you and I’ll get back to you soon – take care


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